An Exclusive Look at ‘The Edge of Time’ – Doctor Who’s first VR adventure

By Beth Axford

The Edge of Time is Doctor Who’s latest and most exciting foray into the world of gaming yet. Stepping into the world of Virtual Reality, BBC Studios have partnered with Playstack and Maze Theory to create a feature length interactive adventure.

Users will be taken on an exciting journey to help the Doctor as a reality virus threatens all of space and time. You must save the universe by navigating the game’s vast locations and beating brain-boggling puzzles to locate three ‘time crystals’. Through your VR headset, and the massive scale of the game, it’s a Doctor Who experience like never before.

Here are our top 5 things we love about the game:

Go an a mission with the Doctor


Through Doctor Who and its spin-off media, we can be taken on adventures whenever we want – but VR is a whole new ball game. As soon as the headset is on, your senses are pulled into a whole new world.

The Doctor’s voice will fill your ears as you take on the role as her friend and companion. Jodie Whittaker has provided her voice for the game and will instruct you through your mission as if you’re on a real-life adventure with the Doctor. It’s something truly special indeed – get ready to save the universe, because now it’s down to YOU.

Fun Fact – Jodie only had one day to record her dialogue for the Edge of Time, with only one shot to get everything needed for the game. She whizzed through it and finished before the day was even complete! What a pro.

Fly the TARDIS


It’s an absolute fan dream to have a go at flying the TARDIS. To be able to fling open the Police Box doors and step inside another world filled with magic and the ability to go wherever, whenever. The most exciting part about this game is that now, you can do just that.

Once inside the adventure you will get the chance to fly the Doctor’s beloved ship, which has been designed with precision – down to every last detail from the real-life set. There is even a chance to use the famous custard cream dispenser – one of our favourite Easter eggs from the game!

Meet the Daleks


The Daleks are Doctor Who’s most iconic villains. We’ve been terrified by them since their first appearance in 1963, and it wouldn’t be a true Who game without them. The Edge of Timewill bring you face to eye-stalk with the crazy killing machines – something the game’s developers are excited for players to experience.

You’ll get the chance to walk through a deadly Dalek ship while they stalk the corridors around you, as well as a stealth-mode battle. We’re told it’s the tensest, but the most exciting part of the game – and also the most difficult bit to create!

Fear the Weeping Angels


Is there anything more terrifying than coming face to face with a Weeping Angel? They are the perfect Doctor Who creature for a virtual reality game, bringing horror and jump scares galore. Their presence is enhanced on a massive scale inside an environment such as this, leaving even some of the developers of the game too scared to play it.

We’re super excited about this element of the story-line and the experience of coming up against such an iconic, genuinely scary Who creature. You’ll have to hold your nerve – and the Angel’s eye-line – to get through this stage of the game.

And remember… ‘That which holds an image of an angel becomes itself an angel…’

Explore alien worlds


As well as the TARDIS console room, you’ll also be able to explore alien forests, ships and worlds. As you complete puzzles and quizzes you’ll be travelling through stunning cinematic views, painstakingly created to highlight every detail.

Virtual Reality feels hugely futuristic and mind bending once you’re inside it and traversing these treacherous environments makes for a completely immersive Doctor Who experience.

You can purchase Doctor Who: The Edge of Time from November 12 2019 for PC VR (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Cosmos and Valve Index) and Playstation VR for £19.99/$22.99/€21.99. It will be available on Oculus Quest in December.

If you have access to VR, let us know what you think of The Edge of Time by tweeting us @thetimeladies_.

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