Our Friends

When we created The Time Ladies in 2017, it was with the intention of becoming a platform that lifted the voices and work of female, non-binary and trans content creators.

So here is a list of the people we think are the most talented, hard-working Doctor Who fans out there. If you’re looking for a new podcast, reaction video or review, commissioning some art or reading opinion pieces and stories, we’ve got you covered.

We’re still building this list and will be updating it regularly, so let us know if there’s anything you feel needs to be on here.


Imogen incommissions@gmail.com / portfolio
Fetin Sardaneh – etsy / @fetinsmiles
Lucy Ward lucymwardart@gmail.com / etsy / @rosecoloredlucy
Rosie Vernon rosiev.commissions@gmail.com / etsy / @teamgangfam
Sefie Roselund – shop / @Sefiekichi
Sophie Cowdrey – portfolio / @sophiecowdrey Sophie designed our homepage banner
Sophie Ilesportfolio@sophilestweets


Galactic Yo-yo (Molly Marsh) podcast / @GalacticYoyopod
Verity! – podcast / @VerityPodcast


Sesskasays – YouTube / @sesskasays
ChiqueGeeks – YouTube / @Chique_geeks
Caroline Lie – YouTube / @Caroline1ie
Rosa – YouTube


Phoebe – @phoebeb69
Molly – @justmolly
Georgia – @georgiiaagrace
Amy – @braveheartamy

Brilliant Social Media accounts
To come…

To come…