An Exclusive Look at ‘The Edge of Time’ – Doctor Who’s first VR adventure

By Beth Axford

The Edge of Time is Doctor Who’s latest and most exciting foray into the world of gaming yet. Stepping into the world of Virtual Reality, BBC Studios have partnered with Playstack and Maze Theory to create a feature length interactive adventure.

Users will be taken on an exciting journey to help the Doctor as a reality virus threatens all of space and time. You must save the universe by navigating the game’s vast locations and beating brain-boggling puzzles to locate three ‘time crystals’. Through your VR headset, and the massive scale of the game, it’s a Doctor Who experience like never before.

Here are our top 5 things we love about the game:

Go an a mission with the Doctor


Through Doctor Who and its spin-off media, we can be taken on adventures whenever we want – but VR is a whole new ball game. As soon as the headset is on, your senses are pulled into a whole new world.

The Doctor’s voice will fill your ears as you take on the role as her friend and companion. Jodie Whittaker has provided her voice for the game and will instruct you through your mission as if you’re on a real-life adventure with the Doctor. It’s something truly special indeed – get ready to save the universe, because now it’s down to YOU.

Fun Fact – Jodie only had one day to record her dialogue for the Edge of Time, with only one shot to get everything needed for the game. She whizzed through it and finished before the day was even complete! What a pro.

Fly the TARDIS


It’s an absolute fan dream to have a go at flying the TARDIS. To be able to fling open the Police Box doors and step inside another world filled with magic and the ability to go wherever, whenever. The most exciting part about this game is that now, you can do just that.

Once inside the adventure you will get the chance to fly the Doctor’s beloved ship, which has been designed with precision – down to every last detail from the real-life set. There is even a chance to use the famous custard cream dispenser – one of our favourite Easter eggs from the game!

Meet the Daleks


The Daleks are Doctor Who’s most iconic villains. We’ve been terrified by them since their first appearance in 1963, and it wouldn’t be a true Who game without them. The Edge of Timewill bring you face to eye-stalk with the crazy killing machines – something the game’s developers are excited for players to experience.

You’ll get the chance to walk through a deadly Dalek ship while they stalk the corridors around you, as well as a stealth-mode battle. We’re told it’s the tensest, but the most exciting part of the game – and also the most difficult bit to create!

Fear the Weeping Angels


Is there anything more terrifying than coming face to face with a Weeping Angel? They are the perfect Doctor Who creature for a virtual reality game, bringing horror and jump scares galore. Their presence is enhanced on a massive scale inside an environment such as this, leaving even some of the developers of the game too scared to play it.

We’re super excited about this element of the story-line and the experience of coming up against such an iconic, genuinely scary Who creature. You’ll have to hold your nerve – and the Angel’s eye-line – to get through this stage of the game.

And remember… ‘That which holds an image of an angel becomes itself an angel…’

Explore alien worlds


As well as the TARDIS console room, you’ll also be able to explore alien forests, ships and worlds. As you complete puzzles and quizzes you’ll be travelling through stunning cinematic views, painstakingly created to highlight every detail.

Virtual Reality feels hugely futuristic and mind bending once you’re inside it and traversing these treacherous environments makes for a completely immersive Doctor Who experience.

You can purchase Doctor Who: The Edge of Time from November 12 2019 for PC VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Cosmos and Valve Index) and Playstation VR for £19.99/$22.99/€21.99. It will be available on Oculus Quest in December.

If you have access to VR, let us know what you think of The Edge of Time by tweeting us @thetimeladies_.

Forbidden Planet x Doctor Who go to Comic Con – COMPETITION

The Forbidden Planet X Doctor Who range is the gift that keeps on giving. This month, they’re taking their tees to London Comic-Con, with an exclusive Ace hoodie leading the way. Find out more below about how YOU can win one!


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Forbidden Planet x Doctor Who Winter Collection

Our friends at Forbidden Planet are regularly treating us to unique Doctor Who merch, and their new winter collection is no exception! They’ve given us an exclusive look at the new designs for their next batch of Who themed t-shirts so that you can be the very first to get your eyes and hands on the collection. We say treat yo’self…

Blink & You’re Dead

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Tour Dates

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Dalek Blue Prints

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Dalek blue prints, on a beautiful t-shirt.

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There’s something for everyone in this extensive collection!

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Is Donna Noble the most relatable Doctor Who companion?

by Beth Axford

With the release of series four in steel book format, it’s hard not to get excited about watching the Doctor’s 2008 adventures in HD. The beautifully designed cover and re-release reminded us of one of Doctor Who’s strongest and most wonderful companions – Donna Noble.

Sophie Cowdrey’s incredible artwork for the series four steelbook.

Over ten years have passed since the series aired and Donna went on her unforgettable journey, a personal one that not many companions have experienced. As well as saving planets and defeating monsters, Donna Noble learned her worth and proved that anyone could change the universe if they put their mind to it. Her family life, friendships and career all featured frustrations that only beat her down, her experiences leading her to want and strive for more. So, what was it that made her so relatable and real?

Her Family

Donna has a complex relationship with her family. Her mother seems to enjoy putting her daughter down and being generally not very supportive of her. We all have a family member who we want to avoid at birthdays and Christmas and it’s particularly terrible if that family member happens to be your parent. Seeing her being treated this way by her mother meant that we were rooting for her from the start, to prove her wrong and be brilliant. Donna’s grandfather Wilf is a firm favourite amongst fandom and the pair have an adorable relationship that creates a sense of family that you just want to be a part of. These elements of her family life tie together to give the audience something to identify with, a world they can see themselves in and people they might see in their everyday lives.

Donna, Sylvia and Wilf make up the Noble family. 

Her Love Life

Donna has an unfortunate history with her love life, as we see in The Runaway Bride when her fiancé turns out to be working with an alien spider queen that wants to take over the Earth. Her heart seems to be open and she is forthcoming with her interest in men, a situation many of us find ourselves in when it comes to dating. It’s easy to feel like Donna is a friend taking on the struggles of finding someone when she is so open and desperate in her relationship with Lance. He plays on this basic human emotion of wanting to be wanted, something we all feel, and uses it against her in a devastating way. This solidified Donna in our hearts because we feel sorry for her, care for her and most importantly – we are her. We’ve been there, had our hearts broken and all feel lonely at some point or another. Donna’s love life is almost a tragedy that she turns into changing her future – something we all strive towards.

runaway bride 2
If it wasn’t for Lance, Donna wouldn’t have even met the Doctor so… all swings and roundabouts, eh?

Her Self Image

Everyone has negative feelings about themselves. Hang-ups, image worries, and anxieties plague us whether we like it or not. Donna starts her journey in Doctor Who with quite a low opinion of herself and often down plays her successes or achievements. We see throughout the series that this probably stems from her family and experiences, but then is continued on in how she perceives herself. We know she’s brilliant and incredible, but she doesn’t see it. This is completely relatable and feeling like you’re not special is something many of us can identify with. Of course, as Doctor Who has taught us, everyone is special, and Donna gets to prove herself in every story she appears in. It’s important to see that a normal woman with a dysfunctional family, disastrous love life and an un-satisfying career can take on the universe and realise the potential she had inside her all along.


Donna becoming her best self, series four.

Her Appearance

Why does this matter, you may be asking? Well, it’s no secret that Doctor Who’s women are known for being super beautiful and eye-catching and Donna Noble is no exception. However, if you look at the women to have graced our screens in new Who, Donna has a different body type – one that is represented a lot less in television. It is incredibly refreshing to see a woman in the show that looks different because most other new Who women have the same thinner frame and it is an untrue representation of society that all women look this way. This may not be something everyone thinks about, but for many it is hard to watch television and never see your body type represented in what you’re watching. Donna looks like you or me and it is a powerful message to portray in that you can be any shape or size and still be amazing.

Killin’ it in roman attire.

Her friendship

Last but not least, Donna Noble is truly the best friend we all want to have and be. She is fiercely loyal to the Doctor and her friends and incredibly welcoming to new people like Martha and Jenny during the series. Her kindness goes beyond measure and although her sass can land her into all sorts of situations, her heart is always in the right place. She’s also hilarious and an absolute hoot to watch on screen – exactly the type of mate you’d want to pop down the pub with. These qualities and her personable nature create a character that everyone can relate to – which is why we’ll hold her in our hearts forever.

What are your favourite Donna Noble moments? Tweet us @thetimeladies_ or email us at

You can purchase the series four steelbook HERE



*Ticket Offer* Meet the Ladies of Doctor Who – 10% off Bedford Who Charity Con

We all want to be like the Doctor, sorting out fair play throughout the universe. Why not start in the UK with Bedford’s charity Doctor Who convention, Bedford Who Charity Con 5?

Bedford is holding its 5th Doctor Who charity Convention.

The event on Saturday 13th of April gives you access to all your favourite Doctor Who cast members as well as raising money for Bedford foodbank.

The money raised from this wonderful event will go towards feeding families, providing women with sanitary products and helping people out of tough domestic situations. It currently feeds 600 people a month who are dependent on donations to survive. This is a massive problem happening all around the UK that affects over a million people a year- but you can do your bit AND have an amazing Who-filled day while you’re at it!

There are several of Doctor Who’s amazing women attending, ready to sign autographs, take photos and take part in panels. Here are the time ladies attending:


Ace McShane actress, Sophie Aldred will be in attendance at the event.


Janet Fielding will be there to sign autographs, take photos and bring laughs!


The original time lady, Carole Ann Ford will also be in attendance.


No Who convention would be complete without Louise Jameson – or Leela to us!

Charity is something we’re really passionate about here at The Time Ladies, and we’ve teamed up with the organisers of the event to give you 10% off tickets. Just mention ‘The Time Ladies sent us’ when you purchase your tickets.

Get your tickets HERE



Talking to the writers behind Big Finish’s ‘The Eighth of March’ for #IWD

By Beth Axford

The 8th of March marked International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate women everywhere and highlight the ongoing movement to achieve equal rights. To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with Big Finish to bring you a look at their new The Eighth of March audio boxset, written exclusively by women and starring our favourite female characters from Doctor Who. We’ve also partnered with The Who Shelf and contributed a post on how women are written in the exciting new set.

Consisting of four standalone stories, The Eighth of March features previous companions River Song, Leela and Ace as well as Big Finish companion Bernice Summerfield. The Paternoster gang and the ladies from UNIT also feature, making it the ultimate celebration of the women of Doctor Who!

Lisa McMullin, writer of Emancipation

How did you become a part of The Eighth of March boxset?
Matt Fitton (script editor) knew I’d been wanting to have a go at a River story and approached me with the idea of pairing her with a classic companion. I immediately loved the idea of River with Leela – they are such contrasting characters – so I pitched a story idea for the two of them and away we went.

What was the process of writing the story like? How were the characters, plots and themes chosen?
I always start with character. The joy (and challenge) of writing for Who characters is that they have already been drawn so brilliantly. So you’ve got River, a wonderfully erudite character and Leela, a thoroughly instinctive character – one woman who uses her head, the other who follows her heart. What if they have to work together? I wanted River to know everything about Leela but for Leela not to trust River as far as she could throw her. It’s a classic ‘odd couple’ set up. And from then you think about what sort of situation might bring them together – what might they have to face that would reveal the things which unite them rather than divide them? And the story then reveals the themes – sacrifice, oppression, emancipation. The idea of religion as oppressor is something which recurs in Who a lot and I’m interested in the way religions (all religions) treat women – and River and Leela can both connect personally to this.

What was your favourite part of the project?
I loved it all – but I did get a bit giddy at the recording. As a writer, to be there whilst these fantastic actors are making your script sound SO much better than you could have hoped, is thrilling. They originated these characters and know them better than anyone and watching them perform was joyous. I was a fan long before I thought I’d be a writer – you can’t imagine how exciting it is to write for Big Finish.

Who is your favourite female character from Doctor Who?
I’m not choosing. There are too many. But River and Leela are right up there.

There are themes of the importance of female relationships in Emancipation – was this something you purposely added in, or was it a natural progression of the characters?
A bit of both. But mostly everything stems from character and situation – for me, anyway, the way the characters respond to the situations reveals the themes. I realised right at the end that one of the main themes is about identity and having the autonomy to define yourself. Both River and Leela are quite unique in that they have both made conscious efforts to forge lives for themselves outside of their connection to The Doctor. For International Women’s Day, that’s a message I’d like to promote – don’t be defined by your relationship to anybody else – you are important in your own right.


Sarah Grochala, writer of Narcissus

There are themes regarding self-love, conventional beauty standards and how women are perceived in society throughout Narcissus, why did you feel it was important to portray this in The Eighth of March boxset?
I was interested in a comment that was made in the TV series about how Osgood’s sister was prettier than her. It implied that Osgood was a little insecure about her appearance. This seemed in stark contrast to how the character is presented in other moments as independent, self-sufficient and incredibly sure of herself in terms of her intelligence. I wanted to explore this potential vulnerability in Osgood a little more. When the other members around UNIT can clearly see Osgood’s value regardless of her appearance, it was interesting to me that she should be insecure about this one more superficial aspect of herself. I was also interested in the world of elite dating sites. Online dating is always a little bit like shopping, you’re selling yourself as a product and you’re judging potential partners on a range of personal qualities almost like you would if you were purchasing a car or a piece of furniture. The elite dating sites take this a step further as you have to be validated by the site as a special person in order to join. I was interested in the level of vanity and/or insecurity that the existence of these elite sites point to and how a malign force might take advantage of this.

How did you become a part of The Eighth of March boxset?
I heard that they were looking for women to write for Big Finish so I got in touch. I’ve been a fan of Dr Who since I was a child so it seemed like a great opportunity.

What was the process of writing the story like? How were the characters, plots and themes chosen?
I was given a pretty free rein. I was allocated the UNIT characters, which I was really thrilled about. There were a few basic parameters. The story had to take place eon the 8 March and, obviously, being UNIT it had to be modern day earth. I then suggested a number of plot lines and the Narcissus one was chosen. I then rewatched all the TV UNIT appearances and listened or read all the Big Finish stories so that I got a clear sense of how the characters’ stories were developing. I wrote a couple of drafts of the script and got a few notes from my script editor, which I then incorporated into the piece.

What was your favourite part of the project?
Probably having a chance to be at the recording and hear the whole piece coming together. The cast and the crew were absolutely brilliant and really brought the whole piece to life.

Who is your favourite female character from Doctor Who and why?
As a child it was definitely Romana. It’s difficult to remember exactly why my 7 year old self liked her so much but I suspect it was because she felt more of the Doctor’s equal than other companions had been. In the new series, it’s River Song, for similar reasons.

You can purchase The Eighth of March from Big Finish Productions here.
Read Beth’s review of The Eighth of March on our favourite blog for Doctor Who books – The Who Shelf!


All I want for Christmas is Who: Doctor Who Gift Guide 2018

By Beth Axford & Kezia Newson

It’s officially Christmas, which means we’re all full of joy and love and hope. But Doctor Who series 11 has just ended, and we’re missing the show already! Never fear though, our gift guide is here to help. With no episode on our screens this Christmas day, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a dose of Doctor Who? Here are our top picks of merchandise, gifts and more to make sure nobody goes without our favourite show this festive season.

5.5 inch 13th Doctor figure

It’s finally here… the posable 5.5” thirteenth Doctor action figure! This product isn’t officially due out till the new year so won’t arrive in time for Christmas, but we couldn’t bring you a gift guide without one of the most anticipated who products of the year. The figure is articulated, painted with detail and even comes with the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver. Whether it’s kept as a collector’s piece, used as an ornament or played with every day, it’s truly a must have! Pre-order now to make sure you get yours or give an IOU to someone you love…

Order here

Urban Species

For the Who fan in your life who loves to show it, the urban species Doctor Who collection is perfect. Choose from T-shirts, dresses, hoodies, jumpers and more, there’s something for every type of fan this Christmas. Whether it’s to complete an outfit or to wear for comfort, the officially licensed garments work all ways. The range caters for everyone with lots of different styles, so anyone of any gender can enjoy a Doctor Who fashion statement. We love the ‘Time Lady’ design, but maybe we’re just biased.

Check out their Doctor Who range here

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 20.01.19 (1)WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 20.01.19 (2)

Official Doctor Who shop merchandise

We found ourselves rejoicing when the official Doctor Who website launched its own shop! Full of merchandise featuring exclusive designs, there’s something for everyone here. The shop includes every Doctor, so you’re bound to find something your loved one (or yourself!) will adore. Homeware, stationary, accessories and more are available in their own gorgeous designs or personalised however you like – meaning you can really make someone’s Christmas special this year. We love their fab cushions, handy notepads and lavish mugs!

Check out the shop

The Women Who Lived

The perfect gift for the female who fan in your life, this book can be enjoyed by people of all ages! The book tells the stories of all the amazing women of Doctor Who with a hint of fairy tale. The book is lavished with wonderful illustrations by female artists and fans from all over the world, showcasing the talent a show like who can enhance. We think it’s the perfect gift for any Time Lady!

Check out our behind the scenes post revealing all the Women Who Lived secrets here

Buy it here

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 21.39.18 (3)

13th Doctor novels

For those people who miss team TARDIS gracing our screens every week, these novels are a perfect Christmas gift! The books add three more exciting adventures to the recent series and will keep fans going until the New Year’s special and into the who-less beginnings of 2019. Authors Juno Dawson, Una McCormack and Steve Cole hit every spot when it comes to creating brilliant tie in stories. The characterisation will leave you wishing even harder for series 12!

You can find all 3 available here

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 21.39.18 (1)

For the little daleks …

Secret in Vault 13

If you’re looking for something for younger fans (think 7-12) then ‘The Secret in Vault 13’ is the gift to grab. Take them on an adventure with the TARDIS team this Christmas, or grab a copy for yourself! It’s fun for all ages.

Buy here

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 21.39.18 (2)

For the Classic Who fan…

Season 19 boxset

For the classic Who fan in your life, this boxset is the one to grab! The stunning set features remastered fifth Doctor episodes Castrovalva, Four to Doomsday, Kinda, The Visitation, Black Orchid, Earthshock and Time-Flight. Not only are we treated to beautifully updated classic who episodes, but there are also a whole host of special features. Watch Peter Davison in conversation or the TARDIS team behind the sofa along with special footage and behind the scenes documentaries! To top it off, it all comes wrapped in a beautiful box designed to perfection and a special booklet guide inside.

Order here

Warlord Miniatures – 13th Doctor and TARDIS set

Warlord Miniatures are the cutest Doctor Who gift on the list! The scale figures are based on a six-foot-tall Doctor being 38mm high, meaning you can collect all your favourite who characters in miniature! Whether they’re a collector, gamer or just looking for some new ornaments, these figures are a worthy buy. Digitally sculpted using original photographic reference material, the attention to detail will astonish you. The figures are supplied unpainted, so they can be designed however someone wants or kept simple and slick their pewter materials. Perfect for both crafty people or those who just love a tiny collectible! We love the 13th Doctor and TARDIS set, which are perfect decorations, accessories and desk pals.

Buy it here

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-09 at 21.39.18

Some from our friends

We couldn’t forget our fabulous friends now, could we? We’re lucky enough to know creators and artists from all over Doctor Who fandom whose work could be just the gift you are looking for. Check out a few of our favourites:

Retro 13th Doctor badge

14 Doctors print

Thirteenth Doctor phone case

(These are from the fabulous Paul, Sophie and Sophie!)

Get ready for 2019…

A New Year requires fresh calendars, diaries and maybe even a traditional annual. There are a whole host of ways you can incorporate Doctor Who into your 2019, even while the show isn’t on! Check out our 2019 faves:

Doctor Who Calendar 2019

Doctor Who diary 2019

Doctor Who Annual 2019

PHEW! Enough Doctor Who merchandise to fill a TARDIS! What who products are on your wish list this Christmas? Will you be buying anything from this guide for your pals? Let us know by tweeting us @thetimeladies_


10 Things you didn’t know about the TARDIS (From the Type 40 Instruction Manual)

Think you know everything there is to know about the Doctor’s space-time machine? The TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual details exactly how the ship works and its entire history – including the low-down on the 13th Doctor’s TARDIS. To celebrate, we got hold of ten exciting facts from the book to tantalise your taste-buds, including previews of some of the pages!

1 – The name ‘TARDIS’ was given to the space/time machine by the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan. The word is an acronym, standing for ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space.’ As the capsule The Doctor and Susan stole happens to be the mostly widely used TARDIS in the universe, the term has been taken and spread among the stars as the official name for the ship.

2 – When properly maintained, the TARDIS is indestructible.

3 – The TARDIS uses Artron energy generated by the eye of harmony in order to travel through space and time.

4 – The 13th Doctor’s TARDIS is the first to feature the reverse of three sides of it’s exterior on the inside of the ship, making it look like almost the whole box is attached to the interior.

5 – The TARDIS has a bathroom that features a hologram of a leopard, with toilet facilities located just past the macaroon dispenser.

6 – The TARDIS also features a karaoke bar, a swimming pool, an art gallery and a Green house, among other infinite rooms

7 – Although it never appeared on screen, Missy travelled in a type 45 TARDIS with a dark purple desktop theme.

8 – The ‘wheezing, groaning’ noise that can be heard when the TARDIS materialises is down to the ship being ripped out of or forced into normal space.

9 – Despite the Chameleon Circuit being broken and the TARDIS being stuck as a police box, periodic software patches have updated specific design details of its appearance. This occasionally means that features such as the windows and light can change, as well as the shade of blue on the outer shell of the police box design.

10 – The telepathic circuits inside the TARDIS can be used to gather extra data about a destination and calculate an optimum point to land, as well as being used to send psychic messages within the space-time vortex.

The TARDIS Type 40 Instruction Manual is available now

Thirteenth Doctor Outfit and Make-Up Tutorial

By Beth Axford

The Thirteenth Doctor will be making her on-screen debut very soon, swishing about in her long coat and rocking those yellow braces. Her already iconic outfit has become popular with Doctor Who fans everywhere with many (including us), giving it the cosplay treatment. If you’re itching to get your hands on her Doctory garments and give it a go yourself, we’ve put together this handy guide to fulfil all your time travel dreams.

Striped Rainbow Top


The staple item of The Doctor’s new get-up is her dark shirt with a series of Tom Baker scarf style stripes across the chest. From the trailer we can also see that she has a pinky maroon version of this, but we don’t know why, or whether it’s important. Either way, it’s great that there’s a variant to choose from. Luckily, this style of rainbow tee has been popular on the high street in the last few months, meaning it’s easy to dress like you’re about to save the world at any time! If you’re looking for one more accurate though, you can find both variations of the shirt on Redbubble.

Grab yours here

Teal Trousers


The Doctor can’t save the universe without wearing some funky trousers, right? This new outfit is no exception, with our hero sporting some teal trousers. Rolled up at the ankle, they appear to be high waisted as well – although this probably isn’t too important for your cosplay. In some images they look bluer than others, but teal seems to be the general colour consensus.

You can grab some similar leg wear here or here

Yellow Braces


Another popular accessory, braces appear frequently in various Doctors costumes. This time they’re a bright mustard yellow, giving another pop to the outfit. These are relatively easy, cheap to find and because they’re simple, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t completely accurate.

You can grab a pair on amazon


Boots and socks


No Time Lord outfit would be complete without a pair of comfy shoes! The Doctor’s brown ankle boots finish off her outfit and give it a more put together look. She pairs them with blue and white striped socks that peek out of the top – just to confirm her toes are cosy.

Get your feet in these boots and striped socks



As always with Doctor costumes, we’re treated to a fantastic coat – this time it’s a sky-blue hue and floor skimming, perfect for flying out behind her when running down corridors. The rainbow trimming is an extra special touch, holding both significance for LGBTQ+ fans, as well as matching her tshirt. This item may be a little more difficult to get hold of, but if you’ve got some cash to spare for your cosplay,‘Her Universe’ have created a replica coat that’s near perfect. This coat is officially licensed, however you can find similar coats and fan made replicas around the internet.

Take a look at these Unofficial 13 coats



Thirteen’s costume sports some beautiful jewellery this series, more than we’ve ever seen before on a Doctor! We particularly love her ear cuff chain earring. The original design appears to be hands holding linked by a chain to an upper design of stars. It’s pretty hard to come across this exact earring set, as it’s custom made, but you can get similar ones here:

Alternative Earrings


Make Up


The Doctor’s beauty look for series eleven is natural and glowy, with a hint of colour on the eyes and lips. If you’d like to achieve a similar makeup look, we’ve got you covered. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect Thirteenth Doctor make up:


Untitled design

To achieve that glowing Thirteenth Doctor skin, it all begins with a good moisturiser. Once you’ve slathered it on, grab a primer to smooth out your face and make any make up you apply stay on that bit longer.

Magic moisturisers:



Perfect Primers:



Once your base is prepared, apply your favourite foundation with a beauty blender sponge, dabbing it from the middle of your face outwards. This will disperse the product evenly and make sure you don’t look cakey!

Fab foundations:

Rimmel Match Perfection

NYX Total Control

Now that you’ve begun to enhance your beautiful skin, it’s time for some concealer. This isn’t always necessary, so it just depends on how you feel. Dab some onto any areas you’d like to cover up such as spots, dark circles or scars, and then blend with the beauty blender. Remember, you aren’t trying to change your naturally beautiful face, you just want to enhance it. If you’re putting some under your eyes, place it in a triangle shape underneath them – that way it will highlight the area and lift the face. The Doctor has flawless skin, so we’re just aiming for that look as much as possible.

Cool concealers:

Collection Lasting Perfection

NYX Concealer Wand

To make sure what you’ve applied so far stays in place, you’ll need to use a powder to set. This can be a translucent one if you don’t wish for anymore colour. Use a fluffy brush to smooth onto your face or dab it on with a sponge to the areas you wish to have more coverage. The nose, forehead, under the eyes and any areas which get naturally shiny during the day are best to target so that your products don’t slip off.

Pretty powders:

NYX High Definition

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder


Face Colour

Untitled design(1)

Now that we’re done with the base of the face, it’s time to add a little colour on top. The Doctor has chiselled cheekbones and glowing highlights, so it’s important to get that right.

The best way to contour your face is to take a bronzer and a fluffy brush and begin at the top of the forehead. Brush it lightly along the forehead where the sun would naturally hit and then take it down around the side of your face as if you’re outlining it, stopping at the top of your ear. This technique is almost like drawing a 3 shape. Next, take the bronzer down along your cheekbone towards your lips, stopping midway. Sweep back up that line, taking it back round the side of your face to the bottom, completing the 3 shape. Repeat on the other side and you’ll have the contoured look! You can also run some bronzer down each side of your nose and over the bridge if you would like to chisel that as well.

Bold Bronzers:

e.l.f Bronzer Palette

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

To add a little colour on top of the bronzer, take a darker blusher and your fluffy brush and sweep over the apples of your cheeks. Blend upwards into your bronzed cheekbones and it’ll look as natural as if you’ve been running down corridors all day.

Beautiful Blushers:

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

Finally, it’s time for that highlight to pop. Pick a natural, sparkly highlighter and sweep along the cheekbones above the bronzer and down to the apples of your cheeks. The other prime places to highlight are the top of your nose, under your brows, your forehead and the top of your cupid’s bow. This will perfect your Thirteenth Doctor glow!

Handy Highlighters:

Revolution Highlighter

L’Oreal Highlighter



Untitled design(2).png

Now your face colours are complete, it’s time for BROWS. Arguably one of the most important parts of any beauty look, the eyebrows shape the face and change it according to how they are styled. The Doctor has thin, round eyebrows lightly filled in with a brown-blonde product. To keep it as natural and simple as hers, sweep some pencil or brow powder lightly into your own brows. Pick a product as close to your hair colour (or wig if you’re using one) as possible. Start from the bottom hairs and feather the product in so that it follows the direction that the hairs are growing in and looks as natural as possible. Brush them into place using a spooly (the brush on the end of an eyebrow pencil) and you’ll have perfect, natural brows.

Easy eyebrow products:

L’Oreal Brow Artist

Benefit Brow Collection



This Doctor’s brand new eyes are wearing a natural, shadowed brown. To create this look you’ll need a couple of eyeshadows in a beige or cream colour and a slightly darker brown. It’s best if the brown is a similar colour to your bronzer. Begin by smoothing the cream coloured base over the lid and upwards. Once it’s smooth and blended, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend the darker brown shadow into the crease of your eyelid. Start with a small amount of product and build up so that it looks natural and blends well. If you take it down and blend underneath your lower lash line it will create a less harsh shadow look and blend into the rest of your face. Once you’re done with the main shadow, take an eyeliner pencil or dark eyeshadow and draw neatly along your top and bottom lash line with a small angled brush. Make sure it isn’t too thick – the look has to stay lowkey! Finally, add a brown or black mascara to your lashes to build  and open up the eyes. The Doctor doesn’t wear heavy eye makeup, so don’t apply too much.

Shiny Shadows:

Revolution Flawless Palette

Luscious liners:

Brown Liners

Magic Mascaras:

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

NYX Mascara 



We’re going to finish off the Doctor’s make up look by adding a splash of colour to the lips. Take a pink or nude lip liner and follow your natural lip line to recreate Jodie’s subtle look. Add a lipstick shade of the same colour to your mouth to make it really pop.

Lavish Lipsticks and Liners:

NYX Lip Cream

Natural Collection Liner



The Doctor sports a short, blonde bob with some fashionable root showage. If you’d like to opt for a wig, style it with hairspray accordingly and stick it on your noggin. If you’re styling it yourself, use a round brush to blow dry your hair inwards towards your face.

And there you have it! You’re ready to see new faces, new worlds and new times. Show us your Thirteen cosplay and make up look by tweeting @thetimeladies_ or emailing


Merchandise of the Thirteenth Doctor

The last few weeks have kicked off the beginning of a whole new era of Doctor Who, with a range of exciting new merchandise to go with it. Jodie Whittaker’s tenure as the Doctor has so far spawned new comics, toys and magazines that we were just dying to get our hands on, so we did! We thought we’d take a look and review some of these exciting products featuring the brand-new Doctor and let you all know just what we think. So, what are we waiting for? Allons-Y!


Magazine coverage

There has been a whole host of magazines covering the beginning of Jodie’s era including exclusives, photos and interviews. Radio Times, SFX and Entertainment Weekly have all recently adorned their covers with Doctor Who features, but Doctor Who Magazine has had the most extensive coverage. With behind the scenes features, exclusive photos and breaking news, every issue is worth picking up. If that wasn’t exciting enough, they’ve launched subscriber exclusive textless covers so that fans of the wonderful artwork can keep a clean version. Their newest issue featuring Jodie Whittaker on the cover (and us inside!) is on sale now.

Subscribe to DWM here


13th Doctor Doll
Want to own your very own thirteenth Doctor? Well, now you can! Character Options Thirteenth Doctor adventure doll is a 10” posable version of our favourite time traveller, complete with her exciting costume and sonic screwdriver. Fully articulated and painted with the highest attention to detail, this mini Jodie is our new favourite product. She’s a wonderful doll to own for all ages and genders, a toy for children or a collector’s item for us older folk. Or vice versa. The likeness is amazing, and her hair, eyebrows and features have been designed to perfection.

Want to own the new Doctor for your own adventures in time, space and toys? Order here


Road to the Thirteenth Doctor

Gagging for some new faces, worlds and times? Then Titan Comics are the one for you. If you’re new to the official Doctor Who comics it may be a little difficult to know where to start or what to read! Luckily, their ‘Road to the thirteenth Doctor’ range has just launched its first issue in a set of three comic stories featuring the tenth, eleventh and twelfth Doctor’s. The comics begin the build up to the launch of the thirteenth Doctor range while being accessible and fun for those long-time readers as well as new fans. We’re absolutely loving this exciting comic journey and can’t wait to see comic Jodie in action! The first issue ‘Ghost Ship’ is available now featuring the tenth Doctor.

Buy ‘The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor’ #1 here


Titan Kawaii Thirteenth Doctor

If the adventure doll isn’t quite for you, then how about a cutesy, kawaii version of our first female Doctor? The Kawaii Thirteenth Doctor Titan figure is ADORABLE and brightens any shelf. With her huge painted eyes and exaggerated features, we couldn’t help but pop her straight into our basket. The 6” figure launched at SDCC a few weeks ago but is available to order from Forbidden Planet now.

Order Titan’s Kawaii Thirteenth Doctor figure here


Have you picked up any new Who merchandise? Tweet us your pics or comments @thetimeladies_!

Meet The Time Team

Growing up, Doctor Who Magazine was our most important source for information, facts and behind-the-scenes gossip from the show. We would desperately scramble to our local newsagents or supermarket every month to pick up a copy and spend hours pouring over the wonderful contents. Inside those pages featured a well-loved feature named ‘The Time Team.’ A group of four fans, they watched each episode of Doctor Who in order and gave their commentary on the adventures. They laughed, they cried… they heckled! And so did we alongside them.

Roll on 2018 and the format of this brilliant project needed a refresh, so long-time DWM contributor and journalist Benjamin Cook decided to bring it back with a bang! To gain fresh opinions on our beloved show, he sought out a diverse team of 12 fans, all with different experiences of Doctor Who.

So, drumroll please… we can finally reveal that The Time Ladies are part of this brand new Time Team! It’s been a super exciting journey and something that we’re extremely proud of. We hope you enjoy how inclusive the team is as well as our comments and insights into character, theme and story. There truly is something for everyone. So who else is joining us in the line up?

Get to know the new Time Team as they answer our most loved question;
Who is your favourite female Doctor Who character?


01 Beth (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Beth’s enthusiasm for Doctor Who is infectious, and her love for the show simply radiates from her! Fresh to classic Doctor Who, she brings new perspective and insight into aspects you may never have considered before. Particularly passionate about the representation of female characters, she has a great eye for interesting discussion points within the Time Team gang which we can’t wait for you to read. Constantly on the go with new ideas, projects and campaigns, her creativity as one half of The Time Ladies knows no bounds!

Beth’s favourite female character is…

‘Picking a favourite female character is really hard for me, because my mind changes all the time! Rose was my first companion and I related to her hugely growing up. She was a well rounded character with good and bad sides and an icon for young girls. I think Rose Tyler is my personal favourite but Martha Jones is the best female character. The way she develops and learns over the course of the series as well as her bravery and dedication in saving The Doctor and countless other people is astounding! I also have a soft spot for Barbara Wright who is an incredibly witty, strong-willed woman to look up to.’

(Written by Kez because Beth isn’t that vain)


02 Beth (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Kezia’s sparkle never fails to brighten a room, and even her most passionate opinion is portrayed eloquently. She’ll make you change your mind on something you’ve never even thought about! The only one in the team to have watched ALL of the show, she’s the resident expert when it comes to classic Doctor Who. As our readers will know she is also the other half of The Time Ladies and puts her passion and energy into helping create a space for female Doctor Who fans.

Kez thinks this is the most difficult question of all to answer. ‘I love them because they’re all different. Leela for being fierce yet gentle at heart, Jo for her loyalty and sense of fun (and fashion!), Sarah Jane for her bravery and always speaking her mind, Rose for being the most real, Martha for being incredibly strong and true to herself and Donna, because I wish I could know someone like her to simultaneously make me cackle and also be a friend through anything (literally, planets in the sky anything). I guess I kind of cheated but when you speak about them all the live long day like we do on The Time Ladies it’s near on impossible to speak about just one!’

(Written by Beth because Kez isn’t that vain either)


03 Ant (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Antoinette Belle is a photographer, YouTuber and poetry enthusiast. Her passion and confidence will astound you and, damn does this girl have opinions. On her favourite female character:
‘Rose is love, Rose is life, and the ONLY instance in which I’m moderately ok with a lot of Mary-Sue-esque characterisation. She was young, angry and compassionate – having that kind of multidimensional, fleshed-out character in a female lead was SO important for me to see growing up, particularly in her refusal to dampen her opinions in tough situations. also Billie Piper is hot (what I can I say, I’m shallow).’


04 Christel (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Christel recently became Doctor Who’s Digital Marketing Manager at BBC Studios. Previously, she fronted (and was the assistant producer of) Doctor Who: The Fan Show after her videos were spotted on collab channel, FiveWhoFans. As well as being a member of Time Team, she writes regular cosplay articles for DWM.

‘It’s really hard to choose a favourite, but I’ve written about Ace in DWM before and she’s such a brilliant character: fierce and strong but also deep down she’s quite sensitive, and loyal to the end.’


05 Claudia (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Claudia is a YouTuber, feminist and writer amongst many other talents. Her wit and wisdom are a credit to the Time Team and her passion for Doctor Who is easy to see! Her favourite female character from the show is Martha Jones but says ‘I genuinely love every RTD companion so much!’ Hashtag relatable. After pausing to think, she says:

‘I think Martha’s majorly underrated because she came after Rose, but those two amazing companions don’t need to be in competition! I can’t help but have an extra soft spot for Martha, because I think people sometimes overlook the strength of Martha’s arc! Martha makes the choice to leave the TARDIS on her own terms in order to pursue her own goals, refusing to be in anyone’s shadow. That’s a fantastic message to young women, and everyone else! Martha was the most independent and dependable companion of the Nu Who era, and the one I’d most like by my side in a crisis! Martha didn’t mess about, she got things done!’ Well, we told you she had wit and wisdom!


06 Dan (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Actor, singer and student, Dan exudes talent just like his sister Claudia! He has a massive passion for Doctor Who and Marvel, and his loveable character will make him a Time Team favourite. His favourite female Who character is Sarah Jane Smith.

‘Especially her Sarah Jane Adventures era. She taught an entire generation that an action hero can be any gender, any age and that you can still save the day and be a darn cool person without using weapons or violence!’


07 Gerard (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

A long time Doctor Who fan, BBC journalist Gerard Groves has a love for all things arty and sci-fi. He famously interviewed Christopher Eccleston on his part in The A Word and shared his experience of living with autism with the actor – it’s a fantastically touching and personal piece. As an avid content creator and video maker, Gerard is always making things he’s passionate about. His answer on his favourite female character was hard to decide on!

‘My favourite female character has got to be Donna! It used to be Rose for the longest time, but I have such a newfound appreciation for Donna recently!’


08 Jake (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

You’ve probably heard a lot of Jake through his famous Doctor Who impression work on YouTube and recordings of the tenth Doctor for Big Finish. An incredible talent and kind hearted guy, Jake’s opinions on the show are a joy to read as he gives a new opinion on classic Doctor Who he hasn’t seen before. Jake will probably be a movie star by next year, so read him in The Time Team while you can! On his favourite female character:

‘I think I’d have to say Sarah Jane Smith. She was a badass who’s uplifted multiple generations of female fans.
I also think it’s cool that, in her own show, we had a middle-aged (not a young, Hollywood pretty) female lead. Also K-9.’


09 Luke (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Luke is a YouTuber, writer and director! He’s got an exciting film in post production; The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton. Bringing his in depth knowledge of film and TV as well as his hilarious opinions, there’s a whole new behind the scenes world for him to teach us. Luke agrees with lots of the Time Team when asked about his favourite character:

‘My favourite would be Martha because I think she’s a fantastic mirror of The Doctor and in many ways even better than him. Obviously my first thought is always going to be Rose for sentimentality but from a character point of view? It’s Martha.’


10 Miles (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

A man of many talents, Miles is an actor, illustrator and writer currently studying animation. An avid TV fan, he knows ALL things pop culture and how Doctor Who fits into the world around us. Jodie Whittaker’s casting has brought his interest in the show back to life and he can’t wait for series 11.

‘I think my favourites are close between Rose and Martha (who I’ve come to appreciate more recently)

Rose’s “feminine” traits are never painted as a weakness but rather as a strength. Her compassion and sense of justice are consistent throughout the plot, while we watch her come to realise the vastness and heavy duties she has found herself adopting over the course of her journey. She’s so human and I think that’s what makes her one of (if not the) best written characters on the show.

Martha, is almost perfect for the role of a companion from the outset and her willing to help others is made apparent from her introduction as a trainee doctor (which is a brilliant parallel). I love her journey to discover her own personal worth, and how she struggles mostly with self doubt from the start before learning that she’s “good”. Her wisdom about the doctor is also done very well, with her acknowledgment of the potential danger the doctor can bring.’


12 Zainab (© Rebecca Need-Menear_DWM)

Zainab is a smart, fierce pharmacy student at King’s College London. As well as knowing a thing or two about medicine, she’s also a black belt in karate, so remind us not to disagree with her! We loved hearing her perspective on character and story, and we know you will too. She’s got a fabulous answer on her favourite female character:

‘My favourite female character in Doctor Who would have to be Sarah-Jane Smith. The fact that she had her own adventures on Planet Earth and made a life for herself with Luke that resembled something normal really showed me as a kid that I could go and have adventures too. Life around us can hold some really cool adventures and being a kid who feels stuck on Earth shouldn’t stop you from having them! I think Sarah-Jane really got me to believe in myself as a kid because she believed in the kids around her.’

As well as the exciting new team there’s a brand new format. This time, The Time Team watch episodes and stories based on themes instead of watching the show in order. This change has been brilliant to compare Doctors and stories over the 54 years of the show. From the astounding to the terrible, the funny and the scary, we’ve watched it.

The Time Team will feature in every issue of Doctor Who Magazine, starting with issue 525 on sale Thursday 3rd of May. Make sure you pick up a copy and join us for exciting opinions in space and time…!

All Time Team pictures taken by Rebecca Need-Menear, find her work here.

Looking back at Companion’s Themes

It feels like its been 4.5 billion years but it’s finally here! Yes, that’s right folks, the series nine soundtrack is about to land. To celebrate this exciting release we’ve put together a look back at Murray Gold’s companion themes and how they reflect the fabulous women of new Who!

Rose’s Theme 


Rose’s theme oozes with a beautiful sense of curious wonder, emphasising her young nature. The slow, delicate piano adds to this, creating a breath-taking feeling of character and charm. It matches her personality and sense of adventure as it gently hints at something more over the course of the piece. It’s a very emotional listen, making us almost weep! The wind based flute (literally have no idea how to describe this?)undertones feel almost sad, insinuating her backstory and feeling of being lost and not knowing what she’s doing with her life. She says in Parting of the Ways; ‘The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life’ and this scene comes to mind when listening to her theme. As the song continues, it almost takes a different direction, especially towards the end. Getting louder and more exciting it hints at her life changing and a new adventure beginning-her life with The Doctor. The memorable tune completely reflects her life and personality and is instantly recognisable to any who fan, showing Murray Gold’s complete genius in creating music to reflect a characters feelings and life.

Martha’s Theme


Martha’s theme is soft and gentle, with a sweetness and gentility that makes it almost a lullaby. The depth of the melody sounds wise and knowing and to me, speaks of her strong morals, sense of purpose and wisdom in her craft. This is balanced with the higher lilt, seeming to emphasise Martha’s sense of adventure and her adoration for seeing new worlds. There’s a sadder feeling to part of this higher tune, when the percussion fades away and you’re left listening to just the vocal. It’s simple and sweet and rings of her love of the Doctor. It’s a perfect representation of her – the balance between strong and soft, clever and kind. It’s one of my favourite companion themes, especially with the majestic full orchestral flourish at the end, it’s as if she sings to the universe and it plays back to her, thanking her.

A Noble Girl About Town


In comparison to Rose and Martha’s themes, Donna’s is very upbeat and different. From the first beat you can hear the comedy reflected in her dedicated piece. It’s a fast-paced, sassy affair, encompassing Donna as she was at the beginning of series 4 rather than throughout. I’m not a massive fan of this theme, it feels as if Donna is being condensed down to purely comedic value – there’s nothing heroic or emotional about the music, I’ve even heard someone describe it as ‘life music’, ouch. It’s also very repetitive, not stopping for a change in tempo or shift in melody which feels very unfair for Donna as after all, she’s the Doctor Donna – she deserves some grandeur! Of course Donna is downright hilarious at times, but she brings so much more than just that to the show. In the last 10 seconds there’s a comedic ‘honk’ from a trumpet which pretty much says it all. Justice for Donna having a beautiful theme please!

Amy’s Theme 


Amy’s theme is strong and slow, with a wonderful choir of singers taking the main stage of the piece. It perfectly matches the fairy-tale theme of the seasons Amy appeared in with its delicate and sweet beginning and soft tones. Melanie Pappenheim’s voice is powerful and haunting, creating a sense that the character has a more complicated personality. The beautiful use of the gentle piano adds a dainty hint and creates a feeling of girlish wonder about the character, making us think of younger Amelia or Amy when she’s in a tough situation. As the song continues, the instruments and voices get louder hinting at the characters strong willed nature in her. This also feels like the song is growing and changing, just as the character does from appearing as Amelia and then as older Amy. And then, as it slowly trails off to a slow end, the music gets darker and more mysterious and loses the main voice. This is Murray’s way of reflecting the darker side to Amy Pond’s life; her years of waiting for her Doctor to come back and the trouble it has caused her.

Clara’s Theme 


Clara’s theme in series 7 feels fresh and exciting, reflecting the characters presence in The Doctor’s life after losing the Pond’s. This is relevant as she was, of course, ‘Born to save The Doctor’. It’s fast high pitched tones make it feel homely and comforting, almost perfectly symbolising her baby-sitting role (and later on, her role as a teacher). It is a relatively simple and dainty piece, with beautiful tones that match her personality. It stands out for a while as quite sensible like the character herself, staying with one tone and pace for most of the song. Eventually though, it starts to slow and change and the layering of instruments builds a mysterious feeling as it trails off into deeper sounds and tones. The impossible girl has a seemingly mysterious theme that can never quite be worked out, making the audience question the character as the original episodes in series seven set out to do.

Bill’s Theme 


Bill’s theme is a more complex piece that weaves all parts of her life experience and personality. It opens with a light-hearted upbeat tempo and piano melody that very much represents Bill’s positivity, enthusiasm for life and eagerness to learn. It feels friendly and familiar, like a good friend greeting you. The tone shifts towards the middle, almost unwrapping the layers of her life and focusing more on the deep grief she carries around daily for her mother. The music in this part comes in waves, almost like currents of sadness that overcome Bill’s positive nature and leave her feeling very much alone. The choir in this arrangement evokes the feel of a solemn hymn, almost a funeral setting. With the piece then warping and crashing around you, a sense of memory or flash back comes to the forefront and feels like you’re plunged into some of Bill’s darkest moments. The melody then pitches and becomes in contrast, hopeful and light again, almost euphoric in the high angelic notes. It speaks of Bill’s resistance and hope and of the love and trust she holds in The Doctor. Her passion for truly living comes through the most in her theme – she feels everything so much, both the highs and the lows. This is represented perfectly in this theme.

Which is your favourite companion theme or which do you think represents its character best? Let us know!

The Series Nine soundtrack is available from the 27th of April!