Why Doctor Who Will Be Perfect on a Sunday

Today comes the news that Doctor Who will be moving to Sundays when it hits our screens next month. Traditionally airing on a Saturday, its a massive change for the show and it’s audience. There are many exciting reasons to be excited about the news, so in case you’re not quite sure, here’s why we think Doctor Who will fit perfectly into the Sunday schedules!

Sunday has become the prime drama slot

Over recent years, Sunday evenings have become the prime slot for big TV dramas. Doctor Who following suit means that it will stand tall among the greats of TV as it begins its brand-new era. Being given an important ‘event TV’ slot means that everyone is bound to be excited about new Doctor Who!

No more dreaded Sundays

It’s Sunday evening and you’re at home preparing for the week ahead. Homework is littered about, clothes are screaming to be ironed and all you want to do is lounge in front of the TV with a cuppa. Sound familiar? The great thing about our favourite show airing on a Sunday is that it may just be enough to take the dread out of the weekend ending. Escaping on adventures in time and space is the perfect way to prepare for the busy days that lay ahead. Nobody looks forward to Sunday evenings, but now our minds might just be about to change.

More viewers

Not only will it change how we look at Sundays forever, but it will make the show available to a brand-new audience. The likelihood of families sitting down to watch it together is much larger when everyone is actually at home. People are much more likely to watch on a day when families are traditionally together and staying in for a relaxing evening. If you were to say ‘What day are most people at home, ready to sit down and watch telly?’ the answer would 100% be Sunday. It’s a no brainer!


You’re less likely to miss an episode

You won’t have to cancel plans or miss an episode! Whether you’ve run out of excuses to tell your friends to explain why you’d rather stay in on a Saturday or you’re a total party animal, neither will be a problem anymore. Friday and Saturdays can be spent however one pleases without the stress of trying to load iPlayer outside a club or cancelling on your friends for the fifth weekend in a row. Kids and parents can have family outings and fun galore without missing the TV event of 2018. Sounds like a good deal to us!

Less competition

Okay, so we can’t pretend that viewing figures won’t be the topic of conversation the day after every episode airs. A tradition among fans and always a hot topic for the media, the number of people who watch each episode live is counted and scrutinized across the internet every series. Airing on a Sunday as opposed to being aired against huge Saturday shows like The X Factor means that viewing figures might just go up. However, we’re not sure how much they matter these days considering that TV viewing habits have changed drastically over recent years, meaning that people are less likely to watch TV live. Either way, at least the audience won’t have to pick between Doctor Who and the many big, colourful entertainment shows that Saturday night TV offers.

Autumn/winter nights

There’s nothing better than cosying up on the sofa with a great show and tasty snacks. Especially during autumn and winter. As the nights draw in and the air turns cold, Doctor Who will be there to warm us up. What better evening is there for relaxing and flying away in the TARDIS than Sunday? As well as the comfort and joy the show will bring, it’s also perfect TV for a spooky month like October. As we gear up for Halloween, new scary Who will be perfect!

Change my dear…

And it seems not a moment too soon. With an exciting new era about to begin, it seems only right that the schedule gets a shake-up. New faces, new worlds, new times… new air day! Doctor Who thrives on change, leaving things fresh and exciting. Surviving for 55 years doesn’t just come from keeping everything the same! The move to Sundays is a welcome, refreshing change to how we’ve experienced the show for the last 13 (or 55!)  years and will serve it well. There is an excitement in rediscovering the world we love so much that only comes from changes like this. In the words of the Doctor… ‘This is all new to me…’ and hopefully new for all of us too.


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Series 11 News and Teaser Reaction

The last few days have brought a whole host of exciting series 11 goodies to feast our eyes upon. Entertainment Weekly have revealed Jodie Whittaker as their cover star and released some gorgeous new series 11 photos along with it. The issue marks the launch of the new series of who at San-Diego Comic con, happening on the 19th of July.

Alongside these fabulous titbits, a load of new 13th Doctor merchandise has been revealed! A whole host of mini doctors can be purchased as well as her whole outfit:

To top off these exciting announcements, we have finally been treated to the first footage of series 11 in this brand-new trailer!

As this is such an exciting new era of the show, we thought we’d share our feelings and reactions to all the news!


Doctor Who has always been a huge phenomenon in my life time with a hoard of magazine covers, merchandise and events surrounding the new series. This year is no different – and it seems to be bigger and better than ever. What better way to launch the first female Doctor than five different collectible versions of the character, a huge magazine cover and launch at the biggest TV/Movie event in the world? Not forgetting the phenomenal trailer that everyone has no doubt seen by now.

Every new image of Jodie’s Doctor drums into me that this is, in fact, real. Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor! We’re getting a new series of my favourite show! And then there is the photos of our new TARDIS team together, looking shocked and confused at an unknown view in the distance. These are the images that make my heart skip a beat and send my brain into an excited overdrive. Who are these new companions? What will our heroes face this time? Where are they going? It’s going to be an amazing adventure, and these teasers are setting it up brilliantly.

The World Cup teaser fuelled the Doctor Who fire inside me, leaving it burning bright. It did exactly what it was meant to do – tantalisingly tease the brand new series whilst leaving us wanting more. The cinematic glimpse into the characters lives and the Doctor running through them felt glorious; finally, Doctor Who is back.

And the merch? I want it all. There’s nothing better than Doctor Who being everywhere, on everything and being available in every form. The franchise feel of this launch feels like a brand-new beginning; a new chance to step onto the TARDIS and have our hearts stolen by this amazing show.



We’ve been so starved of any new Doctor Who content over the last year that at this stage I could see a glimpse of Jodie Whittaker’s hand and read into it for weeks. Strangely enough though, this is what I want – and what Chibnall wants. I haven’t ever felt this much anticipation for a series of Doctor Who so his strategy is definitely working.

Reflecting on series 10, when the first images were released I was as excited as the next fan; I couldn’t wait to meet Bill and see the growth of Capaldi’s Doctor. But everything felt slightly more by the book; more safe and comfortable, like we knew what was going to happen, and when. This time we’ve been kept in the dark for so long we have no idea how they’ll launch this series. What will the footage trailer look like? How many costumes will the Doctor wear? Who are her friends? Who are the writers? Everything from the large scale sets to the smallest costume details holds a question mark and it’s made me more intrigued than ever.

So imagine my excitement when all of a sudden we’re seeing things! Teaser trailer, merch, pictures! It’s still hard to see what the show will be like, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s like upgraded Doctor Who. Gloriously cinematic with the same air of mystery and adventure as before. I’ll most probably watch episode 1 and then add all the merchandise into my basket – I’m a franchise audience’s dream.

Here’s our reaction video to the series 11 teaser trailer:


And here is Kezia representing us on radio 5Live, talking all things Series 11:

(From 36:23 – 43:44)


Phew! A new era has begun, and we are SO EXCITED. What do you think of the new images and teaser trailer? What are you looking forward to? Let us know by tweeting us @thetimeladies_!