Two Years of The Time Ladies

Two years of The Time Ladies? Where has the time (and space) gone?! These past couple of years have been incredible for us. From our tiny beginnings (back when we were a team of four!) to the announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. Doctor Who magazine, radio appearances, interviews and more – it’s been a crazy ride!

We’ve been able to meet the most amazing friends and people through this little blog, which has truly been the most life changing experience that we’ve had from it. We’ve had the chance to share the blog with some amazing contributors and we can’t wait to continue this in the future. We’ve interviewed some of our favourite cast members and worked with some fabulous Doctor Who brands to bring you behind the scenes content, competitions and posts.

Most importantly though, we’ve been able to talk about mental health, body image, representation and more important topics. The reason we started this space was to give women a voice that they may not usually be able to get heard. We wanted to change fandom in a way that means everyone has an equal opportunity to air their opinions, and create a space for women that they feel safe and comfortable in to celebrate the show.

Looking back over the last couple of years, we feel it’s safe to say we’ve made at least a tiny dent in the world of Who – and with Jodie Whittaker at the forefront of the show, it’s finally time for women to have their say.

Finally, we want to thank you for all your support. For reading our posts, giving us feedback and tweeting us your opinions. For listening to our podcasts and supporting us all the way. You’ve even read our bits in Doctor Who magazine, listened to us on the radio and made us fan art! For all of this we couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you fellow Doctor Who fans – for changing our lives forever and for coming together with us to celebrate our favourite show. To the next two years and beyond!

Beth and Kezia x

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A blog for female Doctor Who fans, run by female Doctor Who fans.

3 thoughts on “Two Years of The Time Ladies”

    1. Funny thing about Doctor Who ring tones. I have the main theme on my phone and recently my son was listening on the car sound system to some music. All of a sudden I hear the Doctor Who main theme and automatically reach for my cell. It took me a couple of beats to realize that the theme was playing on the speakers and not my phone. My son has gotten me a couple times that way and we both laugh.


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