*Ticket Offer* Meet the Ladies of Doctor Who – 10% off Bedford Who Charity Con

We all want to be like the Doctor, sorting out fair play throughout the universe. Why not start in the UK with Bedford’s charity Doctor Who convention, Bedford Who Charity Con 5?

Bedford is holding its 5th Doctor Who charity Convention.

The event on Saturday 13th of April gives you access to all your favourite Doctor Who cast members as well as raising money for Bedford foodbank.

The money raised from this wonderful event will go towards feeding families, providing women with sanitary products and helping people out of tough domestic situations. It currently feeds 600 people a month who are dependent on donations to survive. This is a massive problem happening all around the UK that affects over a million people a year- but you can do your bit AND have an amazing Who-filled day while you’re at it!

There are several of Doctor Who’s amazing women attending, ready to sign autographs, take photos and take part in panels. Here are the time ladies attending:


Ace McShane actress, Sophie Aldred will be in attendance at the event.


Janet Fielding will be there to sign autographs, take photos and bring laughs!


The original time lady, Carole Ann Ford will also be in attendance.


No Who convention would be complete without Louise Jameson – or Leela to us!

Charity is something we’re really passionate about here at The Time Ladies, and we’ve teamed up with the organisers of the event to give you 10% off tickets. Just mention ‘The Time Ladies sent us’ when you purchase your tickets.

Get your tickets HERE



The Macra Terror review – everything you need to know about the animation

The big news this month is the release of The Macra Terror – a second Doctor story currently missing from the BBC archives. All four parts were wiped to save space back in the 60s, meaning they aren’t available to watch anywhere! Luckily, the audio for the entire adventure was recorded by a fan and with the help of some rare clips and stills, it has been animated for us all to enjoy!

The second Doctor Polly and Ben.

Fast Macra facts

  • The serial was first aired in 1967 – the seventh story of the fourth series of Doctor Who.
  • The Macra Terror features the second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton and his three companions: Polly – Anneke Wills, Ben – Michael Craze and Jamie – Frazer Hines.
  • It was the first story to feature the Doctor’s face in the title sequence.
  • The Macra returned to Doctor Who in Gridlock (2007) – 40 years after their original appearance!
  • The whole story has been released in animation on DVD, Blu-ray, Steelbook and downloadable in colour and black and white, available from March 25th 2019
The second Doctor and Polly, Ben and Jamie aboard the TARDIS – in stunning animation for The Macra Terror.

Anneke Wills (Polly, companion to the First and Second Doctors) spoke all things Macra and Who at the press launch:

Anneke excitedly revealed details about the original Macra props; ‘They were huge, clunky creatures made of papier-mache. Patrick took one look and said ‘We’re going to have to cover this with Polly’s blood curdling screams!’ She went on to gush about Patrick’s portrayal of the Doctor, saying that she thinks it’s his iconic voice that makes him so distinct, ‘It’s frightfully posh!’ She continued to say that ‘If it hadn’t been Patrick who took over the role of the Doctor, we wouldn’t be sitting here today – we should always be grateful to him.’

‘I felt curious’ was her response when she found out she was being animated. ‘In a way you remove yourself, because it’s not about you.’ She did have one qualm though – the animation team just didn’t manage to get her eye makeup right! ‘I want to take you back to the storyboard and show you how I did my make-up. It was the eye make-up of the time, a false eyelid.’ We totally agree, those wings have to be on point!

Anneke and Frazer both praised the hard work of the team and enjoyed the animation immensely – it was wonderful to hear her speaking so fondly of our favourite show.

Jamie McCrimmon – animated for The Macra Terror.

The Animation Journey

  • The BBC Studios team, headed up by Charles Norton and Paul Hembury (Executive Producer, BBC Studios) decide which missing story will be animated – this depends on time, budget and the detail and scale of the episodes.
  • Sound extraordinaire Mark Ayres enhances and cleans up the sound recordings available from the story’s first transmission. This includes slightly adapting the recordings as they can sometimes be muffled or bad quality.
  • Artist Martin Geraghty draws each character down to every movement they make. Charles Norton said of the work; “(Martin) Draws every single facial expression, every mouth shape, every eye blink, every frown, every smile – from every single angle for each character.” Phew – that’s a LOT of work!
  • They even have a library full of different hand gestures – the Second Doctor takes up alot of room!
  • Sun and Moon Studios animate Martin’s drawings to bring them to life, using an animation tool called ‘Toon Boon’
  • After months of hard work, everyone’s work comes together to create a fully animated, complete set of episodes for The Macra Terror – ready for fans old and new to enjoy

Our Verdict

The Time Ladies meet Polly and Jamie.

We were lucky enough to watch episode one of this epic adventure in advance of its release, so what did we think?

The Macra Terror animation is an exciting addition to any Doctor Who fan’s DVD collection, bringing to life a missing part of one of our favourite eras of the show. The team at BBC Studios have done a fantastic job of creating smooth, detailed animation that works brilliantly for the adventure. You can really tell the difference in quality from the last animated story – Power of the Daleks – with the use of new software and a bigger budget as well as more time to produce.

As Doctor Who fans who weren’t alive in 1967, it feels like such a treat to have an insight into a story we once thought we’d never lay eyes on. Episode one is pacy, with a mystery apparent as soon as the team set foot outside the TARDIS and capture an escapee from a colony. Snappy scenes, quick-fire dialogue and plenty of action set the story up against some of our favourite Second Doctor stories. As for the Macra in animation? We’re pretty sure it’s the best they’ve ever looked! Now, when can we see even more Ben and Polly please…

You can purchase The Macra Terror on DVD, Blu-ray, Steelbook and via download.

Worlds Collide: The Doctor Who Escape Room

By Beth Axford

If you’ve always wanted to experience an adventure with the Doctor first hand, 2019 is the year for you! Escape Hunt and BBC studios have teamed up to bring us Worlds Collide: A live Doctor Who escape game, where you can become the Doctor’s new fam and save the world.

We recently tried out the exciting game before its opening in Bristol – so what did we think?

It’s best to experience the game for yourself to get the most out of it, so we’ve left out any surprises and spoilers for the adventure.



The storyline is simple and original – The Doctor needs your help! After a quick briefing from the Time Lord herself, you are transported into the future to the offices of ChronosCorp HQ. Here, eccentric billionaire Alastair Montague’s efforts to develop commercial time travel have caused a tear in the fabric of space and time, which the Cybermen will use to attack Earth.

You then have 60 minutes to work out how to close the tear before the Cybermen break through, using only what remains of Montague, his prototype time engine and the extensive collection of time-related artefacts acquired over the course of his experiments. The fate of the universe rests in your hands – if you take too long the human race will be ‘upgraded’!

There is a nice mixture of time and space folded into the story, particularly as it is set in the future. 6 artefacts must be collected by completing puzzles and riddles, each one with a historical meaning. These elements mean that the adventure feels like proper Doctor Who, all timey-wimey and fun. The pay off if you complete the story is brilliant and will leave you wanting to travel the universe with the Doctor forever!

Fan Experience

This Doctor Who live game has been created in a similar vein to the Doctor Who Experience, but with a much more interactive nature. Inside you’re left almost entirely on your own to complete the mission, with a little hint here and there from the ‘Game Master’ via audio cues. Other than that, there are vague instructions in the form of videos, written documents and other props that create a true sense of reality. You don’t necessarily need to be a fan of the show to play either – there are subtle references here and there but the story and Cybermen are explained well. From a fan perspective though, the moments when you find a prop/reference are a real payoff.


The escape room can be a real test on your communication and team working skills, so make sure you REALLY LOVE the people you’re playing with. The game is a mixture of easy and not so easy tasks, but most of the difficulty comes from finding out what you need to do with a prop or section in the first place. Once you realise what it is for, it’s generally quite easy to complete a puzzle, but some take more time than others. There is nothing better than completing a task and getting one step closer to saving the world…we may or may not have done a few air jumps and screams of excitement. You’ll realise that your many years of watching the show may finally pay off when your brain connects the dots throughout the adventure!



There is no danger of wobbly sets around here! The room is designed so realistically that you forget you’re underground in a game. Some of the set is sealed down and cannot move, but lots of it is moveable and interactive, meaning you can never entirely be sure if an object is of significance or not. As time goes on you will notice that some props will be more familiar than others. Because you’re in a set you never know what anything means, so it’s best to play about with the fantastic surroundings and see what happens or is relevant to any instructions you’ve been provided with.

There aren’t many special effects because the props and set do much of the talking, but the way objects interact has been brilliantly thought out and will surprise and excite the child inside of you when you get parts to work together. It really is like living an episode of Doctor Who, and you’ll never want it to end.


There are a couple of lovely mementos that you can take away from your adventure with the Doctor; You’ll get a certificate for saving the Earth with your game time written on, and there are photo opportunities with specially made signs featuring captions such as ‘The Doctor’s number one team’ and ‘Space and time were on our side’. If you post your photos on Instagram using the special hashtag, the lovely Games Master will print out a polaroid version of it for you to keep so that you never forget your special day.


From January 16th, fans can battle through space and time at Escape Hunt Bristol as well as book tickets for the immersive adventure which will be arriving at other Escape Hunt locations on the following dates:

Leeds – 25/01/2019
Oxford – 08/02/2019
Manchester – 22/02/2019
Reading – 08/03/2019
Birmingham – 22/03/2019


Tickets for Doctor Who: The Live Escape Game, Worlds Collide are on sale now and are bookable via Escapehunt.com/DoctorWho



Vworp! Con: The Time Ladies Diary

Sunday 9th of September marked the launch of Vworp – an inclusive Doctor Who convention for all fans. Over 1,000 visitors flocked to Manchester’s city centre by train, coach, car or TARDIS from around the country. We were particularly excited to be attending a new event solely based on our favourite show and counted down the days till the TARDIS arrived at the Printworks, Manchester. If you couldn’t make the convention, we thought we’d give you an insight into what went down on the day in the form of Beth’s diary!

As we approach the Printworks building, me and my friend Jenny spot a male 13th Doctor cosplayer strolling along behind us. This is what I love about these events – the surreal cosplayers walking around the streets before and after. Watch out Manchester, you’ve got a Doctor Who invasion on your hands!

Result! We’ve picked up our passes and immediately bump into our pal Christel. Fans are milling around chatting and I make some new friends in the crowds beginning to build. Christel is about to host panel ‘Well that’s just Ace’ with Sophie Aldred, so we head to the green room to drop off our belongings. The sense of excitement and love is already surrounding the event and I begin to feel at happy and at ease that we’re all here to share in something wonderful together.

After casually spotting a few Doctors and companions in the green room, we head down to Christel’s panel. The Hartnell stage is on the unconventional club floor of The Lazy Lizard and fans queue outside excitedly. It wouldn’t be a first-time event though without a few teething issues – the tech refuses to work and things begin later than expected. Sophie and Christel handle this exceptionally and project their voices into the audience as best they can, with some entertaining question and answers. Sophie tells the story of how she got the role as Ace along with several other lovely anecdotes. The atmosphere is wonderful, and because of the setup of the venue, everything feels close and personal.


Now that Christel’s panel is over, it’s time to go and mingle with my pals on the convention floor. I visit the wonderful art stalls that some of my friends are running and make a couple of purchases. It’s lovely to see other young women being given the chance to sell their art and be involved in the con.
In the midst of chatting and taking photos I spot Katy Manning (AKA Jo Grant) wandering around all alone. Alone! Fans descend upon her and she looks flustered. Having met her at the recording for the Doctor Who on Twitch chat show, I make my way over to rescue her. We pop to her autograph table so she can meet some fans and I gladly help with passing her pens and liaising money. She hugs and fusses over every person she meets, gushing over them and making the meeting special. Somebody says, ‘Hi Beth, I love the Time Ladies!’ to which I respond, ‘you’re here for Katy Manning, you shouldn’t be talking to me!’ Katy lovingly says ‘No! You’re a part of the Who family now. Everyone should know you.’ I may have died a little inside at this point. What a wonderful woman! As she’s whisked away for photoshoots we excitingly exchange ‘See you later at the panel!’ hugs. I am star-struck.


As I wandered by the TARDIS with Dalek props scattered about, I’m invited to do an interview for the company ticketing the event. ‘This is my moment…’ I sing inside my head. They put me in front of camera and ask me why fans are loving the event. I’m more than happy to explain that we’re all just so excited to socialise together and celebrate our favourite thing in the world. The vibe continues to be wonderful and welcoming, despite the panels being slightly pushed back or changed.

I’d been aiming to meet Peter Davison and Colin Baker all day as I’d never had the pleasure before. By coincidence we bump into Colin in the green room, so I immediately jump on the chance to have a chat. I eagerly show him some images of me in a Sixth Doctor coat and explain what the Time Ladies is. He enthusiastically tells us he’s always advocated for a female Doctor and looks forward to Jodie Whittaker’s first series. Later at the snack table I’m discussing gluten with Nicola Bryant, telling her that I am a celiac. ‘Hi celiac!’ replies Colin to my genuine confusion. Well, dad jokes are very Doctor.


PANIC! Me and Kezia busily prepare for our ‘Women Who Lived’ panel. The line-up features Katy Manning, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred and Christel Dee. We nervously prepare our pre-written questions and try to make sure that all the tech is sorted. There’s some confusion over what time it will start because things are delayed, and people aren’t sure what’s going on. Despite the chaos, we’re more than excited for our biggest opportunity yet, and the clock ticks on as the Time Ladies prepare for their panel hosting debut…

My heart beats frantically as we await the call from the MC to begin our panel – only half of the guests have turned up on time! We start late and there’s a tech problem so we can’t play the series 11 trailer as planned, or have our background photos. Thankfully the audience is on our side and cheers at ‘Well let’s pretend we’ve all just watched the series 11 trailer!’ Moments later Sophie and Katy make it to the panel and the fun begins… We ask about their feelings on the new series, Jodie and how she’ll be perceived. Christel gets to show off her new book all about the women of Doctor Who as Katy pours over the art inside. We hear stories of nostalgia from the women recalling their time on the show and ask how they think their characters helped pave the way for a female Doctor. Their answers are beautifully crafted and have the audience hooked. We’re asked to wrap the panel up 20 minutes early, so I make up a closing question on the spot. ‘If you could describe your character in one word, what would it be?’ ‘BOOOOOM’ shouts Sophie as the room erupts into applause. As the panel wraps up my heart beat finally calms down –it’s all gone okay! I hug Kezia and whisper ‘we did it, we did it!’ I find out later that security had to close off access to the venue as it was over capacity – standing room only.




After helping out as staff for most of the day, we decide it’s time to have some proper convention fun. We join the queue for the Night of The Doctor photoshoot and gush over Paul McGann and Emma Campbell-Jones while they take photos. As we near the front of the queue I say, ‘Let’s do a shocked pose!’ and we all run up to the 8th Doctor and Cass excitedly. We tell them how we’d like the photo and after we’re done Paul laughs and says, ‘We look like we’re on day release!’ It’s always such a joy meeting Doctor Who, and Paul doesn’t disappoint.


As the day nears the end, we run and say goodbye to the fabulous women who appeared on our panel. They all give us hugs and promise to see us again, to which we nearly spontaneously combust. Katy loves Kezia’s Jo cosplay and I watch my best friend beam as she chats with her favourite companion.

Back in the green room we say our sad goodbyes to friends we’ve made and pick up our belongings. I stare at Peter Davison across the room – I just cannot pluck up the courage to talk to him! I decide that breathing the same air as the Fifth Doctor is enough and make my way to my friends who are interviewing cyberman actor Mickey Lewis. He gives us a good laugh with some anecdotes (see them in Jenny’s vlog!) and we head downstairs to find the rest of our pals.

After taking photos with the TARDIS and friends old and new, it’s time to grab some dinner. I don’t want to leave this safe haven filled with my friends and positive vibes. I’ve met lots of blog readers, twitter friends Time Team fans and wish I could spend more time with everyone. As we make our way to Nando’s I get slightly teary-eyed. I can’t believe how happy today, these people and this show makes me. Thank you Vworp con, for a trip of a lifetime.


Twice Upon A Time Review (Spoiler Free)

There’s nothing better than walking down the back streets of Northern England and suddenly hearing the Doctor Who theme tune blaring in the distance. Of course, we had travelled to Hull for a special screening of Twice Upon A Time. Inside, little girls dot the front row, bubbling with excitement. The lights go down and we’re taken on one last Moffat/Capaldi adventure… So what is our verdict?

Twice Upon A Time is the perfect send off for the Twelfth Doctor. His goodbye seems to have been taking place for a while now, and this story almost seems understated compared to the previous few episodes. There are no armies of aliens or complicated plot lines, just pure emotion and Christmas magic. Carrying straight on from where we left off in The Doctor Falls, The Doctor and… The Doctor are at the South Pole, and neither of them are quite ready to regenerate. Landing during his own timeline creates consequences he couldn’t imagine and The Doctor is given a choice hard to comprehend.

This story, at its core is very much about who The Doctor is, what the character stands for and what they’ve been through. The First and Twelfth Doctor’s interactions are a treat for Who fans old and new, (despite the overbearing sexist comments that have been rammed into the First Doctor’s character). It’s a love story not only to Doctor Who’s history, but to Moffat and Capaldi’s era of the show. There are references GALORE that will have you jumping out of your seat and a beautiful final score from Murray Gold to say goodbye to the show with a bang.

This story also sees the return of Bill Potts who is back to help Twelve on his final journey. This leads to beautiful scenes between Pearl, Peter and David that will bring you to tears. (If their incredible acting doesn’t have you welling up then you may as well be a cyberman!) David Bradley brings a magical, grandfatherly essence that makes it hard to believe he isn’t William Hartnell himself. If those three weren’t enough, we’re treated to a brilliant new character too, played by Mark Gatiss. A great addition to the episode, his character and story is purely Christmas at its heart. A wonderful underlying adventure to the main event, it truly shows what Doctor Who is all about which makes for perfect December 25th viewing.

The second half of this episode is truly heart wrenching. It’s hard to review these parts without including spoilers, but it’s worth the wait, we promise. After all the references and surprises, it’s Capaldi who truly shines and finishes off the last 7 years of Doctor Who beautifully. You can tell he has such an understanding of the character and how much it means to him in every line and action he takes. There is no one quite as hard working and perfect for the role of The Doctor than Peter Capaldi and you can see it more than ever in those last few scenes. This story is truly his, despite having another Doctor appearing in it. Only Peter could have that kind of gravitas on screen.

Twelve’s final moments are beautiful, heart breaking and perfect. You will absolutely wish we could see more adventures with this wonderful version of our favourite character, but as he says in The Return Of Doctor Mysterio:

“Everything ends, and it’s always sad. But everything begins again too, and that’s always happy. Be happy.”

And that’s what we are. Goodbye Peter and goodbye Moffat, and hello to a brand new era.

Twice Upon A Time airs on BBC1 on Christmas Day at 5:30pm.

Dear Verity,

Today, 23rd November 2017, marks 54 years since Doctor Who first exploded onto our televisions. To celebrate, Beth explains why Doctor Who’s first ever producer Verity Lambert was so important and Kezia writes a letter to her inspiration…

Dear Verity,

You are a true hero to me. Recently, when asked who my biggest inspiration was, I said you! It was something that hadn’t ever occurred to me before but my reaction was instantaneous.

We’ve never met and it may sound strange to some, but I count you as one of the most important women in my life. Your work has shaped my relationships, fuelled my creativity, made me a content creator by trade, all because of the work you did 54 years ago.

I started making YouTube videos because of the show you made, which taught me how to film and edit but also meet some of my closest friends and built up my interest in digital content – the field in which I now work. I write, photograph, film, edit and draw all around the show you put together. And that’s not even scratching the surface on the hours I’ve talked, debated, cried and laughed over Doctor Who.

It’s so important to me that you were a woman, to know that the person steering the show from the very beginning was a 28 year old young woman not dissimilar to me. You pushed through adversity every day. Every brush off, snide comment and misogynistic joke didn’t stop you, and even though you got to see a little of how much your work meant, I wish you could see it now! Verity, we’ve done it – a female Doctor! Can you believe it? In a way, I hope she’s just like you – passionate, creative, respectful, strong and with piss and vinegar in her veins (of course).

Admiration and love forever and always,




To me, Verity Lambert was not only one of the most important people in Doctor Who history,  but a feminist icon. In 1963, she became the BBC’s first female drama producer, beginning a new era for women in the television industry. Full of ‘piss and vinegar’ (as then head of drama Sydney Newman described her), she worked hard to prove she had just what it takes to produce brilliant drama despite the scarcity of women having such prominent roles within television.


54 years later, Doctor Who is one of the most successful long running shows of all time. It has spanned 36 series’, a TV movie and 5 spin off shows. Some of TV’s most loved writers, actors, directors and producers have been influenced by its incredible history and have even gone on to work on it. Shown in over 94 countries, it is a true phenomenon. As a young female fan heavily influenced by Doctor Who, it is incredibly important to me that the BBC’s first female producer had such a huge part in bringing the show to life. For a young woman of just 28 years old to produce such historic work is truly inspiring, especially considering how hard she had to work to be considered as good as the men working around her.

Today we still struggle with sexism and the character of The Doctor has been played by 12 different white men for the last 54 years. Verity changed the world of feminism and  women in television forever when she was appointed on Doctor Who, but things are still only just starting to become a little more equal. This Christmas our hero will regenerate into a woman for the first time ever, splitting opinions and proving that sexism is still rampant in a fandom fuelled by a character who stands for equality throughout the universe. This is huge for the show, but also massive for the feminism movement. Jodie Whittaker will not only take on the biggest role in television, but will be paid exactly the same as her male predecessor (A huge win considering the paygap is currently at a massive 18% in the UK). Verity Lambert and our favourite time traveller have been helping shape the world for women for 54 years, proving just how special Doctor Who is. Happy birthday Doctor Who, and the making of one of the most important women in televisions history!


Memories of the Doctor Who Experience

On the 9th September 2017, The Doctor Who Experience closed its TARDIS doors for good. After 5 amazing years of interactive fun, the adventure finally ended and the Gallifrey Museum ‘destroyed’, leaving us heartbroken. A safe and wonderful space for Doctor Who fans has left us. Here are some of our personal memories as well as some we’ve collected from fans all over the world to celebrate the Doctor Who Experience and what it means to us!



My whole world came to a halt the moment I stepped foot on the TARDIS. Every dream I’ve ever had came true and my heart leapt in amazement and wonder. In fact, thanks to the Doctor Who Experience,  I’ve had the chance to see several TARDIS’s, travelled with The 11th and 12th Doctors saving the universe several times, witnessed my favourite monsters in the flesh and had the chance to walk like one too. I’ve spent hours pouring over the costumes of my favourite characters and monsters in the safe and welcoming home of Doctor Who.

Through the Doctor Who experience, I’ve visited the real TARDIS set and opened the doors for myself. I’ve met friends and found somewhere I belong. I can’t begin to describe the loss of this wonderful place to me, but I can thank it. Thank you Doctor Who Experience, for being everything we could ever hope for, and for bringing joy and happiness to so many.

One day you shall come back… Please?!


I first visited the Doctor Who Experience in early 2015. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was, I wanted to see the magic of my childhood come to life. I had never visited Cardiff before, and just walking through the centre of the city made me feel like I was secretly Gwen Cooper. There is something magical about that place. For a second, you can pretend that Doctor Who is real. That the TARDIS really is just parked around the corner, while he’s running across the city – saving the day.

The experience was brought to life and not just by the interactive experience, but by the people. It was a place where you felt surrounded by the people who understand you the best. Even if they are complete strangers, they are the ones who understand why your heart leaps at the sight of that blue box or when you get your first glimpse at the Tenth Doctor’s pinstriped suit.

I visited the Doctor Who Experience on the last day of its opening. A bittersweet feeling seemed to hang in the air, as everyone dashed about the experience, taking photographs with beloved TARDIS consoles and the outfits of our favourite heroes.

The Doctor Who Experience was not only a place to be surrounded by the props, costumes and set designs. It was a place to feel accepted and to feel proud of a show that has impacted each of our lives in unique ways.



What an amazing place to be. It’s like Cardiff turned into the capital city of the UK for Doctor Who fans! People flocking out of Cardiff Central Station in long scarves and bow ties from all corners of the globe to jump into taxis and of all places to ask for… the Doctor Who Experience? The taxi drivers must have been baffled!

It was a place to truly be yourself and know that everyone in that building was as full of excitable glee as you were. Even just making small talk could turn into potential friendship… and I’m not sure if that affect it had on people ever truly came to light. I really hope that the people who worked on that amazing experience know that what they made wasn’t just an adventure with the Doctor, it was a trip of the lifetime for friendships made stronger, confidence grown and even romances blossoming. Thank you for creating such a special place for fans; as long as we had it, it was our utopia.



I’ve got too many wonderful memories of the Doctor Who Experience to fit into one paragraph… but seeing the towering Pandorica prop is up there. I remember seeing it for the first time and being dazzled. Seeing these things in person only makes everything feel more… real. You could touch the patterned surface and slide your arms through the manacles of the chair.

I could almost feel the Doctor’s enemies surrounding me…. hear their voices; “the Pandorica is ready!” “… ready for what?” “Ready for you.”

To engage with the main, iconic prop from my favourite Doctor Who episode ever was really special.



I walked into the Experience in August 2015, dressed in uncomfortable business attire and with a heavy bag full of children’s books – I was visiting Roath Lock for work, not expecting the treat of an impromptu first visit to the DWE.

On the walkthrough I was surrounded by kids whose faces lit up with wonder and joy when they saw the Twelfth Doctor appear in a projection, asking them to help him save the day – and then realised my face was every bit as lit up as theirs. I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I’d never made the trip to Cardiff to visit before. I felt like I’d been a bit lost, and had just arrived home.



What does it mean to me? Where you want to start? When I went t the Experience for the first time I had no idea what it would mean to me. I enjoyed myself, the tingle down my spine when I heard Romana’s voice for the first time, introducing me to my favourite Time Lord. I fell in love with the Experience and with the building. With Cardiff too, and did everything I could to move there in January.

It’s like the Doctor says about seeing the universe, seeing the DW Experience through someone else was always more exciting than seeing it on your own. In the end I saw it six times. My favourite visit included two American girls, one of which on seeing the First Doctor’s TARDIS burst into tears of joy that she’d be able to visit it at all.

It’s more than what people think it is, For me it’s a sanctuary, a safe haven. Just like I’ve always seen Doctor Who. For me, it will always be a place of wonder and inspiration and an absolute joy and I miss it more than I can put into words.”

Twitter Memories

‘Every time I watched the opening montage with Romana talking about The Doctor I would get goosebumps on my arms and tear up ever so slightly. It was such a powerful and moving montage that just showed why the show and fandom is so special to so many.’ – @Tom_Matt_Dix

Image-1 (1).png

@BethanAppleArt beautifully drew her favourite DWE memories!


‘Honestly the moment you stepped into the Gallifrey museum & the screen-used TARDIS set, years dropped off your life – you were a kid again. The tactile props, costumes and awesome gift shop were within walking distance from the studios, Millennium Centre and Mermaid Quay.’



‘I went a few years back and my favourite memory was definitely a Dalek looking right down at me, there was something about how big it was and its voice that was just really deeply chilling and I finally understood why everyone in the show is so scared of them!’

‘I remember the first time I saw the 80s console. That was magical for me… It’s like seeing something that seems so unrealistic ACTUALLY be real – that’s part of what made the DWE special. You got to see the magic face-to-face.’



‘My favourite memory of the Doctor Who Experience was actually the last day, and therefore the last time I went. It was Beth’s birthday, I was surrounded by Whovians I’d met online and we were all filled with childlike wonder.

We knew the Experience and how it worked, and it wasn’t long before we noticed additions on the last day. These additions included an extra Dalek on Skaro. Now, I’d had a hunch, but there was a moment when a Dalek came to life and my friend Em freaked out big time.

I’ve always considered myself a lover rather than a fighter, but when one of your friends is being harassed by the most evil being in the universe, you have to do something. I jokingly put my fists up to the Dalek, but it was unrelenting. I had no choice – people were in danger! I had to literally push the Dalek, with the very real chance of being exterminated. I pushed the Dalek slightly too hard, and whoever was ‘inside’ got their foot caught underneath the casing. It was the last day of DWE, and I had to apologise to a Dalek.’ – @GallifreyRchive

‘Dying next to my son’ – @Phoebeb69


Thank you for sharing your Doctor Who Experience memories with us, the spirit of that very special place will live on through the fans.