Series 11 News and Teaser Reaction

The last few days have brought a whole host of exciting series 11 goodies to feast our eyes upon. Entertainment Weekly have revealed Jodie Whittaker as their cover star and released some gorgeous new series 11 photos along with it. The issue marks the launch of the new series of who at San-Diego Comic con, happening on the 19th of July.

Alongside these fabulous titbits, a load of new 13th Doctor merchandise has been revealed! A whole host of mini doctors can be purchased as well as her whole outfit:

To top off these exciting announcements, we have finally been treated to the first footage of series 11 in this brand-new trailer!

As this is such an exciting new era of the show, we thought we’d share our feelings and reactions to all the news!


Doctor Who has always been a huge phenomenon in my life time with a hoard of magazine covers, merchandise and events surrounding the new series. This year is no different – and it seems to be bigger and better than ever. What better way to launch the first female Doctor than five different collectible versions of the character, a huge magazine cover and launch at the biggest TV/Movie event in the world? Not forgetting the phenomenal trailer that everyone has no doubt seen by now.

Every new image of Jodie’s Doctor drums into me that this is, in fact, real. Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor! We’re getting a new series of my favourite show! And then there is the photos of our new TARDIS team together, looking shocked and confused at an unknown view in the distance. These are the images that make my heart skip a beat and send my brain into an excited overdrive. Who are these new companions? What will our heroes face this time? Where are they going? It’s going to be an amazing adventure, and these teasers are setting it up brilliantly.

The World Cup teaser fuelled the Doctor Who fire inside me, leaving it burning bright. It did exactly what it was meant to do – tantalisingly tease the brand new series whilst leaving us wanting more. The cinematic glimpse into the characters lives and the Doctor running through them felt glorious; finally, Doctor Who is back.

And the merch? I want it all. There’s nothing better than Doctor Who being everywhere, on everything and being available in every form. The franchise feel of this launch feels like a brand-new beginning; a new chance to step onto the TARDIS and have our hearts stolen by this amazing show.



We’ve been so starved of any new Doctor Who content over the last year that at this stage I could see a glimpse of Jodie Whittaker’s hand and read into it for weeks. Strangely enough though, this is what I want – and what Chibnall wants. I haven’t ever felt this much anticipation for a series of Doctor Who so his strategy is definitely working.

Reflecting on series 10, when the first images were released I was as excited as the next fan; I couldn’t wait to meet Bill and see the growth of Capaldi’s Doctor. But everything felt slightly more by the book; more safe and comfortable, like we knew what was going to happen, and when. This time we’ve been kept in the dark for so long we have no idea how they’ll launch this series. What will the footage trailer look like? How many costumes will the Doctor wear? Who are her friends? Who are the writers? Everything from the large scale sets to the smallest costume details holds a question mark and it’s made me more intrigued than ever.

So imagine my excitement when all of a sudden we’re seeing things! Teaser trailer, merch, pictures! It’s still hard to see what the show will be like, but from what I’ve seen so far it’s like upgraded Doctor Who. Gloriously cinematic with the same air of mystery and adventure as before. I’ll most probably watch episode 1 and then add all the merchandise into my basket – I’m a franchise audience’s dream.

Here’s our reaction video to the series 11 teaser trailer:


And here is Kezia representing us on radio 5Live, talking all things Series 11:

(From 36:23 – 43:44)

Phew! A new era has begun, and we are SO EXCITED. What do you think of the new images and teaser trailer? What are you looking forward to? Let us know by tweeting us @thetimeladies_!

Introducing The 13th Doctor (Reaction)

As off right now, Jodie Whittaker IS The Doctor. The end of Twice Upon A Time saw The 13th Doctor burst onto our screens and make Doctor Who history by being the first female incarnation to play our favourite Time Lord. So, what did we think of our first glimpse of the Chibnall era?


‘Let’s get it right this time..’ mutters the 12th Doctor as he is about to regenerate, and as we watch Jodie Whittaker tumble out of the TARDIS, it certainly feels like they have. This regeneration is, to me, the most beautifully shot so far and is breath-taking to watch. It’s perfectly fitting that the 13th Doctor’s first words are so simple and full of excitement, with no outward comment on her change of gender because it doesn’t matter. This means that we get to see more of Jodie’s talent, somehow immediately winning me over just by muttering two words and rushing about excitedly. Her facial expressions and body language scream ‘Doctor’ even more so than I imagined could be possible.

The music and effects fit a beautiful new vision that will hopefully carry on for series 11 and creates an even more perfect atmosphere for our favourite hero. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a regeneration without an immediate catastrophe. 13 falling out of an exploding TARDIS as it disappears is one of the most exciting cliff-hangers the show has given us in a while, and has made me desperate for more adventures. It’s rare that I fall in love with an incarnation so quickly, as I’m sure many others have too from those breath taking few minutes. Here’s to the beginning of a new era… it’s going to be brilliant!



Wowee, how different was that?! As the Twelth Doctor’s ring fell off my heart was in my mouth: she was finally here. Seeing through the eyes of the Thirteenth Doctor was such a brilliant opener to her first scene – it really felt like we were with her in those first moments as she realises what’s happened this time round… “Oh, brilliant!” sums up exactly how we felt at home as we internally punched the air. The TARDIS veering out of control after a regeneration isn’t new, and with a change as big as this we half expected her to be pushed out whilst the desktop changes to fit the new version of our Time Lord. Isn’t it funny that with just one line and a couple of minutes of screen time Jodie perfectly encapsulates the Doctor? I can’t WAIT for 2018.


Male eyes, cradled with lines, a swift transformation, and they’re bright, female, long-lashed.

Thirteen is here.

For me, a regeneration scene is watched with racing heart and clenched fists. I’m desperate to see who’s next, but heartbroken to leave the last behind. This time was no different… but what a regeneration this was.

I can never love a Doctor from one line. I wish I could, but I can’t. This time is no different; but with the dawn of a new and bright series ahead, it is hard for me not to feel enthralled.

Rachel Talalay’s directorial skills are primarily to blame for my admiration of this scene. The ring sliding from Thirteen’s hand to clatter to the ground… the hazy, first person shot of the Doctor grabbing for the monitor, capturing her reflection and then beaming, new born, excited at it, was incredible.

We were scarcely given a second to focus on this moment, and the awed, deliciously Northern utterance of ‘oh, brilliant!’ before we were thrown into chaos. Perhaps that’s what makes this regeneration from man to woman work so well – that despite the change, there’s a TARDIS out of control, a hero in danger, and mad, frantic tumbling to adventures anew.

It looks like everything is set to change… but Chibnall, Talalay and Whittaker have reassured me, in minutes, that it’s to be business as usual.


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Twice Upon A Time Review (Spoiler Free)

There’s nothing better than walking down the back streets of Northern England and suddenly hearing the Doctor Who theme tune blaring in the distance. Of course, we had travelled to Hull for a special screening of Twice Upon A Time. Inside, little girls dot the front row, bubbling with excitement. The lights go down and we’re taken on one last Moffat/Capaldi adventure… So what is our verdict?

Twice Upon A Time is the perfect send off for the Twelfth Doctor. His goodbye seems to have been taking place for a while now, and this story almost seems understated compared to the previous few episodes. There are no armies of aliens or complicated plot lines, just pure emotion and Christmas magic. Carrying straight on from where we left off in The Doctor Falls, The Doctor and… The Doctor are at the South Pole, and neither of them are quite ready to regenerate. Landing during his own timeline creates consequences he couldn’t imagine and The Doctor is given a choice hard to comprehend.

This story, at its core is very much about who The Doctor is, what the character stands for and what they’ve been through. The First and Twelfth Doctor’s interactions are a treat for Who fans old and new, (despite the overbearing sexist comments that have been rammed into the First Doctor’s character). It’s a love story not only to Doctor Who’s history, but to Moffat and Capaldi’s era of the show. There are references GALORE that will have you jumping out of your seat and a beautiful final score from Murray Gold to say goodbye to the show with a bang.

This story also sees the return of Bill Potts who is back to help Twelve on his final journey. This leads to beautiful scenes between Pearl, Peter and David that will bring you to tears. (If their incredible acting doesn’t have you welling up then you may as well be a cyberman!) David Bradley brings a magical, grandfatherly essence that makes it hard to believe he isn’t William Hartnell himself. If those three weren’t enough, we’re treated to a brilliant new character too, played by Mark Gatiss. A great addition to the episode, his character and story is purely Christmas at its heart. A wonderful underlying adventure to the main event, it truly shows what Doctor Who is all about which makes for perfect December 25th viewing.

The second half of this episode is truly heart wrenching. It’s hard to review these parts without including spoilers, but it’s worth the wait, we promise. After all the references and surprises, it’s Capaldi who truly shines and finishes off the last 7 years of Doctor Who beautifully. You can tell he has such an understanding of the character and how much it means to him in every line and action he takes. There is no one quite as hard working and perfect for the role of The Doctor than Peter Capaldi and you can see it more than ever in those last few scenes. This story is truly his, despite having another Doctor appearing in it. Only Peter could have that kind of gravitas on screen.

Twelve’s final moments are beautiful, heart breaking and perfect. You will absolutely wish we could see more adventures with this wonderful version of our favourite character, but as he says in The Return Of Doctor Mysterio:

“Everything ends, and it’s always sad. But everything begins again too, and that’s always happy. Be happy.”

And that’s what we are. Goodbye Peter and goodbye Moffat, and hello to a brand new era.

Twice Upon A Time airs on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 5:30pm.

All I want for Christmas is Who! (Gift guide)

Stuck for gift inspiration? Do you have a Whovian relative or friend and you can’t think WHAT to buy them? Or better still, are you a Doctor Who fan with a Christmas list to write?

Search no more! We’ve compiled a gift guide covering all bases… and you’re all on the nice list this year.

Gift Guide 1


Doctor Who Annual 2018

Christmas isn’t complete without curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and the Doctor Who annual, right? Packed full of games, stories, facts and more, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was bigger on the inside. There’s something inside for everyone and is just the gift to prepare you for the event of the day: The Doctor Who Christmas special!

Dr. Tenth’s Christmas Surprise

This adorable book is great for any Who fan and will warm your insides more than a mug of hot chocolate. Go on an adventure with the Tenth Doctor as he tries to give Donna the perfect Christmas surprise, bumping into some snowy trouble along the way…

From the brilliant Dr Men range, this is the first of the selection to feature the Tenth Doctor and comes with a special hardback cover. Treat yourself or your friends to this perfect stocking filler!

Drama and Delight: The Life and Legacy of Verity Lambert

Want to know more about the life of our hero Verity Lambert? This biography is perfect for the Time Lady in your life, be it they want to work in television or they crave some feminist inspiration – Verity’s got it in shell loads.

Book of Whoniversal Records

Always wanted to know the most goals scored in Doctor Who? How about the most dangerous weapon in the universe? The book of Whoniversal records includes the highs and lows of Doctor Who history, all in one handy book. Ponder over facts and figures this festive period and learn things even WE didn’t know about our favourite show!

Listen and Watch

Listen and Watch

Series Ten Boxset

As well as the annual, Christmas isn’t complete without receiving a Doctor Who Boxset, right? Re-live this year’s astounding series and prepare yourself for the 12th Doctor’s last story on DVD or Blu-Ray. You can even choose a beautiful steelbook version, just to make your shelves look pretty! We can’t wait to join The Doctor, Bill and Nardole on their epic adventure all over again…

The Christmas Specials

Tis’ the festive season after all! Once you’ve finished sobbing over our beloved Twelfth Doctor departing, you’ll want to watch a more jolly episode of Who whilst eating your yule log. Our shout is popping on Voyage of The Damned and munching your way through a cheese board.


It’s finally finished! After 37 years with books, audio and Tom Baker narrating the gaps in the story, we get to see a finished product… and from the trailer, it looks fab. Purchase it purely for the cycle chase through Cambridge, watch out for the flying orb and keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise at the end! Available on blu-ray, DVD and another pretty steelbook (we’re a sucker for em’).

Big Finish

There’s nothing more exciting than a new Doctor Who adventure to enjoy – and Big Finish has HUNDREDS. From the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler’s return to the story of the Time War, don’t let the adventure end just because Who is off air. Get this in your ear holes and experience a new version of our beloved show!




Being given socks at Christmas is a tradition but they needn’t be a boring gift – give passers-by a flash of TARDIS ankle in these beauties.

Cat Badge

Change my dear, and it seems not a purr too soon… okay so we couldn’t find a way to get a cat pun in a Colin Baker quote but these badges are adorbs.

Christmas Sweatshirt

There’s no such thing as an ugly Christmas jumper – we LOVE a festive knit, but this is as cool as can be. Wear it all the way through to new year and if someone says it’s not Christmas anymore, say “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” and stroke your nose knowingly.

Fourth Doctor Scarf

The ultimate accessory… those iconic stripes though. This scarf is the shorter version if you want to style it for the everyday or you can purchase the full length, go all out for your devotion to the fourth Doctor like our girl Osgood and rock the loopy look.

13th Doctor Tee

Get 13th Doctor ready with a t-shirt inspired by her costume! We’ve squeed and purchased already – swan into work or college knowing you’ve got a bit of the Doctor on you.



Adipose Stocking

What better way to start Christmas than to open your presents from a blob of fat? Really though, how adorbs is this stocking.

Tea Pot

Does your tea go ‘vworp vworp’ when you pour it? Thought not! (Note: neither does this one until you make the noises yourself, but it does look more effective).

Smartphone-operated K9

Do you want a little K9 pottering about your house being generally adorable? Affirmative! Mini K9 is operated by your phone via an app: you can control his movement and he can ‘bark’ various phrases. Good dog.

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit

Got your friends round and a few wines down are having a heated discussion about Clara Oswald? Just us? What better way to lighten the mood than some healthy competition! This trivial pursuit covers both old and new Who which is fab for all fans – just don’t get dragged into a game with a mansplainer and all will be well.

Calendar and Diary

If you don’t have a TARDIS to get you to every appointment on time, it can be pretty hard to remember everything you have to get done. Organise yourself in style with the official Doctor Who calendar and diary! With several designs to choose from, you can pick one to suit you and all your organisational needs.

That’s it for our gift guide!

Be sure to tweet us with all your amazing Doctor Who presents on Christmas Day, we love sharing in the joy.

Outfit For 13

The moment is finally here… the 13th Doctor’s outfit has been revealed! Stylish, quirky and screaming ‘Doctor’, we take a peek at the fabulous look in more detail…


At first glace the look is completely fresh and exciting. It keeps traditional elements picked from previous Doctor’s outfits such as the braces, boots, long coat and rainbow colours. The familiarity of these is heart-warming to see on a new face and body, particularly as we’ve had a big change with the Doctor becoming female.

The rainbow colours used in the look are SO 4th Doctor that they may well have pulled them straight from his scarf, and it’s a palette repeated throughout the outfit, making the look feel instantly iconic but distinctly ‘13th Doctor’. Teaming this with teal high-waist trousers and mustard braces, the colours pop beautifully.


Finally, no Doctor’s outfit is complete without a fabulous coat! Long and plain with a slight rainbow trimming, it’s understated and stylish but quirky at the same time. The length feels very 10th Doctor as well as the colour being similar to the 7th Doctors coat!

The accessories add a perfect touch and even something we haven’t seen for any previous Doctor before: piercings! Thirteen is rocking the ear jewellery and we’re loving this statement. Traditional brown Doctor boots with bright blue socks complete the outfit and we couldn’t be happier with this choice of footwear, which throws back to the 11th Doctor.


Overall we’re head over heels for this whole look. Practical, fun and stylish, it also features so many Doctor-y elements, it’d almost be impossible not to love it.

Time Ladies Debate: Why I’m Adjusting to the Idea of a Female Doctor by Lippmannette

Here at The Time Ladies, we LOVE a bit of debating and swapping opinions. Opening each others eyes to new sides and ideas and hearing what each of us loved and hated is all apart of being a fan of Doctor Who. And so ‘Time Ladies Debate’ is born; A brand new feature in which we pick a topic and discuss either side of the argument! This weeks theme is the recent news of The Doctor becoming a woman. Guest contributor Jenny Lippmann discusses why she was against the idea, and how she’s slowly coming around to it….

NMKHCLA.pngI think, if people had seen my reaction to Jodie Whittaker, and I’d been a man, they would have laughed at me.

As a woman, I’m expected to be delighted with the news. One unnamed tweeter said women who don’t like it are ‘the worst ones’. I’ve come to terms with lots of things since the announcement, and one is that I shouldn’t be ashamed for how I feel.

I don’t think you have to be delighted by the announcement of a female Doctor (though obviously, it’s wonderful that so many people are!) I don’t think you have to accept it right now. It’s a big change. People are excited and scared and even Jodie knows that and that is all just fine.

This post isn’t about hating on a female Doctor. I want to focus on how I felt before the casting, immediately after, and how I’ve grown in my views.

People have asked me why I’ve never wanted a female in the role. In those moments, I’ve yammered about ‘strong, passive male role models’ – something I have since realised is a rather silly excuse, and I expressed apprehension about the handling of female characters as a whole (there are exceptions, but we are still learning). I think I was searching for something that sounded more impressive than this: I am very, very attached to the mad man in a box. It’s simple, it’s boring, it’s stubborn. That’s that.

Since the announcement, I’ve been quietly coming to terms with ‘the big change’ and becoming more and more okay with it as time passes. I drew fanart, I imagined what Thirteen would wear, I thought of Jodie delivering a rollicking ‘I am the Doctor’ speech, and yes, it started to fall into place in my head.


It’s been a long time coming, really.

The moment I started to question my reasoning behind not wanting this was at a Doctor Who finale party I attended, with Time Ladies Beth and Kezia in situ. We got into the discussion on a potential lady casting, and they all listened very carefully as I explained why I didn’t want a female Doctor (reasons I have since realised make no sense)…. Then, after my mini rant, Kezia very gently said to me, something along the lines of: “well, we’ve had over fifty years of that, it’s time a woman did it now”.

And that really made me think. And it really changed my view.

Because why can’t a woman do it?

Let’s flashback to the announcement of an all-female Ghostbusters team. I was mortified. “NO BILL MURRAY?” I shrieked, waving my fist at my laptop screen, then later cringing at the first image of the four of them by the new Ecto-1. “HOW DARE THEY.”

Then they released the trailer, which I watched… and for me, without question, those four women were the Ghostbusters. The trailer had everything that Ghostbusters is to me, right there, and that wasn’t changed by the fact we had women in the roles. Not in the slightest. Later, I came out of the cinema wanting to punch a new crater in the moon: I can be a Ghostbuster too!

So, I asked myself, after having a little (or big, shhh) pathetic cry over Jodie’s casting, why the hell is this any different?

Answer: it’s not. Not really. I always loved the idea of being the Doctor’s companion, but being the Doctor? The thought amazes me. Maybe I could punch a real crater in the moon that way.

As for bad female characters… The Doctor is not a male character, I’ve finally acknowledged. The Doctor is not a female character, either. The Doctor is the Doctor. Jodie must have been the Doctor when she walked in that audition, and I am sure Mr Chibnall will write… you guessed it, the Doctor.

Whether chuffed about a female Doctor or scared, like me, it is all a big shock. Remember that’s okay! The Doctor has been a bloke for over fifty years!

You know what’s not okay, though?  Not giving Thirteen a chance.

What is not okay, is being nasty about Jodie, about women.

Be apprehensive, sure, be shocked and alarmed that things are changing… change is tough. But if you love the Doctor that much, you’ve got to stick with him, or her, because ultimately, the Doctor is the Doctor.

And that’s the jumbled conclusion I’ve come to.

That’s the crux.

Lady bits or no, the Doctor will always be my hero. How great to have a female role model in the Doctor!

Come at me Thirteen. I’m nervous, but if you’ll have me in the TARDIS, doing things wrong and probably getting into a lot of trouble, I’d love to join you.

5 times Doctor Who proved a female Doctor would work

As you’ve probably heard by now, series 11 will see our first ever female incarnation of The Doctor. What’s that, you didn’t notice from our multiple posts on the subject? Well we’re about to talk about it some more! Time Ladies have always been prominent in Doctor Who history; from the very first companion being a Time Lord herself, to the latest incarnation of the master regenerating into a female. If you’re still unsure about the casting of Jodie Whittaker as 13, here’s 5 times the show proved it will work!



“It’s funny, you know, but before I met you, I was even willing to be impressed.”

The above quote is from Romana I, played by the brilliant Mary Tamm. Originally Romanadvoratrelundar, Romana graduated from The Time Lord Academy with a triple first (our gal got BRAINS) and out-smarts the Doctor at every opportunity. Heck, we’d be as smug as her if we could constantly laugh at the Doctor’s stupidity. Although she grows into one of the Doctor’s closest friends during Lalla Ward’s stint as Romana II, she always stays as the Doctor’s equal and feels significantly different from his previous companions. She’s cleverer, more skilled and more charming than him in nearly every capacity and is the first glimpse of what a female version of the Doctor could be.

The Rani


“You and the Doctor are a well-matched pair of pests. You bring nothing but trouble.”

The Rani grew up with the Doctor and the Master when they were time tots and is another renegade Time Lord. This makes people automatically associate her with the Master but the Rani is a menace in her own right. A brilliant neurochemist obsessed with experimenting on the human race, the Rani tries to perfect a formula to take back to Miasima Goria, the planet she rules. Her and the Master attempt to work together to thwart the Doctor but she ends up laughing at them both whilst they show off their hyper masculinity, and subtly points out that they just can’t exist without each other. Aww. She’s the perfect mix of evil whilst having impeccable logic and reason behind her plan – a perfect villain. Her brains and wit equal her with the Doctor and Master, and proves how Time Ladies are more than a match for Time Lords.



“I couldn’t very well keep calling myself The Master now, could I?”

First appearing in Deep Breath (2014), It took the whole of series 8 for the character of Missy’s true identity to be revealed. In the explosive finale we see her once again causing havoc in The Doctors world, madder, scarier and more evil than ever before. Michelle Gomez brings a wonderful craziness to the role, proving that done correctly a change of time lord gender can work. She has been a massive highlight of The 12th Doctors era, appearing multiple times as his main adversary. There is no doubt that the character is still the master and is translated onto screen perfectly, laying the perfect foundations for a female Doctor to take to our screens!

The General


“The only time I’ve been a man, that last body. Dear God, how do you cope with all that ego?”

After being shot by the 12th Doctor in Hell Bent (2015), The male General regenerates into a woman. This is the first time we’ve seen a Time Lord regenerate from one gender to another on screen, a massive moment for the show.  There is no question that it is the same character and works flawlessly, normalising the process of regenerating into different genders. This scene is more groundwork for the future of our hero, and proves that there is no limits for our favourite race of time travelling aliens!


The Doctor and Bill discuss gender politics


“We are the most civilised civilisation in the universe, we’re billions of years beyond your petty human obsession with gender and its associated stereotypes!”

In the most recent series finale, World enough and time (2017), The Doctor and Bill discuss The Doctor and Missy’s history on the rooftop of the university. Casually dropping in that Missy used to be a man, the two discuss the flexibility of Time Lord genders. Bill is not phased, other than that they still call themselves Time LORDS (Well, she has a point!). Here we see an almost representation of the audience and peoples opinions on gender, including a reference to stereotypes. The Doctor is an alien from outer space who travels around in a blue box saving the universe, what does gender have to do with it? A perfect scene and incredible foreshadowing for what is to come, it portrayed finally that gender doesn’t matter, and a female doctor could indeed be fantastic.

And finally:



The Hooded Woman (A 13th Doctor story)

Callie Wright paced the dark, dank alleyways around the backstreets of London, itching to get out of the pouring rain. Looking up at the lights, she paused briefly and admired her surroundings. She had always loved London. No matter how dark, grey or scary it looked, she saw beauty in it. The land of opportunity they called it. Some opportunity, she thought. Forty plus hours stuck in the four boring walls she called her office, getting paid *just* enough to cover rent and bills. She pushed the thought out of her mind as she crossed a busy street teeming with traffic and Londoners who were also manically trying to get home during rush hour. Figuring out the quickest way to get home to her small, cosy flat, she took a shortcut down a tiny cobblestoned alleyway. The tapping of her brogues on the uneven ground comforted her, as all other noise seemed to disappear entirely. It was eerily black. Shadows upon shadows climbed the patchy stone walls around her. Speeding up, she almost ran around the corner to a better lit, slightly less terrifying road. An old, blue police telephone box sat under a flickering yellow streetlight, battered and weathered. She wondered how long that had been there. It didn’t look terribly out of place but there was something just… Off. Realising she had stopped in her tracks, her mind drifted toward the bottle of Pinot Grigio calling her from her kitchen. Just a few more minutes and she’d be tucked up on the warm sofa, forgetting the woes of her day. 

A group of teenagers passed loudly screaming profanities at no one in particular, and she thanked her stars that they had left her alone. The wind and rain picked up suddenly, making it almost impossible to move through. Callie felt a chill down her spine as her whole body went cold. Rounding a corner, she stopped suddenly as a hooded figure moved towards her. Dark and outlined in a long cloak, it was as if time had stopped. Callie couldn’t take her eyes off the rapidly approaching shadow. Slowly, the figure stopped and reached for their hood, revealing a woman. Startlingly beautiful, she had deep brown eyes and blonde hair cut into a perfect bob. There was a strangeness about her, almost as if her eyes were older than the rest of her. ‘Callie Wright?’ The woman said. Frozen to the spot, Callie felt a strange sense of trust towards the stranger, as if they had met before. ‘Uh… Yeah. Yes, that’s me,’ Callie replied. The woman’s expression suddenly turned deadly serious, and Callie noticed a small red question mark on the collar of her shirt peeking out from her cloak. ‘I have an important message for you. Please, whatever you do, listen to me. Callie, your life could depend on it’ Callie felt her heart beating so hard that it might burst right out of her chest. The woman carried on. ‘You have to remember, Callie. Whatever you do… Don’t blink!’ 

(Image credit to Sam Bentley!)

The Time Ladies Press Tour!

The announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor made the internet go next level #HYPE.

We were in the thick of it as a blog which focuses on celebrating women who have been part of Doctor Who and as advocates of female fan engagement. Female fans are often quickly labelled or questioned on their ‘credentials’. It can be hard to get rid of that label and be taken seriously as a fan and we’ve all been there, we get you.

As a result of us existing we were asked by Radio 5 Live to interview about Jodie’s casting and the more controversial nature of some of the opinions from fans. I, (Kez) woke up at the crack of dawn to speak on behalf of The Time Ladies at 6:50am!

BBC 5 Live:

Myself and Beth then co-ordinated (Beth whilst in Greece, what a superstar she is) a full Time Ladies press tour day, speaking to local BBC radio stations about the casting and our thoughts.

BBC West Midlands
“It was only a matter of time and only right that a woman was given the chance.” -Kez

BBC London
~where I debated with Vanessa Feltz on the subject of female role models

BBC Sheffield
Speaking about the press using pictures from sex scenes in Jodie’s previous roles (ugh, we h8 you Daily Mail)

BBC Newcastle
Aka where Beth SLAMS an opposing fan’s views by calling him out on his BS.

Woman’s Hour – Radio 4
The One When Kez lives her dream and fulfills her life’s destiny just for being on Woman’s Hour.

BBC Hereford
When Beth speaks about female fans having more of a voice because of Jodie and we all cry.

BBC Wales
I explain the concept of regeneration and why the Doctor most probably won’t regenerate into a dog.

BBC Three Counties
The infamous “But Peggy Mitchell isn’t an alien” line. Need we say more. Beth the legend.

BBC Coventry
Where the presenter is great and accidentally says he loves me and I say K-9 should make a come back.

Lastly, we were asked to be on BBC Global News! We’ve made it! Here’s me below speaking with the wonderful Gail Renard who’s an advocate of female screen writers. We talked about the backlash after the announcement, female role models, possible future companions and the queen, Verity Lambert.

So it was a pretty mad day but we loved feeling v important for 12 hours. Here’s to more female Doctor Who fans being asked to speak about their opinions.