What has Doctor Who given you? 55 stories for 55 years

To celebrate the 55th birthday of Doctor Who we asked our wonderful Twitter followers to share what the show has given them. And what a response. From career inspiration, relationships, a sense of self… it seems there’s no end to what the Doctor has done for us. We chose 55 answers we particularly loved – see if you can spot yourself!

Happy birthday Doctor Who, from us at the Time Ladies and everyone below. We love you.

Don’t forget, we’ll be shouting out our 5 favourite entries, who will each win a prize.
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One thought on “What has Doctor Who given you? 55 stories for 55 years”

  1. Doctor Who has inspired me so often since I first watched it, many decades ago, but the thing that shines through with each and every Doctor – intelligence and wit will always win the day. They are such a refreshing change from the brawn over reason action heroes.


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