How to style Doctor Who Merchandise

Doctor Who and fashion seem to go hand in hand. The Doctor’s friends are always suited up in the most on-trend gear or rocking a unique personal style. But when we want to show off our love for the show, just how do we wear it fashionably?

With the help of a few friends, we got to work creating a look-book to show you just how to wear your tee’s, bow-ties and badges!


Bow-ties are cool – the Doctor says so. As well as being the second and eleventh Doctor’s signature look, the new series 12 trailer features the 13th Doctor sporting one as well! If you’re anything like us, preferring to stay indoors on the comfy sofa, you’ll probably not have a lot of reasons to dress up in a bow-tie either. With this in mind, we thought we’d try and re-purpose our bow-tie into something more casual – a cute hair accessory. Hairbands, scrunchies and clips are huge in the fashion world right now. They look fun AND serve a ‘please get this hair out of my face’ purpose!

We’re wearing the 11th Doctor Bow Tie clipped around the top of the head and under the hair for maximum cuteness. 


When it comes to Doctor Who tee’s, it can be hard to make them match your style. We love to take inspiration from our favourite 70’s companion, Jo Grant, and wear ours with big chunky coats and flares. Add some autumnal vibes with cord and rusty colours and you have yourself an outfit fit for a UNIT adventure! Make sure to pair with chunky boots for a strong, comfy statement. 

Find your perfect Who Tee  HERE or HERE

Teddy Bear Coat


Chunky boots


Another of our favourite ways to dress up a Who tee uses a famous winter fashion technique – LAYERING. Throw on your favourite jeans and a comfy roll neck as the base of your outfit. Add your favourite Who shirt over the top and tuck both the roll neck and t-shirt into your jeans to keep the warmth in. Pick out a stylish belt – chunky buckles are on-trend- and sink your toes into some chunky boots or platform trainers to complete the look. Continuing our Jo Grant theme, we love pastel coloured, fluffy coats during the colder months to channel that Three Doctors look.

We also love to jazz up outfits with jewellery and accessories to add a bit of personality and sparkle. Hoop earrings and long necklaces are staple items that match almost every outfit. Jewels and piercings aren’t for everyone though, so you might choose to bear your ears and wrists with pride!

Every Companion Ever T-Shirt

Black High-Waist Jeans


High Neck Tops

Fluffy Blue Coat


BRRR! It’s cold here in the UK, giving us the perfect excuse to wear cozy, comfy clothing. Our favourite Doctor Who fashion trend right now is the thirteenth Doctor’s rainbow scarf worn in Resolution. The original is from Paul Smith, but luckily our friends at Lovarzi have created an alternative just as beautiful.

Based on thirteen’s rainbow T-Shirt, the TARDIS blue scarf is edged with the iconic pattern and made from 100% acrylic. It is super soft and will complete any outfit with subtlety – you’ll look stylish as well as repping your favourite show!

Complete your winter style with the Thirteenth Doctor Scarf


If you want to embrace thirteen’s rainbow stripes and wear them across your chest with pride, it’s a great chance to create a fun outfit with a pop of colour. We love the bright fuchsia of the Doctor’s shirt variant in Series 11 – so we’ve chosen a pink theme for the rest of this outfit. As the shirt is so bright, choose a coat and bag that are more muted colours to compliment the accents on the stripes. To give the top half of the outfit more of a pop, finish off with a black high-waist skirt, tights and boots. If you’re not a skirt person, this is another great opportunity to rock some cords or jeans. Add a cosy beret and you’ll be channelling Romana two and the Thirteenth Doctor in one stylish outfit!

Get the Doctor’s fuchsia rainbow shirt here

Pink Coat




Throwing a long coat, culottes and boots together is totally a Doctor look – personalise and change it up with patterns and colours to make it yours. For a bigger statement, take a colourful Who tee and add a bright coat. We’ve paired ours with 13th Doctor style culottes, but the look will work great with any trousers, jeans or skirts. Colourful rainbow earrings and rings add style and a pop to this already bold outfit. Colour blocking is a huge trend, so don’t be afraid to pair up big colours together.

Rust Coat

Teal Trousers

Retro Who T-Shirts


 If you’re not into wearing Doctor Who themed clothing, then accessories are a great way to show off your love for the show. Add a badge or bag to your outfit for just the perfect amount of fandom subtlety. We love this mini backpack from Loungefly and the premium TARDIS backpack from the Time Meddlers. The detail is lovely on both and the TARDIS one is softer (as well as bigger) on the inside. With pockets galore and metallic detailing, these are the perfect bags to complete your look.

Premium TARDIS backpack

Loungefly Doctor Who Bag


If you’re looking for something even more subtle, or you’d like to add more fun to your outfit, these replica badges from the series are just what you need. Choose from the 6th Doctor’s Cat, the 5th Doctor’s celery or the 4th Doctor’s paint palette and wear on your coat with pride. Add Chunky rings and sparkly nails for a fabulous, Jo Grant inspired look (we love her, can you tell?)

Replica Badges 

Now we’re wrapped up warm in our scarves and, we want to know what you think! Show us how you style your Doctor Who merchandise over on our Twitter/Instagram or email us at


Happy 56th anniversary of Doctor Who everybody! 

Which episodes will you watch to celebrate? Tweet us @thetimeladies_

Forbidden Planet x Doctor Who go to Comic Con – COMPETITION

The Forbidden Planet X Doctor Who range is the gift that keeps on giving. This month, they’re taking their tees to London Comic-Con, with an exclusive Ace hoodie leading the way. Find out more below about how YOU can win one!


doctor who - ace (hoodie)


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Thirteenth Doctor Outfit and Make-Up Tutorial

By Beth Axford

The Thirteenth Doctor will be making her on-screen debut very soon, swishing about in her long coat and rocking those yellow braces. Her already iconic outfit has become popular with Doctor Who fans everywhere with many (including us), giving it the cosplay treatment. If you’re itching to get your hands on her Doctory garments and give it a go yourself, we’ve put together this handy guide to fulfil all your time travel dreams.

Striped Rainbow Top


The staple item of The Doctor’s new get-up is her dark shirt with a series of Tom Baker scarf style stripes across the chest. From the trailer we can also see that she has a pinky maroon version of this, but we don’t know why, or whether it’s important. Either way, it’s great that there’s a variant to choose from. Luckily, this style of rainbow tee has been popular on the high street in the last few months, meaning it’s easy to dress like you’re about to save the world at any time! If you’re looking for one more accurate though, you can find both variations of the shirt on Redbubble.

Grab yours here

Teal Trousers


The Doctor can’t save the universe without wearing some funky trousers, right? This new outfit is no exception, with our hero sporting some teal trousers. Rolled up at the ankle, they appear to be high waisted as well – although this probably isn’t too important for your cosplay. In some images they look bluer than others, but teal seems to be the general colour consensus.

You can grab some similar leg wear here or here

Yellow Braces


Another popular accessory, braces appear frequently in various Doctors costumes. This time they’re a bright mustard yellow, giving another pop to the outfit. These are relatively easy, cheap to find and because they’re simple, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t completely accurate.

You can grab a pair on amazon


Boots and socks


No Time Lord outfit would be complete without a pair of comfy shoes! The Doctor’s brown ankle boots finish off her outfit and give it a more put together look. She pairs them with blue and white striped socks that peek out of the top – just to confirm her toes are cosy.

Get your feet in these boots and striped socks



As always with Doctor costumes, we’re treated to a fantastic coat – this time it’s a sky-blue hue and floor skimming, perfect for flying out behind her when running down corridors. The rainbow trimming is an extra special touch, holding both significance for LGBTQ+ fans, as well as matching her tshirt. This item may be a little more difficult to get hold of, but if you’ve got some cash to spare for your cosplay,‘Her Universe’ have created a replica coat that’s near perfect. This coat is officially licensed, however you can find similar coats and fan made replicas around the internet.

Take a look at these Unofficial 13 coats



Thirteen’s costume sports some beautiful jewellery this series, more than we’ve ever seen before on a Doctor! We particularly love her ear cuff chain earring. The original design appears to be hands holding linked by a chain to an upper design of stars. It’s pretty hard to come across this exact earring set, as it’s custom made, but you can get similar ones here:

Alternative Earrings


Make Up


The Doctor’s beauty look for series eleven is natural and glowy, with a hint of colour on the eyes and lips. If you’d like to achieve a similar makeup look, we’ve got you covered. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to achieve the perfect Thirteenth Doctor make up:


Untitled design

To achieve that glowing Thirteenth Doctor skin, it all begins with a good moisturiser. Once you’ve slathered it on, grab a primer to smooth out your face and make any make up you apply stay on that bit longer.

Magic moisturisers:



Perfect Primers:



Once your base is prepared, apply your favourite foundation with a beauty blender sponge, dabbing it from the middle of your face outwards. This will disperse the product evenly and make sure you don’t look cakey!

Fab foundations:

Rimmel Match Perfection

NYX Total Control

Now that you’ve begun to enhance your beautiful skin, it’s time for some concealer. This isn’t always necessary, so it just depends on how you feel. Dab some onto any areas you’d like to cover up such as spots, dark circles or scars, and then blend with the beauty blender. Remember, you aren’t trying to change your naturally beautiful face, you just want to enhance it. If you’re putting some under your eyes, place it in a triangle shape underneath them – that way it will highlight the area and lift the face. The Doctor has flawless skin, so we’re just aiming for that look as much as possible.

Cool concealers:

Collection Lasting Perfection

NYX Concealer Wand

To make sure what you’ve applied so far stays in place, you’ll need to use a powder to set. This can be a translucent one if you don’t wish for anymore colour. Use a fluffy brush to smooth onto your face or dab it on with a sponge to the areas you wish to have more coverage. The nose, forehead, under the eyes and any areas which get naturally shiny during the day are best to target so that your products don’t slip off.

Pretty powders:

NYX High Definition

Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder


Face Colour

Untitled design(1)

Now that we’re done with the base of the face, it’s time to add a little colour on top. The Doctor has chiselled cheekbones and glowing highlights, so it’s important to get that right.

The best way to contour your face is to take a bronzer and a fluffy brush and begin at the top of the forehead. Brush it lightly along the forehead where the sun would naturally hit and then take it down around the side of your face as if you’re outlining it, stopping at the top of your ear. This technique is almost like drawing a 3 shape. Next, take the bronzer down along your cheekbone towards your lips, stopping midway. Sweep back up that line, taking it back round the side of your face to the bottom, completing the 3 shape. Repeat on the other side and you’ll have the contoured look! You can also run some bronzer down each side of your nose and over the bridge if you would like to chisel that as well.

Bold Bronzers:

e.l.f Bronzer Palette

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

To add a little colour on top of the bronzer, take a darker blusher and your fluffy brush and sweep over the apples of your cheeks. Blend upwards into your bronzed cheekbones and it’ll look as natural as if you’ve been running down corridors all day.

Beautiful Blushers:

NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

Finally, it’s time for that highlight to pop. Pick a natural, sparkly highlighter and sweep along the cheekbones above the bronzer and down to the apples of your cheeks. The other prime places to highlight are the top of your nose, under your brows, your forehead and the top of your cupid’s bow. This will perfect your Thirteenth Doctor glow!

Handy Highlighters:

Revolution Highlighter

L’Oreal Highlighter



Untitled design(2).png

Now your face colours are complete, it’s time for BROWS. Arguably one of the most important parts of any beauty look, the eyebrows shape the face and change it according to how they are styled. The Doctor has thin, round eyebrows lightly filled in with a brown-blonde product. To keep it as natural and simple as hers, sweep some pencil or brow powder lightly into your own brows. Pick a product as close to your hair colour (or wig if you’re using one) as possible. Start from the bottom hairs and feather the product in so that it follows the direction that the hairs are growing in and looks as natural as possible. Brush them into place using a spooly (the brush on the end of an eyebrow pencil) and you’ll have perfect, natural brows.

Easy eyebrow products:

L’Oreal Brow Artist

Benefit Brow Collection



This Doctor’s brand new eyes are wearing a natural, shadowed brown. To create this look you’ll need a couple of eyeshadows in a beige or cream colour and a slightly darker brown. It’s best if the brown is a similar colour to your bronzer. Begin by smoothing the cream coloured base over the lid and upwards. Once it’s smooth and blended, take a fluffy eyeshadow brush and blend the darker brown shadow into the crease of your eyelid. Start with a small amount of product and build up so that it looks natural and blends well. If you take it down and blend underneath your lower lash line it will create a less harsh shadow look and blend into the rest of your face. Once you’re done with the main shadow, take an eyeliner pencil or dark eyeshadow and draw neatly along your top and bottom lash line with a small angled brush. Make sure it isn’t too thick – the look has to stay lowkey! Finally, add a brown or black mascara to your lashes to build  and open up the eyes. The Doctor doesn’t wear heavy eye makeup, so don’t apply too much.

Shiny Shadows:

Revolution Flawless Palette

Luscious liners:

Brown Liners

Magic Mascaras:

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

NYX Mascara 



We’re going to finish off the Doctor’s make up look by adding a splash of colour to the lips. Take a pink or nude lip liner and follow your natural lip line to recreate Jodie’s subtle look. Add a lipstick shade of the same colour to your mouth to make it really pop.

Lavish Lipsticks and Liners:

NYX Lip Cream

Natural Collection Liner



The Doctor sports a short, blonde bob with some fashionable root showage. If you’d like to opt for a wig, style it with hairspray accordingly and stick it on your noggin. If you’re styling it yourself, use a round brush to blow dry your hair inwards towards your face.

And there you have it! You’re ready to see new faces, new worlds and new times. Show us your Thirteen cosplay and make up look by tweeting @thetimeladies_ or emailing


Doctor Who Look book: 1960s Companions

By Kezia Newson & Beth Axford

60s Doctor Who is full of charm, wonderful stories and amazing characters. We’re obsessed with the fabulous women aboard the TARDIS and their amazing 60s style – yes, even Dodo’s! The best part about their wardrobe is that it’s actually quite easy to recreate; most of the items have been back in fashion re-inspired so are easy to get hold of. And because it’s black and white, we can really experiment with different colours but still keep the authentic companion vibe.

For those of you who want to look just like your favourite companion, we’ve created a 60s look book to get you started with your new wardrobe and show you exactly how to become a style icon fit for a black and white adventure!



Original Time Lady Susan Foreman was your typical 1960s gal when it comes to fashion. The Doctor’s granddaughter sported chic cropped pixie hair and fierce eyeliner as a staple to her look, framing her inquisitive, young face perfectly.

Stripes, turtle necks and comfy trousers are favourites of Susan’s, making it really easy to recreate her style. Pick a striped, long sleeved top and pair with plain trousers and cute pumps to recreate her signature look:

Black Jeans

Striped Top




Barbara took her teacher style guide on her travels in the TARDIS, always looking fashionable as well as practical. She also sported the thick eyeliner look, big lashes and back combed her hair into a small bee-hive to die for. Blazers, that turtle neck and simple dresses and skirts fill Barbara’s wardrobe, taking classroom couture to the next level: Time and Space! Grab a pale turtle neck jumper and pair with plain trousers and pumps for an easy Barbara look:


Blue Roll Neck

Relaxed Jeans




Vicki Pallister’s style is adorable 60s space chic, with cute dresses and fun hair-styles! Her outfits are a little more edgy than the women before her, keeping the style of the time but with a futuristic hint symbolic of her character. Straight cut dresses and knee high boots are her aesthetic along with signature pig-tails and eyes lined to perfection. A dark shift dress, statement necklace and stand out boots will give you the perfect Vicki look:

Shift Dress

High Neck Shift Dress

Knee High Boots



Dodo’s outfits are an eye-catching miss-matched mania! Bright prints, colours and patterns feature heavily in her wardrobe, as well as crazy combos. The Doctor isn’t too happy with her crazy outfit choices, especially in The Ark where she famously carries off two different coloured legs. Today’s look for Dodo can be a bit less daring, look for retro prints, colour block shift dresses and *the* hat of 2018: the baker boy cap.

Striped Dress

Colour Block Shift Dress

Print Shift Dress

Baker Boy Hat



Polly Wright is the epitome of a 60s fun time party gal! Her job in the city means she has a disposable enough income to afford all the latest fashions and there’s no doubt in my mind she spent weekends trotting along Kings Road in a mini skirt. She carries this all off with an easy, breezy air of a woman who knows just how fab she looks, and we love it. Modelling the Brigitte Bardot bangs and heavy eyelashes, her look is pretty easy to try and replicate today. Think mini dresses, psychedelic or floral prints and white knee high or ankle boots. Snip in that fringe and get on down to Inferno night club to party like Polly!

White Block Boots

Patterned Dress

Retro Mod Dress

Sleeveless Shift Dress



Victoria Waterfield isn’t your average 60s girl. In fact, she’s from the 1800s! Her back story of losing her parents and being brought under the wings of The Doctor and Jamie make us love her even more and brings an innocence to her wardrobe. Her style is very different from previous companions as a young Victorian vibe with a hint of steampunk. Victorian era dresses, frills and strong colours are her main looks, but in The Abominable Snowman and The Ice Warriors she wears something a bit more practical; an almost suit like combo with chunky boots complete with a beautiful frilled shirt and brooch to pull it all together. To achieve this you’ll need plaid trousers, dark blazers and frilly accessories:

Brown Tapered Trousers


Embroidered Blouse

Cigarette Trousers

Lace Up Brogue Boots



Zoe’s style is practical yet fun with a futuristic space-age-maths-genius feel to it. Opting for bright dresses and glittery cat suits makes her stand out and look ready to save the universe at the same time. Who said you can’t be a scientist AND wear funky outfits? Her comfort is always first and foremost in her wardrobe, even commenting that the dress she gets given in The Dominators just ‘isn’t practical enough’. Get yourself a pinafore dress, frilly shirt and some patent loafers to perfect the space girl look (feather boa is optional):

Red Pinafore Dress

White Blouse

Feather Boa

Red Patent Loafers

Red Tights

Do you already own the perfect 60s space girl style outfit? Let us know and show us your pics by tweeting us: @thetimeladies_ or emailing us at

All I want for Christmas is Who! (Gift guide)

Stuck for gift inspiration? Do you have a Whovian relative or friend and you can’t think WHAT to buy them? Or better still, are you a Doctor Who fan with a Christmas list to write?

Search no more! We’ve compiled a gift guide covering all bases… and you’re all on the nice list this year.

Gift Guide 1


Doctor Who Annual 2018

Christmas isn’t complete without curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and the Doctor Who annual, right? Packed full of games, stories, facts and more, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was bigger on the inside. There’s something inside for everyone and is just the gift to prepare you for the event of the day: The Doctor Who Christmas special!

Dr. Tenth’s Christmas Surprise

This adorable book is great for any Who fan and will warm your insides more than a mug of hot chocolate. Go on an adventure with the Tenth Doctor as he tries to give Donna the perfect Christmas surprise, bumping into some snowy trouble along the way…

From the brilliant Dr Men range, this is the first of the selection to feature the Tenth Doctor and comes with a special hardback cover. Treat yourself or your friends to this perfect stocking filler!

Drama and Delight: The Life and Legacy of Verity Lambert

Want to know more about the life of our hero Verity Lambert? This biography is perfect for the Time Lady in your life, be it they want to work in television or they crave some feminist inspiration – Verity’s got it in shell loads.

Book of Whoniversal Records

Always wanted to know the most goals scored in Doctor Who? How about the most dangerous weapon in the universe? The book of Whoniversal records includes the highs and lows of Doctor Who history, all in one handy book. Ponder over facts and figures this festive period and learn things even WE didn’t know about our favourite show!

Listen and Watch

Listen and Watch

Series Ten Boxset

As well as the annual, Christmas isn’t complete without receiving a Doctor Who Boxset, right? Re-live this year’s astounding series and prepare yourself for the 12th Doctor’s last story on DVD or Blu-Ray. You can even choose a beautiful steelbook version, just to make your shelves look pretty! We can’t wait to join The Doctor, Bill and Nardole on their epic adventure all over again…

The Christmas Specials

Tis’ the festive season after all! Once you’ve finished sobbing over our beloved Twelfth Doctor departing, you’ll want to watch a more jolly episode of Who whilst eating your yule log. Our shout is popping on Voyage of The Damned and munching your way through a cheese board.


It’s finally finished! After 37 years with books, audio and Tom Baker narrating the gaps in the story, we get to see a finished product… and from the trailer, it looks fab. Purchase it purely for the cycle chase through Cambridge, watch out for the flying orb and keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise at the end! Available on blu-ray, DVD and another pretty steelbook (we’re a sucker for em’).

Big Finish

There’s nothing more exciting than a new Doctor Who adventure to enjoy – and Big Finish has HUNDREDS. From the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler’s return to the story of the Time War, don’t let the adventure end just because Who is off air. Get this in your ear holes and experience a new version of our beloved show!




Being given socks at Christmas is a tradition but they needn’t be a boring gift – give passers-by a flash of TARDIS ankle in these beauties.

Cat Badge

Change my dear, and it seems not a purr too soon… okay so we couldn’t find a way to get a cat pun in a Colin Baker quote but these badges are adorbs.

Christmas Sweatshirt

There’s no such thing as an ugly Christmas jumper – we LOVE a festive knit, but this is as cool as can be. Wear it all the way through to new year and if someone says it’s not Christmas anymore, say “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” and stroke your nose knowingly.

Fourth Doctor Scarf

The ultimate accessory… those iconic stripes though. This scarf is the shorter version if you want to style it for the everyday or you can purchase the full length, go all out for your devotion to the fourth Doctor like our girl Osgood and rock the loopy look.

13th Doctor Tee

Get 13th Doctor ready with a t-shirt inspired by her costume! We’ve squeed and purchased already – swan into work or college knowing you’ve got a bit of the Doctor on you.



Adipose Stocking

What better way to start Christmas than to open your presents from a blob of fat? Really though, how adorbs is this stocking.

Tea Pot

Does your tea go ‘vworp vworp’ when you pour it? Thought not! (Note: neither does this one until you make the noises yourself, but it does look more effective).

Smartphone-operated K9

Do you want a little K9 pottering about your house being generally adorable? Affirmative! Mini K9 is operated by your phone via an app: you can control his movement and he can ‘bark’ various phrases. Good dog.

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit

Got your friends round and a few wines down are having a heated discussion about Clara Oswald? Just us? What better way to lighten the mood than some healthy competition! This trivial pursuit covers both old and new Who which is fab for all fans – just don’t get dragged into a game with a mansplainer and all will be well.

Calendar and Diary

If you don’t have a TARDIS to get you to every appointment on time, it can be pretty hard to remember everything you have to get done. Organise yourself in style with the official Doctor Who calendar and diary! With several designs to choose from, you can pick one to suit you and all your organisational needs.

That’s it for our gift guide!

Be sure to tweet us with all your amazing Doctor Who presents on Christmas Day, we love sharing in the joy.

Outfit For 13

The moment is finally here… the 13th Doctor’s outfit has been revealed! Stylish, quirky and screaming ‘Doctor’, we take a peek at the fabulous look in more detail…


At first glace the look is completely fresh and exciting. It keeps traditional elements picked from previous Doctor’s outfits such as the braces, boots, long coat and rainbow colours. The familiarity of these is heart-warming to see on a new face and body, particularly as we’ve had a big change with the Doctor becoming female.

The rainbow colours used in the look are SO 4th Doctor that they may well have pulled them straight from his scarf, and it’s a palette repeated throughout the outfit, making the look feel instantly iconic but distinctly ‘13th Doctor’. Teaming this with teal high-waist trousers and mustard braces, the colours pop beautifully.


Finally, no Doctor’s outfit is complete without a fabulous coat! Long and plain with a slight rainbow trimming, it’s understated and stylish but quirky at the same time. The length feels very 10th Doctor as well as the colour being similar to the 7th Doctors coat!

The accessories add a perfect touch and even something we haven’t seen for any previous Doctor before: piercings! Thirteen is rocking the ear jewellery and we’re loving this statement. Traditional brown Doctor boots with bright blue socks complete the outfit and we couldn’t be happier with this choice of footwear, which throws back to the 11th Doctor.


Overall we’re head over heels for this whole look. Practical, fun and stylish, it also features so many Doctor-y elements, it’d almost be impossible not to love it.

Wholloween: Rose Tyler Cosplay and Makeup Tutorial


Stuck for costume idea’s this Halloween? Well, look no further! We’ve created a complete cosplay guide to one of our favourite companions; Rose Tyler. In this post, we focus on one of her most iconic looks: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. Read on to find out how to get her look!


Before starting any make-up, the hair must be prepped. I have naturally blonde hair, but if you want to use a dye there are plenty of brilliant box dyes out there or alternatively you could use a wig. To give it the wavy, messy look that Rose sports in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, plait the hair into multiple plaits all over the head and leave in until your makeup is complete. Once that is done and you remove the plaits, its time to POOF! Use a comb to back brush (brushing the underneath of your hair backwards) the top layer of your hair and clip into a quiff. Puff it up as much as possible and then hairspray it into place!


Make Up:

1 – Prep that skin!

Your makeup will look flawless and stay on all day if you use a great primer to prep your skin with. If you have dry skin use an illuminating primer or moisturiser to stop the makeup clinging to any dry patches and leaving your face brightened and ready. If your skin is prone to oiliness and sliding off throughout the day, use a matte primer to control it and keep you fresh all day!

We used: Nyx colour correcting primer

2 – Create your base. Rose has flawless skin and an even base, so to match that its great to use a nice full coverage foundation. We recommend Rimmel Match Perfection foundation which blends flawlessly and covers any imperfections well. Use a beauty blender or brush starting at the centre of the face and blend outwards.

Pro tip: Dampen your beauty blender to perfectly blend the products into the face!

To complete that perfect skin look, conceal under the eye area to brighten and then cover anymore blemishes on the face.

We used: Benefit Boi-ing airbrush concealer

We also love: Collection Lasting Perfection concealer

Pro tip: Create a triangle under the eye and blend upwards for perfect dark circle concealer coverage!


3 – Bronze it up!

Rose has a chiselled look to DIE for, but luckily for us, we can recreate it with some bronzer! We recommend Benefit Hoola Bronzing powder (available in normal or light) for the perfect colour and texture.

Pro tip: Use an angled brush to sweep some bronzing powder into a 3 shape around your face. Start at the forehead, bringing it around and down your cheekbone. Following the 3 shape, sweep it back up the cheeckbone and down around your jawline. This will create a naturally bronzed look and chisel those cheekbones just like Miss Tylers!

Next, add some blusher to the apples of your cheeks. Rose has a lot of pink tones used in her makeup, so keep it rosy!

To complete Roses contoured look, add a glowy highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones, your forehead, the bridge of your nose and under your brows.

We used:

Makeup Revolution Sculpting kit

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighting powder 


4 – Brows

One of Rose Tyler’s defining features is definitely her eyebrows. To recreate her look, grab a brow pencil and get filling! Her brows are slightly darker than her hair, but match it to your hair colour for the best finish and build the product for the more defined look. The 2005 brow trend was a bit different to 2017, and they start thicker and get thinner towards the tail. Just fill in the front of your brows and then swipe through to the ends. Use concealer to cover any hairs that you don’t want to be seen.


Pro Tip: Feather the product into your brows (Draw small, hair like strokes repeatedly upwards) instead of drawing thick lines. This will make the end result nice and natural!

We used: Loreal Brow Artist pencil  which was also used by the Doctor Who makeup team on Pearl Mackie for series 10!


5 – Eyes

Rose’s eyes are the stand out part of her makeup look, especially her eyelashes! She usually wears pink shadow on her lids to make her eyes pop. Start off sweeping a nude base shadow over your whole lid as a base using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Next, take a darker pink and blend it into the crease of your eye, sweeping outwards and upwards. Add a bit of this colour underneath your eye to give more depth. To finish, dust a light pink over the lid and blend with the crease. To highlight your brow bone and complete the shadow look, blend some highlighter or a light white shadow under the brow bone and into the crease colour.

We used:
Tinabless shadow palette (350)

Nyx Blending brush


Next, its time to line those eyes! Grab a black pencil eyeliner and draw a thin line above your lashes. Smudge it out with a blending brush for a more natural look. Line your waterline too- Rose lovessssss her liner!

We used: Nyx Eye pencil

We also love: Benefit BadGal Eyeliner

Finally, no Rose makeup look would be complete without her signature spider lashes. Start applying a thick mascara, coating every lash, to the top and bottom lashes. Layer it up until you have a slightly clumpy look, and you’re good to go.

We used:
They’re Real! Mascara

Loreal Miss Babyroll Mascara


6 – Lips

Rose’s lips are another signature part of her look, so achieve a big enough pout, we need some lip liner! Grab a nude-pink lipliner and lipstick and apply.

Pro tip- Slightly overline the cupids bow and the bottom middle of your lips and join to the edges to create a bigger lip look.

We used: Benefit They’re Real Double the Lip In Lusty Rose





Finally you’ll need a costume! The most iconic part of this look is Roses Union Jack Tee. She wears this with a black/brown hooded jacket, dark boot cut jeans and baby blue Timberland’s. It doesn’t have to be perfect though- We alternatively used a leather jacket and skinny jeans! Accessorise with some hoop earrings and your Rose cosplay is complete!

Union Jack T-Shirt

Timberland Boots

Dark blue boot cut jeans 

Black hooded jacket



Facts and Fun with ‘Paper Dolls’

Always imagined what the Third Doctor would look like in the Ninth Doctor’s clothes? How Sarah Jane would style a look like Rose’s? Well imagine no more!

Paper Dolls is your number one source for costume knowledge and fun. Featuring every Doctor and their companions, each character has multiple outfits they can be changed into, complete with facts on their costumes! Introduced with cosplay tips from ‘Doctor Who: The Fan Show’s very own Christel Dee, this book covers every angle of dress up fun. Here’s some things we learnt about our favourite time ladies costumes whilst scouring the pages and dressing up the dolls…

Jo’s gorgeous high heeled boots worn in Day of the Daleks were chosen due to the height difference between Katy manning and Jon Pertwee. Katy was only 5’1 and Jon 6’3, making it much more practical for her to wear high heeled shoes!



Sarah Jane’s fun, child-like dungaree outfit from The Hand of Fear is supposed to contrast with the events of the story. Sarah is possessed by the evil Eldrad, meaning she’s not quite herself (!)


sarah jane

 The Blue Peter badges on Ace’s amazing bomber jacket were Sophie Aldred’s that she earned as a child.



Donna’s beautiful dress, worn in The Unicorn and the Wasp, was an original 1920s dress hired especially for the episode.


Clara Oswald often looks pretty smart during her time on the TARDIS. This is because Steven Moffat wanted her to always look like a school teacher, even in the middle of crazy adventures! We always wondered why Clara looked so classy ALL the time.



Lalla Ward hoped that having Romana wear a school uniform would make children happier to wear their own… not quite sure if that worked. Maybe if teens were allowed to wear incredible long pink coats!



Ace was originally styled in bumblebee style yellow and black leggings, amazing! They couldn’t go ahead with the look because it caused strobing on the tv cameras, drat.


Osgood’s wardrobe was a lil’ testament to all Doctor Who cosplayers! Steven Moffat wrote in her costume as a ‘sort of love letter to the Doctor Who fandom’. She’s totally one of us.



And they ALL look great in each others outfits:

rose as clarabill as acemissy as osgoodamy as jo

Why not assemble your ideal Sarah Jane Adventures episode with all the classic Who companions? Or ever wondered what a Victorian dress would look like on Ace? Have some fun assembling some dream teams of your own and send them to us on Twitter!

For more costume facts, cosplay tips and fun, get Paper Dolls, out Aug 24th in all good book stores and online.

p.s. Look out for us Time Ladies cosplaying real soon…

Monthly Doctor Who Favourites: April


Every month here on The Time Ladies we’ll be rounding up our favourites from around the Doctor Who universe. April saw the launch of series ten and Bill Potts joining the TARDIS topped our month – here are a few other faves!

Doctor Who Magazine

Doctor Who Magazine is a regular favourite for us here at The Time Ladies and is a must have for all fans. April’s issue covered the launch of series ten with the first 3 episode previews, plus interviews and an adorable poster! With a front cover to die for and news galore, it’s the perfect monthly treat!


The Aftershow – Doctor Who: The Fan Show

Since Doctor Who Confidential ended (RIP) we’ve had a severe lack of behind the scenes content and post episode goodness. Doctor Who: The Fan Show has come to save the day with their fabulous Aftershow. Uploaded every Saturday after Doctor Who has aired, you can watch interviews with the cast and crew discussing the story from that week. More Doctor Who content!

Find it on the Doctor Who Youtube channel

Bills Denim Jacket

If you’ve seen our Bill Lookbook, you’ll know how much we’re loving her style! Our favourite of hers so far is the fab acid wash denim jacket (SO on trend). The original she wears is from TopShop and adds style to any outfit, dressed up or down. We have a feeling this will be her iconic look!



To tie in with the launch of series ten, BBC books have released three novels featuring The Doctor, Bill and Nardole. Three extra stories with our favourite gang for when waiting a week seems just too long! We’re loving the covers, the amazing stories inside and there really is nothing better than chilling out with a good book.



Radio Times Photoshoot

Our last favourite for April is the adorable Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie photoshoot for the Radio Times. We can’t get enough of the pair of them!


See you next month for more timey wimey favourites!

Bill Potts Lookbook

So you may have figured by now that we love Bill. Like, we love Bill.
We love her so much we want to look just like her. Heck, Clara’s style was great but nothing can match the effortless 80s/90s cool of Ms Potts.

We thought we’d show you just how easy it is to (attempt to) dress like Bill. We’ve already heard from Pearl that lots of the wardrobe came from TopShop so have a look below for some affordable high street inspiration that cosplayers and Potts fans can love alike.


Bill is all about colours, big prints and FUN. Her style is experimental, yet laid back, and she doesn’t look as if she’s spent hours thinking about an outfit. She’s got way more important things to do… like finding the toilet in the TARDIS – seriously did she ever get to pee.

The set of bold shapes, prints and patterns below are all from TopShop and are in store and online currently.

Pls don’t blame us for binge shopping.

Bill Potts Top Inspo


After seeing The Pilot I thought I’d look in my wardrobe and see if I could put together something Bill would think hot damn girl. I loved her outfit above – jeans, trainers and a big ol’ pop of colour. Cue dragging a Luke Spillane to the woods to snap some snaps.

edit 1.jpg edit 3.jpg
edit 2.jpg
“oOoo I’m Kez and I’m so mysterious in a forest. Get me.”

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo

You can buy most of my outfit above, innit.


We know that Bill loves her denim jacket with patches badges. Most of us have a similar jacket at the back of our wardrobe somewhere, waiting to see some funshine. Mine is from a New Look sale last year and came ready with magical butterflies (none harmed in the making) stitched on by real fairies. I added my own pins and badges to make it more jazzy.

edit 4.jpg

We haven’t seen Bill in a skirt yet but thinking ahead for what might be in her summer wardrobe, I thought she might edge up a denim skirt with some converse or trainers for either practical or sport chic-ness (you decide).

Imagine having Pearl Mackie’s hair (and brows tho)… and then making it even more fantastical by styling accessories in it. A simple scarf tie in The Pilot made Bill look even cooler and even though I may look a bit of a twit, it gave my otherwise simple outfit another pop o’ colour.

edit 5.jpg
edit 6.jpg~pretending it’s July and not April

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo 2

My own tshirt was from a Primark sale, denim skirt from a charity shop, Converse from the back of the Office stockroom when I worked there and hair tie is a silk scarf my mum’s cousin wrapped up a Christmas present in. Every outfit can hold alot of stories, I wonder what Bill’s would say.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for how to dress like our girl. I found all of the outfits I threw together from my own wardrobe, although finding this post handily around the time of pay day would be top notch. I now want ALL the denim.

Send us any photos of your own Bill Potts outfits to our Twitter pls – @thetimeladies_ we’d love to see em’