5 Times The Master Fooled Us

Now, it may have been just me. In fact, I was the only Time Lady not to have clocked ‘John flippin’-right-in-front-of-me Simm’ in World Enough and Time but I notoriously have always been fooled by the Master’s disguises.

Before you say “But surely not in…” yes. Every. Single. One.

As a celebration of the first multi-Master spesh we had last weekend, we thought we’d look back over some of the Master’s most ingenious (and hilarious) disguises. Delgado, Ainley, Simm and others… we take our theoretical mask off to you.

1. Mysterious Electrician (official credit, ahem) in The Mind of Evil

giphy copy 4

This is in one of my favourite series of Doctor Who because the Master pops up with a ‘IT’S MEEE! SURPRIIISE!!’ in every episode – take note that I still barely clocked that the whole series was going that way. Oh Kez.

Here we see the Master sneakily posing as a telephone repair man so he can listen in on Yates nattering on about UNIT’s plans. The actual reveal of the Master is when he steps into his wee telephone maintenance tent, takes off his fake nose and rather saucily reveals his suit under overalls all whilst laughing a trademark ‘mwa-ha-ha-ha’.

Just how we like him.

2. the Portreeve in Castrovalva

giphy copy 2

Ahh the kindly Portreeve who oversees all goings on in the quaint, open and leafy town of Castrovalva. He looks like Dumbledore doesn’t he? Or Father Christmas! And he’s helping the Doctor after his regeneration. So lovely… HOLD THE PHONE IT’S HIM AGAIN. HOW. WHAT. WHERE.

My favourite part in this isn’t even the Master’s disguise, it has to be Adric looking like a bit of a plonker in a spider web. I think more posts on Adric are needed.

3. Sir Gilles in The King’s Demons

giphy copy 3

Now *this* is the one where you must think ‘surely Kez, SURELY.’ But when I watched this I simply turned to Luke and said “Cor, that actor’s got a TERRIBLE french accent hasn’t he?!” The most hammed up, obvious accent of all time had to belong to the Master. Who else would the Doctor duel with?

The reveal takes place at the end of the first episode and I would have enjoyed more hammy ridiculous-ness for much longer. Anthony Ainley gold.

Kalid in Time-Flight

giphy copy

Ahh the one we have to take with a pinch of salt as it’s so terribly awkward to watch. Anthony Ainley doing his best whilst being dressed up as an overweight, overstereotyped Chinese man. You end up watching a lot of it through your fingers as it’s so excruciatingly offensive it’s hard to get through (which does make me wonder if we should ever celebrate stories that have content like this).

But if we’re looking at it from a purely ‘Master in disguise’ perspective, I didn’t think it was Ainley for a SECOND. When Kalid dies in the most disgusting way (it looks like his head is exploding with snot, trust me) I was delighted that the Master had arrived to try and save such an abominable story.

5. Mr Razor in World Enough and Time

giphy copy 5

Of course we couldn’t leave out the latest and arguably one of the best reveals in the wonderful World Enough in Time which graced our screens only a couple of weeks ago!

Even though he was covered head to toe in prosthetics and had fake teeth, it wasn’t his appearance that threw me off the scent. John Simm’s characteristics and *that* accent were so un the Master that I genuinely had no clue! The wondrous nature of the whole episode being centered around Bill and Razor completely sucked me into their world. Razor took us all under his wing with Bill; was our confidant and the only thing that had a whiff of hope in that horrible place! *sob*

… And then he walked in on Missy which is when I felt like looking at myself in the mirror and saying “Gurl, u dumb.” But I loved that I’d fallen for it again, that pesky Master.

Also, how great is that zoom on the reveal. Reminds us of the epic zooms on all cliffhangers in Trial of a Time Lord.  (credit Chris Allen, big up)


And so the Master continues their merry dance. Because Missy had to have regenerated somehow. We can’t have Doctor Who without the Master, it would be like having roast dinner with no potatoes (boring).

Yes I did just compare the Master to a roast potato. I’m out.

– Kez

Top Ten Bill Potts moments

Series Ten is over! *sobs*. Bill Potts has floated off into space for adventures with Heather after a roller-coaster ride on the TARDIS. From the moment she entered The Doctor’s study, to facing death as a cyberman, our girl has made us laugh, smile and cry. Here we’ve picked ten of our (many) favourite moments of hers from the series!

Entering the TARDIS

“Look at this place. It’s like a—”

Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS is our FAVOURITE. Pointing out all the things no one ever thought to, she brings a completely fresh perspective to something we’ve watched companions do for over 50 years. And asks to use the toilet. This is the moment we fell in love with her!


Letting Heather go

Bill heartrendingly says goodbye to love interest Heather at the end of The Pilot, breaking all of our hearts in two. Mackie acts her heart out, proves her companion credentials with this emotional scene and sears Bill and Heather onto our brains forever. Relatable and adorable, its a moment we can’t forget.


Her first alien world

“It speaks Emoji!”

Bringing her modern charm into space, Bill visits her first alien planet in Smile. Meeting her first robots, tasting her first alien food and taking in her first alien landscape, we walk the planet through her eyes. And it’s AMAZING. Fresh, funny and wondrous, she asks all new questions and takes on the world of the Doctor with joy which shines through the screen. We can never get enough of her eyes lighting up at new sights!


Confronting The Doctor 

“If you care so much, tell me how many people you’ve seen die.”

Bill rages at the Doctor after seeing someone die for the first time in a tear jerking scene from Thin Ice. Questioning him on how many people he’s seen die, it makes us realise just why he needs a companion alongside him. Her perspective is completely refreshing and important for the continuity of the show and its viewers. Its raw, emotional and heart wrenching, and we love that she makes us think deeper into the Doctor’s world.


Her and her mates

“Honestly Doctor. There’s nothing going on. Nothing weird. Nothing alien. Just an old house and a dodgy landlord, which is pretty standard for students.”

Every moment with Bill and her friends in Knock Knock is ADORABLE. Seeing more of her world through them gives us that good old family feel that we know and love. It’s great to see her interacting with people her age in a ‘normal’ context and seeing how she changes from when she’s with The Doctor.


Calling for her mum

“He didn’t tell me a joke. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Bill regularly turns to her mother throughout the series, talking to and asking for guidance from her dead parent. One of the standout times is in Oxygen. Preparing for what she thinks is her death, she screams for her mum to answer her when she’s panicking. It’s real and breathtakingly painful to watch. Can we just wrap her in a blanket and keep her safe please?


Sacrificing herself

“I Consent!”

Making the ultimate choice, Bill chooses to give the world over to the monks in Pyramid At The End Of The World. Consenting to their power, she acts out of love to save the Doctor. This is a massive turning point for her character’s development and how much she’s changed whilst travelling in the TARDIS. We couldn’t help but feel proud of our girl, using her pure intentions to save our hero and nearly sacrificing her life in the process!


Talking sexuality with the Romans

“I don’t like men… that way.”

You know how it is… having to explain your sexuality to everyone. ALL.THE.TIME. No? Well that’s what Bill has to deal with throughout the series, and this scene deals with it in THE BEST way. Struggling to explain to the roman soldiers that they aren’t her type, she gets a huge surprise. They’re all queer! And its completely normal. A heart-warming moment that makes us proud to be a Doctor Who fan, and even more proud that Bill is on our show.


Staying behind to help the Doctor

“Glad you knew that.”

After the traumatic events of the series ten finale, CyberBill decides to stay and fight to the end with the Doctor. Proving herself time and time again, this is the ultimate sacrifice Bill has to make. If none of the rest of the series made you completely fall in love with her, then this episode certainly does. Pure, kindhearted and brave, she does what any true companion would do. What’s that? We’re not crying… we just have Bill Potts in our eyes!


A different kind of living

“I’ll show YOU around.”

At the very last minute, Bill Potts gets the ending she deserves. After waiting all series for Bill to get a love interest and a happy ending, Heather finally comes back for her. AND THEY SHARE A GREAT BIG KISS! Our hearts literally leapt at these two together, and at the happiness they share on screen! After leaving the Doctor safely in the TARDIS, Heather and Bill finally go off to see the universe together. *cue tears*



Female SURVIVAL: Shaping the modern companion

The TARDIS lands on a suburban London street, and out walks a feisty young girl and our old alien hero. Sounds familiar, right? 2005 era Doctor Who springs to mind, an exciting, modern time and the beginning of the show as we now know it. But the groundwork for this kind of set up was being laid long before Russell T Davies got his hands on Doctor Who.  The last story of the classic run, Survival planted seeds for the future and began shaping a new format.


Landing in Ace’s hometown, Perivale, The Doctor takes his companion to see her old friends. Watching the pair explore her home is heart warming and begins a theme often taken on in the new series- making Doctor Who relatable and centering it around the companions life. We meet friends and characters from her world, all rounded with hilarious dialogue and interactions. The importance of this translates into the show to this day, with great guest characters even getting their own audio spin offs. Intertwining the companions home life into a mystery is something Doctor Who does very well, and this story cements it as a key element for the future of the show and how to keep it relevant.


The stand out parts of this story come in the form of Ace. Superbly written by Munro, she takes us by the hand and leads us through the adventure. Guiding us and her friends through the cheetah world, we are shown how the companion can be just as much a hero as The Doctor. Strong female characters have become an essential part of the show , but the beginnings of the modern companion are forged in Ace. She’s firey, independent and doesn’t let anybody tell her what to do. Munro really focuses on this in Survival, leaving us to wonder what could have been had this not been the last story of the classic era.


Regularly getting split up from The Doctor, she’s brave and takes centre stage in saving everyone. Her relationship with Karra is an important portrayal of female characters and having it as a central plot point is way ahead of its time. Two female characters who are strong and feel a great connection for each other is the heart of the story here, and resonates well thanks to Munro’s incredible writing. It feels modern and sits well in today’s strong feminist world, a massive feat for a serial from 1989.


In Today’s Doctor Who, companions save the day and have whole story arcs surrounding them. They’re rounded and smart, kind and strong, and some are even black and gay. This incredible time we’re in for female characters in the show began somewhere, and the end of the classic run was in fact much more than and end. Rona Munro finished the classic series in the form of a much more modern outlook on the show, leaving it in actual fact, a beginning.






The soft, burnt orange suns
melt the landscape into art.
shining mountains climb high,
grasping onto silver clouds above

fields of deep red grass
and glittering, silver leaves
catch the light
and leave a firey imprint in the breeze.

The mighty glass dome looms
housing spires that reach high
filled with ancient life
watching over all of space and time.

red and orange and yellow
stretch as far as the eye can stray
symbolic of the races nature
the perfect world of Gallifrey.

Blink: Ten Years On

‘Blink’ first aired on 9th June 2007 and has since received critical acclaim, with many people labelling it as one of the best episodes of the ‘New Who’ series. The episode starts ambiguously, we have no idea where the Doctor and Martha are or who the new monsters are. We certainly don’t know anything about Sally Sparrow, the woman who takes the forefront of this episode. Written by Steven Moffat, the episode contains an almost effortless script as we move from scene-to-scene. Alongside this, subtle jokes are made throughout the episode, with a reference to the growing online culture and the modern perspective of Doctor Who itself.


We meet Sally Sparrow (played by Carey Mulligan) as she explores the abandoned house of Wester Drumlins, showing no fear while she does. This is a characteristic we are used to seeing from the Doctor: a strong sense of curiosity and the ability to see the beauty in things that perhaps other people don’t. With the Doctor and Martha stuck in 1969, it is up to Sally Sparrow to save the day and to provide the audience with a brand new style of episode that had never been done before in ‘New Who’ and perhaps never will again.

Throughout the episode, we encounter various different characters acting as ‘companions’ for Sally Sparrow, almost like the Doctor. Firstly, we meet her best friend Kathy Nightingale who sadly gets transported out of 2007 by a Weeping Angel early on in the episode. We then meet DI Billy Shipton, who provides us with a comedic factor while also making the audiences aware of the tragedy of the Weeping Angels as he eventually ends up in a similar position as Kathy Nightingale. Even if it had ended up being short-lived, his possible future with Sally is ripped from him. Although Billy and Sally meet again, it’s a bittersweet and final reunion. Once again, parallels can be made between this and the Doctor. Throughout the entirety of Doctor Who, the Doctor has had his fair share of bittersweet moments especially through the loss of his companions. Take for example, Rose Tyler who is sucked into a parallel world and away from the Tenth Doctor before the chance arises for a proper goodbye. They meet again of course, on Bad Wolf Bay; yet that same sense of a bittersweet ending hangs in the air, as we watch Rose and the Doctor say goodbye to all of their possible tomorrows together.


Sally Sparrow soon moves on to her third companion of the episode: Larry Nightingale, the brother of Kathy Nightingale. It is here, that Sally finds her consistent companion. Larry enables Sally to draw the links between the seventeen DVDs and the Doctor himself whilst representing the audience’s confusion with his inquisitive behaviour. For me, the beauty of the episode and the reason as to why it is so loved is the perfect ratio between hilarious, terrifying and heartbreaking moments. Through Larry and Sally’s dynamic, we are able to appreciate all three of these elements. He brings in the hilarious one-liners (‘“The angels have the phonebox,” that’s my favourite, I’ve got that on a T-shirt’), the terrifying moment as he comes face-to-face with a Weeping Angel and our hearts break as we watch him try to pursue a romantic future with Sally at the end of the episode.


Despite the Angels making numerous further appearances throughout Doctor Who, nothing quite beats Blink. Perhaps, we can put this down to the concept of the Angels being more terrifying when we know less about them. Or perhaps, it is plausible to suggest that when it comes down to Blink, it isn’t the Weeping Angels that make the episode. It is Sally Sparrow herself. She uses her integrity (‘I’m clever, and I’m listening. Now don’t patronise me, ’cause people have died and I’m not happy. Tell me.’) and her bravery in order to pull the episode forwards; ultimately ending in her saving the day, not just for the Doctor and Martha but also for the future of Doctor Who itself. It is an episode that continues to be considered as the best episode of Doctor Who, even now as it reaches its tenth birthday.

For me, Sally Sparrow is more than the companion that never was. She is proof that there is no reason why (with good writing) a female Doctor wouldn’t work.

-Written by Hattie

Monthly Doctor Who favourites: May

This month The Doctor and Bill battled a scary house, visited the moon and began a terrifying adventure to discover the ‘truth’. Here are a few of our favourite things from around the Whoniverse that we’re loving!

Dr Men Books

FullSizeRender (2) (1)

From the world of Hargreaves comes Dr Men, a mash-up of the Mr Men and Doctor Who worlds. These adorable books feature the First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors on their adventures in time and space. With the cutest illustrations of our favourite characters and monsters, these are enjoyable for all ages, and gives us double the nostalgia!

Bills Brows


Brows are a massive trend in the beauty world, and Bill’s brows are ALWAYS on point. Every episode we found ourselves staring at them and wondering exactly how they’re so perfect! Pearl Mackie herself revealed on Twitter the products the Who makeup artist uses on her:

149684108944287 (1)

Loreal brow artist shaper

Mac Brow finisher

Affordable, perfect brows?! We ❤ it!

Time Lady Art

This month we’ve been loving art from fans around the world. Here are two of our favourites:

Here is 12 and Bill celebrating pride month, by Valentina:

lgbt pride

And 12 and his guitar by Lucy Crewe:


Ten and Rose return

Big Finish have announced that The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler will be returning for more adventures as David Tennant and Billie Piper reprise their roles as the beloved characters for audio. Available from November, a trailer and a poster has been released and we CAN’T EVEN. Ten, Rose AND Jackie?! BACK TOGETHER?! It’s a dream come true!

Listen to the trailer here


The Doctor Who Experience

Featuring an interactive adventure for you to go on and hundreds of props and costumes from the show, the Doctor Who Experience is a Time Ladies paradise. The attraction based in Cardiff Bay is set to close this summer, and we’re really bummed about it. Costumes of every Doctor and companion, monsters galore and REAL TARDIS sets, it will leave a hole in the Doctor Who world when it’s gone.

See it before it closes!


See you next month for more whoniverse goodness!

Reasons we love Pearl Mackie!

Today is Pearl Mackie’s birthday! To celebrate, we asked twitter exactly why they love our newest time lady. Happy Birthday Pearl, and here’s why we love you!

‘She’s relatable!’ @DavidPuckridge

‘She knows sci-fi tropes, which warms my nerdy little heart.’ @MatGreenfield

‘She takes the time to reply and give love to Who fans – she understands the community’ @KeziaRose

‘She’s a ray of sunshine! She’s very kind, she cares about her fans. she was absolutely lovely when I met her!’ @Mikarlsson

‘She was inclusive of the fans from day 1!!’ @Pinkwaldd

‘She just fits so naturally into the role of Bill, a new companion always feels a little off at the start but Pearl…not at all!!’ @CaptainJimipie

‘She’s interactive with fans a lot and really appreciates the role and the fans!’ @NicholasDurham

‘She is just so sweet and knows how important the show is to some and she always takes time out for the fans. She wonderful. I love her’ @Tom_Matt_Dix

‘She’s warm, friendly, she makes you feel welcome and she always has a smile for everyone. She’s a truly wonderful person!’ @magicofvenice

‘She always takes time to meet fans- especially at filming when she is meant to be working! So down to earth and bubbly, basically ur bff!’ @gallifreyswift


‘She completely gets the fans and was really accepting since the day she was announced’ @Smalledd

‘As warm and welcoming as she is buzzing with positivity, makes me smile, very expressive and her hair – it’s like a whole new world in there’ @CreativeCatFX

‘Her portrayal and dedication to the show and fans is just inspiring, a true icon to look up to.’ @TARDIS_Monkey

‘First experience of Pearl was in Freddie & The Hoares. Great music, fun vibes, chill group. She’s maintained that in acting’ @JonDBarker

‘She has a wonderful and cool presence on screen as Bill in the show. She’s amazing with the fans and she has amazing hair.’ @Suzetwelve

‘She’s such a bubbly, energetic member of the Whoniverse. She’s done so much for the show and only been in one season. We love u Pearl!’ @connorpulli

‘She is always smiling!’ @Tom_Chappy_Man

‘She’s just such a breath of fresh air! from the moment she was announced, i knew i’d love her but she completely exceeded my expectations!’ @callumread_

‘She is just amazing and always smiling. She’s made Bill her own and she seems so lovely’ @_itsjustleah

‘She always takes the time to talk to everyone as real people not just as fans, always smiling and happy and just an overall lovely person’ @Littlew0lf_pearl01

‘Happy birthing day! So glad she were born otherwise we’d never have an amazing companion for the Doctor! She’s knocking it out of the park!’ @dijit23

‘She’s the first companion which I can relate to on a whole hearted level. Pearl is the most talented young actress and an incredible person! @HarriCole_

‘She’s so lovely and always smiling. She brings so much to Doctor Who and Bill is so important and inspirational to everyone.’ @LauraSt0nes

‘She’s incredibly nice to work with. :)’ @PINKTROID

‘She talks about big issues with grace – how she loves portraying a powerful gay woman of colour, but she knows she is not the only voice! X’ @QueenOfTheSonic

‘She’s aware of what she represents, but at the same time just gets on with it, she’s all that because she’s simply herself.’ @Apollostowel

‘She represents exactly what we need as a 2017 companion – truly a breath of fresh air’ @Valiantchild

‘she truly appreciates everyone’s love and support and is such a positive role model!’ @Kaaaaaatie_x

‘The perfect representation for members of the lgbt community, especially young audiences. she is just what doctor who needed.’ @Theladyhattie

‘She uses her status to draw attention to real issues, she’s friendly, energetic, and a credit to the Doctor Who Universe.’ @joeydws

‘She is just amazing ! Nice, sweet, beautiful and such an example for young girl ! This is why we love her’ @Mariedwae

‘lovely woman who is brilliant with the fans and never seems to stop smiling! Always makes sure she says hi to everyone.’ @georgebaker26

‘She’s the perfect inquisitive, companion to the Doctor! Her thirst for adventure,resonates with us all! ‘ @thatmartykid

‘So natural and relate-able. Full of enthusiasm warmth & so joyful.I fell in love with her straight away. Lights up the screen.’ @imawayforawalk

‘She makes everyone feel welcome and brings an amazing new dynamic to the show ! She’s amazing’ @deerstalkered

peariemackHappy birthday Pearl, We hope you have a good one!!!

He Saves People (Mental Health Awareness Week)

Knock Knock aired last weekend, and i still haven’t written a post for it. In fact i’ve not written anything all week. I just cant face it. As i sit searching the mental health awareness tag on twitter, i realise that The 8-14th may 2017 is mental health awareness week, which perfectly concides with my current broken mental state.

Usually in times like this, i turn towards Doctor Who as a comfort, and have done since i was a kid. Nowadays i am so involved in Doctor who fandom that sometimes i cant find it a comfort anymore. Keeping up with this blog for example. Replying to my who fan friends on twitter. Trying to do a billion fandom projects that i dont have the time or mental energy for. I get overwhelmed, confused and end up overthinking everything. So i suppose for mental health awareness week, i wanted to talk about it.

Doctor Who is a lifeline for many, myself included. Apart of why i get so anxious is what people think about me being so obsessed with a TV show, but without it i truly wouldn’t be who i am. I wouldn’t have friends all over the world, i wouldn’t be writing, and i wouldn’t be such an open and kind hearted person. I get worried about being judged, but i have gained so much from a tiny little TV show. I could have let events in my life change me, but Doctor who taught me to have courage and be kind.

This is SO important. Having something IS IMPORTANT. Whether its a TV show, a band, a sport. It can save lives, and it should be spoken about. Mental health SHOULD be talked about.  However you are feeling, its okay to talk about it, and its okay to do whatever and love whatever you want to make yourself happy and well. I feel embarrassed about whats going on in my head, but why should I? Its a part of who i am, and so is Doctor Who. I’m not ashamed to say that I love the Doctor, because he saves people. He saved ME.

Most importantly, if you are suffering in silence, let someone know. In the words of the face of boe: You are not alone. Talk to someone, anyone. Let us Time ladies know if you have too. Even just talking about it can help.

And don’t be scared. Remember: Fear is a superpower.

10 of our reactions to Thin Ice

Our second big adventure of the series and Bill has travelled back in time! Well… she did at the end of episode 2 but sshhh here we are, at a fair on the frozen Thames. Elephant, ox cheeks and all.

Here are ten reactions we Time Ladies had to Sarah Dollard’s Thin Ice
(p.s. Sarah, we luv you. OG Time Lady)

1. A Historical, a proper historical!
(Read in the style of Bridget Jones “It’s a fight!”)


If you haven’t noticed, we don’t really get that many historicals on Doctor Who, roughly one per series (boo, hiss). With the Twelfth Doctor we’ve had Robot of Sherwood, but that was based on a fictional character and The Girl Who Died where the historical element felt more of a side plot rather than the basis of the story. Here we have beautiful costumes, SNOW, perfect historical references, it’s like we’re back with our pal Charles in The Unquiet Dead and we LOVE it.

2. Bill has a crush on the TARDIS. ALERT. NEW OTP. ALERT.


We love the idea that Bill walks around the TARDIS whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

2.5 But why can’t we play dress up in the TARDIS tho? Pretty pls we won’t ruin Romana’s fluffy white coat.


3. Holy crap this was real?!


Touching on reaction one, Sarah Dollard has based the story around a real event! There really was a mini ice-age in London between the 17th and 19th century when the Thames froze over 24 times (!!) We haven’t had a story based around a true, fixed point in history since The Fires of Pompeii and we LOVE IT. History can provide the weirdest and most whacky events – why not use em’?

4. Pls don’t eat the adorable stage school children 😦


Pls Tiny. They can all actually act, LET THEM LIVE.

5. Bill, don’t cry. We’re here. WE GOT YOU BBY.


We feel a bit like the Doctor in that we’ve also been a bit de-sensitised to seeing people being sucked away never to be seen again (only through Doctor Who I should hope) and Bill brings us crashing back to earth. It’s so right and real that of course she would have that reaction. We don’t want the Doctor to go down his emo ~aM i a Gd MaN route again but it does bring him up on how he views life.

6. So when is Peter Capaldi going to come and read me a bed time story?


For reals. A nice bit of Harry Potter before bed time please?

7. Mate, Bill is brave. I wouldn’t be going anywhere in a Victorian diving suit


Um, dropping under ice into the Thames with only a wee hole to get out of and limited air in a ten tonne (slight exaggeration) suit? NO FANKS. Our girl be brave.

8. Can the Doctor please make this speech to all humans in the world rn? And when will he punch a tory again?


Hope he’s kept the general election free for biffing UKIP members in the nose.

9. Tiny is free! We’re getting t-shirts with that on.


So we couldn’t find a gif of the STAR, Tiny but this is what we think he went on to do.
Well done Bill, we defo want the giant fishy to live a happy fishy life ❤

9.5 Kinda sucks the girl didn’t get the glory


Surprise surprise. Who did all of the work? What a bossin’ young lady, we salute her. Heck, she can be OUR heir okay?


tumblr_op8vfegOqI1ro56t1o3_400 tumblr_op8vfegOqI1ro56t1o4_400

Yeah, we um, have no clue either.

See you next week where we try not to jump out of our skins at lovely Poirot turned baddy.

Monthly Doctor Who Favourites: April


Every month here on The Time Ladies we’ll be rounding up our favourites from around the Doctor Who universe. April saw the launch of series ten and Bill Potts joining the TARDIS topped our month – here are a few other faves!

Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Magazine is a regular favourite for us here at The Time Ladies and is a must have for all fans. April’s issue covered the launch of series ten with the first 3 episode previews, plus interviews and an adorable poster! With a front cover to die for and news galore, it’s the perfect monthly treat!


The Aftershow – Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Since Doctor Who Confidential ended (RIP) we’ve had a severe lack of behind the scenes content and post episode goodness. Doctor Who: The Fan Show has come to save the day with their fabulous Aftershow. Uploaded every Saturday after Doctor Who has aired, you can watch interviews with the cast and crew discussing the story from that week. More Doctor Who content!

Find it on the Doctor Who Youtube channel

Bills Denim Jacket

If you’ve seen our Bill Lookbook, you’ll know how much we’re loving her style! Our favourite of hers so far is the fab acid wash denim jacket (SO on trend). The original she wears is from TopShop and adds style to any outfit, dressed up or down. We have a feeling this will be her iconic look!



To tie in with the launch of series ten, BBC books have released three novels featuring The Doctor, Bill and Nardole. Three extra stories with our favourite gang for when waiting a week seems just too long! We’re loving the covers, the amazing stories inside and there really is nothing better than chilling out with a good book.



Radio Times Photoshoot

Our last favourite for April is the adorable Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie photoshoot for the Radio Times. We can’t get enough of the pair of them!


See you next month for more timey wimey favourites!

10 Things that made us 😀 at ‘Smile’

This weeks episode of Doctor who saw us travelling to the future for Bills first proper adventure! Here’s ten things that made us 😀 at Smile!

1) Bill

Bill! Bill! Billllllll! We ❤ her. This episode gives us Bill’s first TARDIS trip, and her excitement is infectious. From the endless questions about The Doctor and his time travelling box, to her adorable reactions at being on an alien planet, she is giving us LIFE. Particular highlights include:

  • “Was it expensive?” Hmm. We’ve always wondered how much a TARDIS would cost.
  • “Future. Why?” “I want to see if it’s happy!” She can go anywhere in time and space; absolutely anywhere at all… and she just wants to go forward a bit to see if people are happy. AWWWWWW.
  • “Is this Bloke utopia?!” hashtag relate-able.
  • “You couldn’t even leave me serving chips. So I’m not gonna leave you!” BRB, just crying because she’s SO CUTE.
  • “Thanks for bringing me, this is a great day out!” Same Bill, same.

2) The Location

Okay so this episode gave us some STUNNING visuals. Filmed at the city of arts and sciences museum in Valencia, Spain, the perfect alien planet was created. The stunning location gave ‘Gliese 581 D’ huge scale and a stunning backdrop. Futuristic, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, we’d even go as far as to say this setting is… instagram worthy!


3) The EmojiBots

Just when you think they’ve done it all, the emojibots happen. And they’re BRILLIANT! And kind of cute, until they’re trying to kill you. The concept that they’re tracking your emotions is terrifying in itself, let alone that they will murder you on the spot if you stop being happy. I mean what if you burn your toast?  😦 stub your toe on a table? 😦 read the news?! 😦 The use of emojis sounds terrible, but works really well on screen and as a form of communication. Bravo Frank Cottrell-Boyce for such a brilliant creation!

4) The classic Who vibe

Anyone else get a touch of The Happiness Patrol vibe mixed with Paradise Towers from this episode? They’re in a world forced to be happy or are otherwise doomed; I wouldn’t have been surprised if I’d seen Sheila Hancock and Fifi lurking round the corner. And as for that futuristic, slightly creepy never ending city, I could see it turning in on itself pretty quickly. Whatever you do, DO NOT let old ladies invite you in for ‘tea’ 👵

5) The Doctor and Bill’s dynamic

The Doctor and Bill have only been together for two episodes, but we’re in love with them already! ❤ Twelve takes on his ‘Professor’ role, teaching Bill the ways of the universe and how to save the day. This works really well with her smart, inquisitive nature, leading to a perfect pairing. And of course the banter between them is electrifying to watch.


6) The Magic Haddock

Not going to lie, what the heck is he on about? Magic Haddock? No, we don’t know either, but it made us smile! 😀 🐟

7) The Costumes

The Doctor and Bill are well dressed aren’t they?! Having the emoji mood calculator on our heroes backs gave us lots of great shots of their whole outfits, and we love them! We want everything in Bill’s wardrobe, particularly that bright bodysuit. The Doctor looked as cool as ever and we can sense some seriously cosplay coming on. 😎

8) The concept

This episode had some pretty smart scifi goings on. A whole city made of robots that exist to keep humans happy and alive! We love a good ‘Last of humanity’ story-line and this one was a very different take. A much cleaner and futuristic looking Utopia than the last one, anyways!


9) The visuals

The Doctor Who team have created a stunning, cinematic like effect with the direction and camera work here. Lawrence Gough has done a brilliant job making the planet feel HUGE and empty. That and the creepy emojibots looming constantly, the deserted place definitely has a horrific feel. 😮

10) The continuity

The episode starts immediately where we left off with Bill jumping into the TARDIS and ends with our heroes landing on a frozen Thames in regency London. The episodes leading directly into one another make us feel like we’re really on a journey with Bill exploring the universe! The continuity between episodes feels completely like a Hartnell story where the beginning of the next story is at the end of the last! That elephant feel familiar to the shadow of a man at the end of An Unearthly Child? This continuity also serves to give us a taste of whats to come, and get us excited for the next adventure!

So… an Elephant on the Thames?! 🐘

Time Ladies Support Time Ladies

As a feminist, I think it is absolutely the duty of every woman to support one another rather than tear each other down.

As a female Doctor Who fan, a minority in a fandom made up of predominantly men, I believe the same.

We live in a society that supports negativity between girls, that encourages competition and profits on female insecurities. If you follow this diet, you could look like Britney! If you talk quieter, if you swear less and use prettier words, boys will like you better! In everything a girl does, they are subsequently pitted against another girl.

It shocked me recently to realise that this even happens in Doctor Who.

With the eagerly anticipated arrival of Bill Potts in The Pilot, the most recent companion to join the TARDIS, I have realised that this happens more than ever. Like many fans, I have my favourite companion (to anybody that had been living under a rock for the past few years, it’s Rose Tyler) and I am absolutely thrilled whenever there is a reference of parallel made of her time in the show. Because that’s the beauty and also the hardest thing about being a fan of Doctor Who, it is ever changing and adapting, but it also means the show that you fell in love with when you first started watching will undoubtedly be a completely different show a few years down the line.


However, I would also say that this companion-pitting is not merely the fault of the fans alone. These storylines of companions meeting other companions and ultimately having a frosty and jealousy fuelled encounter is canon to the show. Think of Rose and Sarah Jane in School Reunion, even Martha’s entire character arc through series three, arguably even in the first-time River and Donna met in Silence in the Library. Though they come to put aside these issues, the subtext of girl-on-girl hate is still there. And this isn’t good enough for Doctor Who. And it unsettles me that this is the introduction many new, young fans might be getting into the Whoniverse.

I remember being no older than 10 years old, and stumbling across a fanfic on the Doctor Who Newsround forums (I was 10 and Newsround was my only source of information okay?) about Martha being twisted into a cruel and malicious character, resulting in the Doctor dumping her back on Earth and zooming off to defeat the laws of physics to get his true love Rose back from the parallel world. I don’t think I realised the impact of this way of thinking until I grew up, rewatched Martha’s series and got to grips with what her character was really about. That it is negative, toxic and ugly. That it is founded in the classic trope of girl on girl hate that fed us all growing up.

If the Doctor can be read as an allegorical figure for God himself, pit against nobody unless it is a morally flawed counterpart to prove his worth, can’t the same be said for the companion?

I say: celebrate any references you wish to celebrate. I cried my eyes out when I was on holiday back in 2011 and missed the moment when Rose reappeared in the TARDIS as a hologram to Matt Smith’s Eleven. In an era that felt so foreign, she was a welcome reminder of the past. I was shocked to see a somewhat angry backlash on twitter after The Pilot aired by some fans in relation to possible Clara references in the episode, and even more shocked that some fans seemed to miss the point of Bill’s introduction completely and obsessed over the most minute detail that could be related back to another companion.

Is this the power of retrospect? The thing that my generation in particular as fans of the show, didn’t worry about with the show’s revival in 2005 as it was our first introduction to the world of Who?

I remind myself that to some little girl out there, Bill Potts is going to be their Rose Tyler.

That to them, this is all brand new. To countless little girls Martha, Donna, Amy and Clara will be their Rose Tyler. And that isn’t to say you can’t dislike a companion, everybody has the right to an opinion, but dedicating your time to tearing down another woman even though she may be fictional is a toxic practice in which to partake.

Rose and Martha (1)

Whilst ten-year-old me was more than happy to imagine Rose ripping Martha’s hair out, twenty-year-old me is much happier imagining them braiding each other’s hair as they bond over a cuppa tea in the TARDIS. Clara helping Bill sew the badges on her jacket or Donna showing Amy the best way to cover up an errant grey hair when you’re ginger.

Girls supporting girls across time and space.

By Em.