Bill Potts Lookbook

So you may have figured by now that we love Bill. Like, we love Bill.
We love her so much we want to look just like her. Heck, Clara’s style was great but nothing can match the effortless 80s/90s cool of Ms Potts.

We thought we’d show you just how easy it is to (attempt to) dress like Bill. We’ve already heard from Pearl that lots of the wardrobe came from TopShop so have a look below for some affordable high street inspiration that cosplayers and Potts fans can love alike.


Bill is all about colours, big prints and FUN. Her style is experimental, yet laid back, and she doesn’t look as if she’s spent hours thinking about an outfit. She’s got way more important things to do… like finding the toilet in the TARDIS – seriously did she ever get to pee.

The set of bold shapes, prints and patterns below are all from TopShop and are in store and online currently.

Pls don’t blame us for binge shopping.

Bill Potts Top Inspo


After seeing The Pilot I thought I’d look in my wardrobe and see if I could put together something Bill would think hot damn girl. I loved her outfit above – jeans, trainers and a big ol’ pop of colour. Cue dragging a Luke Spillane to the woods to snap some snaps.

edit 1.jpg edit 3.jpg
edit 2.jpg
“oOoo I’m Kez and I’m so mysterious in a forest. Get me.”

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo

You can buy most of my outfit above, innit.


We know that Bill loves her denim jacket with patches badges. Most of us have a similar jacket at the back of our wardrobe somewhere, waiting to see some funshine. Mine is from a New Look sale last year and came ready with magical butterflies (none harmed in the making) stitched on by real fairies. I added my own pins and badges to make it more jazzy.

edit 4.jpg

We haven’t seen Bill in a skirt yet but thinking ahead for what might be in her summer wardrobe, I thought she might edge up a denim skirt with some converse or trainers for either practical or sport chic-ness (you decide).

Imagine having Pearl Mackie’s hair (and brows tho)… and then making it even more fantastical by styling accessories in it. A simple scarf tie in The Pilot made Bill look even cooler and even though I may look a bit of a twit, it gave my otherwise simple outfit another pop o’ colour.

edit 5.jpg
edit 6.jpg~pretending it’s July and not April

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo 2

My own tshirt was from a Primark sale, denim skirt from a charity shop, Converse from the back of the Office stockroom when I worked there and hair tie is a silk scarf my mum’s cousin wrapped up a Christmas present in. Every outfit can hold alot of stories, I wonder what Bill’s would say.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for how to dress like our girl. I found all of the outfits I threw together from my own wardrobe, although finding this post handily around the time of pay day would be top notch. I now want ALL the denim.

Send us any photos of your own Bill Potts outfits to our Twitter pls – @thetimeladies_ we’d love to see em’


50 thoughts we had while watching ‘The Pilot’

Doctor Who blasted back onto our screens triumphantly last week with The Pilot. An exciting, glorious, fun adventure introducing new companion Bill to the TARDIS, and brought us back into The Doctor’s world with a bang. But What Did The Time Ladies think? I hear you ask. Read on to find out 50 things we thought while watching the episode…

1) Nardole is a robot! That’s how he survived the Husbands of River Song!
2) Bill’s fashion sense is ON POINT.
3) The Doctor keeps photos of River Song and Susan on his desk. NOT CRYING. AT ALL.
4) A cup full of sonic screwdrivers!
5) Of course, you can’t have 12 without his guitar. Very cool.
6) The Doctor is… a lecturer?
7) Bill Potts is funny! And clever! Lots of question asking, we like her.
8) The Doctor is giving Bill a place at the university. He’s doing that saving people thing, even just as a lecturer.
9) The music feels fresh and exciting, just like Bill.
10) This is all very Rose Tyler. The alarm clock! The flashes into Bill’s life! SO ROSE.

11) Bill is so gay, and it’s brilliant. The portrayal of her sexuality isn’t forced or rushed. It’s perfect!
12) A mysterious vault under the university. Well, of course, there’s more to the Doctor’s lecturing duties.
13) Heather seems to have an underlying story. She seems… broken. A good representation of depression if ever we saw one.
14) That puddle is very alarming…
15) Bill and Heather, what a tribute to the first Doctor himself!
16) Bill and the Doctor having mini Christmas is ADORABLE.
17) The relationship between Bill and her foster mother seems very strained, we hope we see more about these two throughout the series!
18) Pearl Mackie is breaking our hearts when she finds the photos of her real mother. Doctor you old softy! What a scene.

21) ‘Penguin with its arse on fire’
22) The Doctor and Bill are just BRILLIANT together. Capaldi and Mackie bounce off each other effortlessly!
23) Something scary in Bill’s flat… Doctor Who at its finest!
25) The effects are incredible, it all looks so real!
27) This scene has been done a billion times, yet it’s still exciting, magical and glorious.
28) The Doctor/Nardole/Bill dynamic works really well. Comedy AND chemistry!
29) More Rose parallels, as The Doctor tries to get everyone out of the restaurant.
30) Bill’s first planet. N’aww they grow up so fast.

31) Every scene with Bill and Heather makes us AWWWW! So. Cute.
32) Daleks! And this is where Friend From The Future fits in! Moffat you clever man.
33) And Movellans! #tbt.
34) Murray Gold is hurting our souls with this soundtrack. Hauntingly beautiful!
35) Heather promised she wouldn’t leave, and that’s why she’s stuck following Bill around! Heart= broken.
36) Bill’s theme is stunning
37) Bill is crying, Heather is crying, we’re crying.
39) The Doctor has more secrets. We sense a series arc!
40) This is the most exciting thing to happen to Bill. She’s so normal and relatable.

41) More tears as Clara’s theme plays and the Doctor lets Bill go with her memories intact.
42) Bill’s amazing wardrobe strikes again. Hayley Nebauer has done a fantastic job.
43) Susan and River. D’awwwww.
45) This whole episode has been shot SO beautifully.
49) This story is already a firm favourite…
50) So! Many! Questions! We can’t wait until next week!


By Beth


‘I’m Bill, I serve chips’
but she wanted more than this
sneaking in to forbidden lectures
was as far as her life would take her

‘Men aren’t where i keep my eye’
she repeated again with a heavy sigh
when will everybody see?
women are her speciality

‘Still making eyes at a puddle?’
she had a feeling this would land her in trouble
but she couldn’t say goodbye
to the girl with the star in her eye

‘You’re safe in here, you always will be’
the time lord told her tenderly
finally someone to take her away
and to bring some excitment into her day

‘Oh my god i understand’
the pilot carrying out her plan
‘she promised that she wouldn’t leave’
now following bill for eternity

‘I really liked you’
she said, her heart breaking in two
as she had to say goodbye
to the girl with the star in her eye

‘This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me’
she cried with a sigh and begged with a plead
she ran with relief from the time travelling man
as he let her go with her memories in tact

‘What made you change your mind?’
the doctor just smiled
he opened the doors and let her inside
bill potts is going to have the time of her life…


By Beth

10 reasons to watch series 10

Doctor Who series ten is just a few days away, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons you should tune in and join The Doctor on his most recent adventures….

1) Bill Potts

The TARDIS is welcoming a new girl this series; Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. Openly gay, black and female, the representation this character brings is enough to have us jumping out of our seats alone. It has been 4 years since we last had a new companion, and a fresh pair of eyes to experience the universe always brings a new sense of excitement to the show. A new world to live in, a new perspective to watch. Mackie’s down to earth, humorous personality and realness make her perfect for the role of university student Bill, who’s comedic timing and sense of style has us majorly excited to see her on screen!

2) Nardole

Our favourite comedy guest star is back for a big role this series. Sure to add a bit of fun to the TARDIS, Matt Lucas is set to appear in almost all the episodes of series ten. We still don’t know much about the doctor’s funny friend, or what he will add to the TARDIS team, but we are intrigued to find out!


3) The Costumes

Speaking of style, the costumes we’ve seen in the promo pictures and trailers are GORGEOUS. Costume designer Hayley Nebauer has pulled out all of the stops for series ten by the looks of it, including space suits, period pieces, and some amazing looking outfit choices for our 2017 TARDIS team. Just as important as the special effects and the music, the costuming can make or break an episode, and it looks like series ten has been well covered.

4) Sarah Dollard

Sarah Dollard is returning to Doctor Who after penning one of series nine’s best episodes, Face The Raven. One of two female writers penning stories this series (though 2/12 isn’t great, but it’s a start!) we always love a bit of girl power. Set in Regency England at the last great frost fair, The Doctor and Bill investigate impossible disappearances surrounding the ice. If her last story is anything to go by it will be spectacular, and with Peter and Pearl in those period costumes, how could we not be excited?!


5) Rona Munro’s return

Doctor Who legend Rona Munro is our second female writer of the series, and the only one to have written for both the classic and new runs of the show. Returning after 28 years (having previously written Survival) she’s actually broken a bit of a record, making her episode one to watch out for straight away. A bit of classic writing, a Scotland setting and ‘a doorway leading to the end of the world’, we’re excited and intrigued to see what this story will bring.

6) Missy and The Master

Missy is making a return for the twelfth doctor’s last series, which was a given really. The character has faced off against this incarnation of our hero since his first series, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! But to make matters even more explosive, we have the return of John Simm’s Master to turn the Doctor’s world upside down. We don’t know about you but having two incarnations of the doctors oldest enemy is enough to make us squee, but having them appear in what we know is Peter Capaldi’s last series? We’re low-key terrified!

7) Those terrifying-looking creatures…

Mondasian cybermen! Ice warriors! Daleks! Emojibots! This series looks packed full of old foes and new, ready for the doctor and Bill Potts to defeat. Doctor Who wouldn’t be complete without its monsters, and us hiding behind the sofa from them!


8) Rachel Talalay

Another of our favourites from Twelve’s era of Doctor Who is back,  and to direct the massive finale no less. The show has benefited from Rachel’s magical direction since 2014, each episode she’s worked on standing out from the rest.  Her name alone is enough to make us excited for an episode!

9) The Twelfth Doctor’s finale

Get the tissue boxes out… it’s Peter Capaldi’s final series playing The Doctor. So basically we’re all going to spend 12 weeks panicking about every episode and what might happen in it. Twelve’s final storyline is going to be HUGE, with 2 Masters, Mondasian cybermen, ice warriors, creepy monks and a LOT of emotional moments. Will he survive until Christmas? We can only wait and see…

10) The end of an era

Not only is it the end of the 12th Doctor’s tenure, but it is Steven Moffat’s final series being head writer and showrunner of Doctor Who. After 7 years, he is stepping down and letting someone else take over the reigns of the TARDIS. Cue lots of throwbacks, cameos and nostalgia then? Either way, it’s going to be amazing. It is nearly time for arguably the biggest series of the show in years… and we’re READY.


The Importance of Bill’s Sexuality

I was nine years old when I started watching Doctor Who. I had yet to discover my sexual identity and all I knew was that I had a huge crush on Rose Tyler. Of course, this was 2006 and representation for gay women was pretty minimal. Heterosexual relationships took over the majority of television so much that it seemed as if it was the only acceptable relationship to have. Yet, I knew there was something that made me different and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. Truth was, it took me over ten years to really figure it out (in fact, I still am).

In 2017, we are much luckier than we were in 2006. Soaps have a constant representation of LGBT relationships and characters, we have television shows like Orange is the New Black and The L Word and musicians such as Hayley Kiyoko. Yet despite this, there is still a massive gap throughout the media in regards to the representation of the LGBT community.

Growing up, I searched for this representation wherever I looked. That’s why my heart soared when Clara Oswald hinted at kissing a girl. I clung to that possibility, the thought of one of the Doctor Who companions proudly embracing her sexuality in front of an entire class of teenagers without being afraid of the consequences. There is however, some controversy surrounding Clara Oswald’s bisexuality. Despite her hints throughout the course of her time in the TARDIS, Jenna Coleman referred to Clara’s bisexuality as something that was ‘down to interpretation’. This along with Oswin Oswald (one of Clara’s echoes) stating that she ‘went through a phase’ in fancying a girl further adds to the confusion and erasure surrounding Clara’s sexuality. Still, I tried not to let this get to me. I clung onto that interpretation because at that time, it was enough.

bill potts lgbt gay

For many, coming out is a difficult process. It’s about realising that often, the hardest part isn’t coming out to others, but learning how to find that acceptance within yourself. Over the past year, I have gone through this process and with it I have searched for LGBT fictional characters to help me get through. This is why when the BBC confirmed Bill Potts’ sexuality today, I found myself in floods of tears. The thought of the television show that I grew up watching, would be giving young girls the representation that I had always craved even when I didn’t know I needed it.  I want young girls to watch Bill in Doctor Who and realise that it’s okay to like other girls. I want them to watch Bill and feel proud of their sexuality.

By having Bill as an openly gay women, we are not only teaching older generations how wonderful women loving women are but we are also teaching all those young children, just like myself at that age, who can’t help but feel a little bit different. We are teaching children that identifying as a member of the LGBT community is not an awful or scary process. Bill will help to shape an entire generation of Doctor Who fans, who will finally be able to see themselves in a character. A character who will teach them that their sexuality is valid, just as much as anyone else’s.

With Bill in the TARDIS, we can help to create a world where we don’t need to fight for acceptance in who we love.


Written by Hattie

Smith and Jones, Ten years on

Ten years ago today, Martha Jones joined the TARDIS. We review her introduction to the show to celebrate 10 years of our second favourite Doctor…

‘Dooooweeeeooooooooooooo!’ The titles roll, a new name shining from the vortex: ‘Freema Agyeman’. 10 years ago, this was a massive deal. The character of Martha Jones was the first ethnic minority companion in Doctor Who’s history (Mickey Smith had appeared previously, but not in the leading role). This made episode one of series three, Smith and Jones, an incredibly important story for the show.

After the familiar titles role, we haven’t got long to wait before being thrown into our new leading lady’s life. Not only are we introduced to Martha, but the rest of her middle class, explosive family. A concept that still resonates with us all today: good old family get togethers! Or terrible ones, as they mostly always seem to be. And within two minutes Martha meets The Doctor in the middle of the street. Taking off his tie and walking away, it is one of the more random introductions. In 2017, this scene is still exciting and different, and the first 2.5 minutes are fast-paced and packed with information about our new characters lives.


Martha is a Doctor! Or at least she will be if she ever passes her exams. This is a far cry from the previous TARDIS girl, Rose Tyler, but a completely refreshing take. Even now after all this time, I find myself buzzing in my seat. An intelligent, strong woman of colour taking on a degree in medicine AND saving the world! 2017 Television could take a leaf from 2007 Doctor Who’s book. The importance of this character is vastly under-rated. She realises something is wrong almost straight away, ticking the first companion box. And smart, and funny. Two more boxes. Oh, and the rain is going up! We’re thrown straight into the adventure as the whole hospital ends up on the moon.


Throwing Martha straight into a terrifying situation is almost like a test. Not only for her as a companion, but for us as viewers. Will she prove herself? Agreeing to venture outside, she ticks the next box: bravery. Freema absolutely shines, convincing us of every emotion. The drama is ramped up with space rhinos and a blood sucking old lady because it wouldn’t be Doctor who without a sentence as weird as that. The CGI and makeup teams must be applauded for what they’ve done here, even rivalling some shows that we have 10 years later!

Smith and Jones (2)

Martha and The Doctor get on like a house on fire, bouncing off each others’ intelligence. There’s even a ‘Run!’ moment for our new girl, channelling Rose two years earlier. And boy can she run! The classic chase scene, Doctor and companion hand in hand, villain close behind. This is almost a moment of acceptance, that the viewer knows this woman is here to stay. Together they slowly start to work out what is going on. There are aspects of an angry, bitter Doctor through his bubbly personality, the effects of saying goodbye to Rose apparent. Martha’s humanity in the situation shows the need for someone to bring some perspective and compassion into his life, proving he is better off with someone by his side. This development is pivotal for both characters and how they’ve changed in the years after this series. She is put in danger by him, making us wonder about how reckless he has become. After only just meeting The Doctor, Martha bravely stands up and risks her life for him and the rest of the hospital. Without a second thought, she saves him. And in return, he saves her. The pair secure our hearts straight away.


After a day of saving the world, it’s back to family dramas for Martha Jones with Russell T Davies’ magic writing reminding us that she is just a normal woman. Any normal woman would want to escape from that. Which one of us would say no to getting away from our hectic lives? And still, Martha would turn down a trip to space for her exams. The old ‘it also travels in time’ trick works a treat, bringing the episode full circle in a fantastic timey-wimey way. Martha is truly an inspiration to young girls, dedicating herself to her profession, her family and being a strong, independent woman. A truly special introduction for our second favourite doctor, the episode screams 2007, yet still feels so modern. 10 years ago, we were introduced to Martha Jones, and it changed the world of Doctor Who forever.


The legacy of ‘Rose’



12 years ago today, Doctor Who exploded back onto our TV screens with a new Doctor, a new companion and a new lease of life. Its new contemporary setting, diverse characters and genius writing drew in thousands of new fans for the long running series. This is where some of us at The Time Ladies started our journey with The Doctor, so what does it mean to us?


I wasn’t lucky enough to watch Rose when it first aired, but to this day it remains one of my favorite stories. Propelling Doctor Who into the 21st century, it had everything 8 year old me could want in a show. Killer shop window dummies, a time machine and an unexpected hero to save the day! But what drew me into this story the most was the family at its heart: The Tyler’s. 

Growing up on a council estate with just my mother, I related to Rose Tyler in most aspects of her life. I never fully realised the importance of having this representation, this family to look up to. They didn’t have money, a big house, or even a man to support them, but these two amazing women were the heart of the story. 

Everyone in the playground could be Rose if they wanted, and everyone could relate to her. A young, single mother and a feisty shop girl could be heroes too! It showed us that even the most ordinary of people could be extraordinary. It showed us that you don’t need to be privileged to do something amazing. These characters helped shape young girls all over the world. 12 years later, I am now a 19 year old girl just like Rose once was at the beginning of this story. I work in a shop. I’ve got no A Levels. I’ve not even got the bronze in the under sevens gymnastics team. But thanks to Rose, I know I can be amazing too.



I remember watching Rose when I was eight years old. Like many people of my generation, I was unaware of the history of Doctor Who and like many things in my life back then, emulated the enthusiasm of my dad as I tuned into the first episode. I can’t tell you when or where it happened in that episode, but at some point Rose Tyler and all of her mascara managed to get into my head.

Rose felt brand new in more ways than sets that didn’t wobble and a Doctor with a northern accent. With retrospect, I realize that this was because of not the Doctor himself but because of Rose Tyler. Seeing a girl from a council estate travel the stars with the most incredible man in the universe changed me when I was eight years old and living in a council house myself. Back then of course, I didn’t understand the social connotations of living in a ‘council house’, all I knew is that when most of my friends walked one way home after school, I walked another. My house however was the fun place to be, mainly because it was near the park and my mum would spell out my friend’s names in alphabet spaghetti when they came over for tea.

I was proud of where I came from. And so was Rose.

The episode Rose for me firmly bedded Rose Tyler’s feet in the soil of planet Earth, where I would argue Russell T Davies set the tone for the rest of the series and the rest of his tenure as show runner. Often, Doctor Who gets criticized for not taking the Doctor away from Planet Earth despite having all of the universe at his disposal, but in this I would argue was the shows greatest strength. Humanity, wonder and all of time and space from the perspective of a girl that saved the galaxy in a Punk Fish hoody.

Rose as an episode will always be close to my heart, despite some of the cringe moments (PIZZA!) mainly because it introduced my favourite companion and my favourite era of the show. I can’t thank Russell enough for dreaming up Rose Tyler, and Billie for bringing her to life. The shop girl with the peroxide hair that changed my life, and the life of the Doctor, forever.

My Dad had been a massive Doctor Who fan growing up, as had my Mum but I wasn’t saving the date to watch the new series, it was just a new show to watch on a Saturday night. I’d grown up with and adored the colourful, beautifully ridiculous and underrated Peter Cushing films but had no idea what to expect with this reboot.
From the moment Rose started I was spellbound. Like Em and Beth, Rose was someone I could relate to. I’d grown up in a council estate in London, worked in shops and had no idea what to do with my life past college. Rose was a spokesperson for an entire generation of girls looking for adventure in a world that expected nothing from them. 
Armed to face anything in her punkyfish hoodie and a whole lot of rimmel london max volume on those lashes, I rooted for her to save the earth, to be even more brilliant than this Doctor. And she was.
When Rose walked into that TARDIS I knew I was going to travel with her and the Doctor for every single minute of what they would share with us. Yes, I met the Doctor for the first time in that episode but I also found a hero in an ordinary Londoner, my Rose Tyler. 
And, most importantly, without this episode and it’s amazing introduction to Doctor Who, us Time Ladies wouldn’t even know each other. We hope young girls continue to be as inspired as we were. Happy 12th anniversary Rose! And thanks for changing our lives for the better.

from the rose to the river

‘run’ said the mad man,
grabbing hold of her hand.
and she did, the earth turned
she began to feel it.

‘you take a stand’ said the blonde girl,
the one with the wolf on her breath.
thoughts of chips and alien suns,
collide like meteors behind her eyes.

‘this is me getting out’ said the girl that came after,
the one that would never stand for coming after anyone again.
she took the universe he held in the palm of his hand,
and let the planets orbit her instead.

‘you can stop now’ the woman told him,
red hair against white dress.
she screams her pain at the deaf universe,
never knowing the stars sing her name as a lullaby.

‘goodnight’ said the girl from a fairy tale,
red lips, red nails, red hair slip
through his fingers. he dreams of stone angels
smiling apples, sunflowers, her.

‘and they are mine’ said the little girl
as she stamped her strong foot, making the stars tremble.
her last heartbeat lies pressed between,
the 101 places she got to see.

‘you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back’, she said
the enigma. the thorn in his side,
the twist in his tale, his longest
and most bittersweet goodbye.

Welcome to The Time Ladies

I have been a fan of doctor who for 11 years.

I have grown up with the show through my childhood, teenage years and now, going into adulthood, my love for it is as strong as ever. It is a show that symbolises hope, love and acceptance. It has shaped me and countless others into the people we are today. It has spanned 50 years of TV, with spin-offs, audios, books and endless merchandise. It is a global success and watched all over the world. It is HUGE.

So why, especially in today’s generally accepted ‘geek culture’, are there hardly any aspects of the fandom aimed at a female audience? There is a general consensus, especially from male fans, that female fans somehow aren’t ‘proper’. We are quizzed on every bit of knowledge we know to prove ourselves, or we aren’t accepted if we love ‘girly’ things as well as Doctor who. There’s even a shortage of women behind the scenes of the show! Having experienced countless Doctor Who events and conventions myself, there is never any shortage of other female fans, and the same in the online Doctor Who community.  But there IS a shortage of spaces for female fans to talk and share their love for the show.

As a fan, I want somewhere to share my love for the companions makeup and fashion, as well as the storylines and monsters. I want to hear other female perspectives on the show. I want to learn more about and discuss the female characters of the Whoniverse. Sure, I love joining in on Twitter and forums, at cons and meetups. But I want to make the blog that I personally would love to see. So, here on The Time Ladies, we will share our love for Doctor who. From make-up tutorials and companion Look Books, to character analysis and episode reviews. Let’s fill the gap in the who community, and mix our love for beauty, fashion and feminism with our favourite show.