How to style Doctor Who Merchandise

Doctor Who and fashion seem to go hand in hand. The Doctor’s friends are always suited up in the most on-trend gear or rocking a unique personal style. But when we want to show off our love for the show, just how do we wear it fashionably?

With the help of a few friends, we got to work creating a look-book to show you just how to wear your tee’s, bow-ties and badges!


Bow-ties are cool – the Doctor says so. As well as being the second and eleventh Doctor’s signature look, the new series 12 trailer features the 13th Doctor sporting one as well! If you’re anything like us, preferring to stay indoors on the comfy sofa, you’ll probably not have a lot of reasons to dress up in a bow-tie either. With this in mind, we thought we’d try and re-purpose our bow-tie into something more casual – a cute hair accessory. Hairbands, scrunchies and clips are huge in the fashion world right now. They look fun AND serve a ‘please get this hair out of my face’ purpose!

We’re wearing the 11th Doctor Bow Tie clipped around the top of the head and under the hair for maximum cuteness. 


When it comes to Doctor Who tee’s, it can be hard to make them match your style. We love to take inspiration from our favourite 70’s companion, Jo Grant, and wear ours with big chunky coats and flares. Add some autumnal vibes with cord and rusty colours and you have yourself an outfit fit for a UNIT adventure! Make sure to pair with chunky boots for a strong, comfy statement. 

Find your perfect Who Tee  HERE or HERE

Teddy Bear Coat


Chunky boots


Another of our favourite ways to dress up a Who tee uses a famous winter fashion technique – LAYERING. Throw on your favourite jeans and a comfy roll neck as the base of your outfit. Add your favourite Who shirt over the top and tuck both the roll neck and t-shirt into your jeans to keep the warmth in. Pick out a stylish belt – chunky buckles are on-trend- and sink your toes into some chunky boots or platform trainers to complete the look. Continuing our Jo Grant theme, we love pastel coloured, fluffy coats during the colder months to channel that Three Doctors look.

We also love to jazz up outfits with jewellery and accessories to add a bit of personality and sparkle. Hoop earrings and long necklaces are staple items that match almost every outfit. Jewels and piercings aren’t for everyone though, so you might choose to bear your ears and wrists with pride!

Every Companion Ever T-Shirt

Black High-Waist Jeans


High Neck Tops

Fluffy Blue Coat


BRRR! It’s cold here in the UK, giving us the perfect excuse to wear cozy, comfy clothing. Our favourite Doctor Who fashion trend right now is the thirteenth Doctor’s rainbow scarf worn in Resolution. The original is from Paul Smith, but luckily our friends at Lovarzi have created an alternative just as beautiful.

Based on thirteen’s rainbow T-Shirt, the TARDIS blue scarf is edged with the iconic pattern and made from 100% acrylic. It is super soft and will complete any outfit with subtlety – you’ll look stylish as well as repping your favourite show!

Complete your winter style with the Thirteenth Doctor Scarf


If you want to embrace thirteen’s rainbow stripes and wear them across your chest with pride, it’s a great chance to create a fun outfit with a pop of colour. We love the bright fuchsia of the Doctor’s shirt variant in Series 11 – so we’ve chosen a pink theme for the rest of this outfit. As the shirt is so bright, choose a coat and bag that are more muted colours to compliment the accents on the stripes. To give the top half of the outfit more of a pop, finish off with a black high-waist skirt, tights and boots. If you’re not a skirt person, this is another great opportunity to rock some cords or jeans. Add a cosy beret and you’ll be channelling Romana two and the Thirteenth Doctor in one stylish outfit!

Get the Doctor’s fuchsia rainbow shirt here

Pink Coat




Throwing a long coat, culottes and boots together is totally a Doctor look – personalise and change it up with patterns and colours to make it yours. For a bigger statement, take a colourful Who tee and add a bright coat. We’ve paired ours with 13th Doctor style culottes, but the look will work great with any trousers, jeans or skirts. Colourful rainbow earrings and rings add style and a pop to this already bold outfit. Colour blocking is a huge trend, so don’t be afraid to pair up big colours together.

Rust Coat

Teal Trousers

Retro Who T-Shirts


 If you’re not into wearing Doctor Who themed clothing, then accessories are a great way to show off your love for the show. Add a badge or bag to your outfit for just the perfect amount of fandom subtlety. We love this mini backpack from Loungefly and the premium TARDIS backpack from the Time Meddlers. The detail is lovely on both and the TARDIS one is softer (as well as bigger) on the inside. With pockets galore and metallic detailing, these are the perfect bags to complete your look.

Premium TARDIS backpack

Loungefly Doctor Who Bag


If you’re looking for something even more subtle, or you’d like to add more fun to your outfit, these replica badges from the series are just what you need. Choose from the 6th Doctor’s Cat, the 5th Doctor’s celery or the 4th Doctor’s paint palette and wear on your coat with pride. Add Chunky rings and sparkly nails for a fabulous, Jo Grant inspired look (we love her, can you tell?)

Replica Badges 

Now we’re wrapped up warm in our scarves and, we want to know what you think! Show us how you style your Doctor Who merchandise over on our Twitter/Instagram or email us at


Happy 56th anniversary of Doctor Who everybody! 

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Doctor Who Look book: 1960s Companions

By Kezia Newson & Beth Axford

60s Doctor Who is full of charm, wonderful stories and amazing characters. We’re obsessed with the fabulous women aboard the TARDIS and their amazing 60s style – yes, even Dodo’s! The best part about their wardrobe is that it’s actually quite easy to recreate; most of the items have been back in fashion re-inspired so are easy to get hold of. And because it’s black and white, we can really experiment with different colours but still keep the authentic companion vibe.

For those of you who want to look just like your favourite companion, we’ve created a 60s look book to get you started with your new wardrobe and show you exactly how to become a style icon fit for a black and white adventure!



Original Time Lady Susan Foreman was your typical 1960s gal when it comes to fashion. The Doctor’s granddaughter sported chic cropped pixie hair and fierce eyeliner as a staple to her look, framing her inquisitive, young face perfectly.

Stripes, turtle necks and comfy trousers are favourites of Susan’s, making it really easy to recreate her style. Pick a striped, long sleeved top and pair with plain trousers and cute pumps to recreate her signature look:

Black Jeans

Striped Top




Barbara took her teacher style guide on her travels in the TARDIS, always looking fashionable as well as practical. She also sported the thick eyeliner look, big lashes and back combed her hair into a small bee-hive to die for. Blazers, that turtle neck and simple dresses and skirts fill Barbara’s wardrobe, taking classroom couture to the next level: Time and Space! Grab a pale turtle neck jumper and pair with plain trousers and pumps for an easy Barbara look:


Blue Roll Neck

Relaxed Jeans




Vicki Pallister’s style is adorable 60s space chic, with cute dresses and fun hair-styles! Her outfits are a little more edgy than the women before her, keeping the style of the time but with a futuristic hint symbolic of her character. Straight cut dresses and knee high boots are her aesthetic along with signature pig-tails and eyes lined to perfection. A dark shift dress, statement necklace and stand out boots will give you the perfect Vicki look:

Shift Dress

High Neck Shift Dress

Knee High Boots



Dodo’s outfits are an eye-catching miss-matched mania! Bright prints, colours and patterns feature heavily in her wardrobe, as well as crazy combos. The Doctor isn’t too happy with her crazy outfit choices, especially in The Ark where she famously carries off two different coloured legs. Today’s look for Dodo can be a bit less daring, look for retro prints, colour block shift dresses and *the* hat of 2018: the baker boy cap.

Striped Dress

Colour Block Shift Dress

Print Shift Dress

Baker Boy Hat



Polly Wright is the epitome of a 60s fun time party gal! Her job in the city means she has a disposable enough income to afford all the latest fashions and there’s no doubt in my mind she spent weekends trotting along Kings Road in a mini skirt. She carries this all off with an easy, breezy air of a woman who knows just how fab she looks, and we love it. Modelling the Brigitte Bardot bangs and heavy eyelashes, her look is pretty easy to try and replicate today. Think mini dresses, psychedelic or floral prints and white knee high or ankle boots. Snip in that fringe and get on down to Inferno night club to party like Polly!

White Block Boots

Patterned Dress

Retro Mod Dress

Sleeveless Shift Dress



Victoria Waterfield isn’t your average 60s girl. In fact, she’s from the 1800s! Her back story of losing her parents and being brought under the wings of The Doctor and Jamie make us love her even more and brings an innocence to her wardrobe. Her style is very different from previous companions as a young Victorian vibe with a hint of steampunk. Victorian era dresses, frills and strong colours are her main looks, but in The Abominable Snowman and The Ice Warriors she wears something a bit more practical; an almost suit like combo with chunky boots complete with a beautiful frilled shirt and brooch to pull it all together. To achieve this you’ll need plaid trousers, dark blazers and frilly accessories:

Brown Tapered Trousers


Embroidered Blouse

Cigarette Trousers

Lace Up Brogue Boots



Zoe’s style is practical yet fun with a futuristic space-age-maths-genius feel to it. Opting for bright dresses and glittery cat suits makes her stand out and look ready to save the universe at the same time. Who said you can’t be a scientist AND wear funky outfits? Her comfort is always first and foremost in her wardrobe, even commenting that the dress she gets given in The Dominators just ‘isn’t practical enough’. Get yourself a pinafore dress, frilly shirt and some patent loafers to perfect the space girl look (feather boa is optional):

Red Pinafore Dress

White Blouse

Feather Boa

Red Patent Loafers

Red Tights

Do you already own the perfect 60s space girl style outfit? Let us know and show us your pics by tweeting us: @thetimeladies_ or emailing us at