Quantum Hypnotherapy With Nicola Bryant

Lockdown has been putting pressure on everyone left, right and centre – and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably feeling quite stressed by it. Sometimes no amount of Doctor Who watching and chocolate eating can ease our minds! That’s where 80’s Doctor Who companion Nicola Bryant comes in with her quantum hypnotherapy session.

What is quantum hypnosis, we hear you ask? ‘The world of clinical hypnotherapy is the road to self-discovery; a well respected practice.’ Nicola tells us. The practice uses guided relaxation and focused attention to ‘achieve a heightened state of awareness’. This can help people to change thoughts or feelings that can’t always be accessed in their conscious minds and make them see things differently. It’s an incredible way to relieve stress and help with anxiety.

Nicola, a qualified hypnotherapist, will be hosting a quantum hypnosis session via zoom on the 18th of June 2020. She aims to raise money for charity while helping people during this unprecedented time.

‘There are many strange things written about hypnotherapy. Indeed when I see it portrayed in movies and TV shows I am often horrified. It is easy to form misconceptions in the world of the stage hypnotherapist. This is not the world of clinical hypnotherapy.’ Nicola reveals.

If you’re sceptical or worried about what quantum hypnosis might entail, Nicola has provided us with a handy list of debunked myths:

“What if I lose my mind and end up doing something embarrassing I don’t want to do?”
‘At not point will you lose control of your mind. A hypnotherapist simply makes suggestions. If you don’t agree with them or even if you don’t understand them, your subconscious will automatically reject them. Hypnosis cannot force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. You have to want the suggestion the hypnotherapist is making. It may however be something that has held you back, through fear, in your waking life, that you realize you truly want and hypnotherapy can help you unlock your courage and your true desire.’

“What if I am hypnotized and I can’t wake up? Isn’t hypnotherapy dangerous?”

‘Hypnotherapy is very safe. Many people in fact reach states of heightened consciousness during hypnosis. Often people report an increased sense of hearing. If a fire alarm went off you would automatically be able to wake up and leave the building.’

“There’s no proof that hypnotherapy works.”

‘This common myth is easily debunked. Hypnotherapy’s effectiveness has been proven many times. It’s supported by the BMA since the 1800s. American Medical Association and British Psychological Society have officially supported hypnotherapy since the 1950s. There are a huge variety of scientific and medical organizations that have independently endorsed hypnotherapy as a valid and successful form of treatment. (British Medical association, British Psychology Society, American Medical Association, American Psychological Association)’

“You need to be a weak minded person to be hypnotised”.

‘Everyone who chooses to be can be hypnotized. In fact intelligent people are easier to hypnotize because with their increased intelligence there is a naturally more open and enquiring mind.’

“Hypnosis is an unnatural state and maybe linked to the dark arts.”

‘Hypnosis or more accurately, a trance state, is something that humans experience naturally each and everyday, and is perfectly safe. Most people experience ‘Environmental Hypnosis’ while watching at the movies or watching TV, when engrossed in a good book or while driving on the highway. Most people are also in a trance state just before falling asleep every night and waking every morning. Hypnotherapists are not psychics. They do not have ‘special powers’. The power lies in the specific subconscious mind of the client, which contains a vast amount of valuable information and their individual dynamic personal history. The more creative you are and the more you are able to concentrate the more amazing the results may be. It is the access to this ‘subconscious library’ that leads to self-discovery and makes hypnotherapy a transformational process.’

“Hypnosis is a miracle cure.”

‘Hypnosis is a relatively quick method of making real and permanent improvements but there is no such thing as a one-time “Hypno Miracle Cure”!’

If you’d like to join us in taking part in Nicola’s quantum hypnotherapy session, you can buy tickets here with all the proceeds going to Dogs on the Streets and Chimney Farm Rescue


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