Companions That Never Were

Over the years there have been some incredible women to grace the world of Doctor Who, but sadly never made it as long-term companions. This week we’re taking a look at these fantastic characters and what made them that extra bit special…


Helping the Ninth Doctor and Rose escape the TV shows of platform one,
‘Lynda with a Y’ fitted the team effortlessly and stole all of our hearts
with her adorable nature. The Doctor took a particular shine to her and
even offered her the trip of a lifetime – before she was brutally exterminated
by the dreaded Daleks. JUSTICE FOR LYNDA!

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Joan Redfern

Falling in love with The Doctor is never easy, but completely impossible when
you don’t know he’s The Doctor. Joan Redfern heart-breakingly became John Smith’s
lover only to find out he was an alien in disguise. The perfect match to the tenth doctor,
we are still hurting from the pair parting ways, especially after seeing the potential wedding scene. CRY.

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Astrid Peth

Astrid Peth brought an exciting new take on a companion role to the show,  played
by none other than actual Queen KYLIE MINOGUE. A tough lady from space, she compliments The Doctor perfectly and her adventurous side is infectious. Unfortunately, her bravery and kindness was quite literally the death of her – by saving the earth and everyone on the ship from their demise, she had to take down Max Capricorn and lost her life in the process. I mean… it’s just not fair!

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Jenny, or more famously ‘The Doctor’s daughter’, gave us all hope that our hero
would finally have another of his kind around to keep him company. Perhaps she took on too many of his good qualities though since she sacrificed herself for him by the end of the story! Right at the end of the episode she is revived by the source energy and flies off for adventures of her own… And finally, ten years on, Big Finish are giving her the spin off she deserved!

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Lady Christina 

Lady Christina is the ultimate badass woman we need in the TARDIS. Stealing from museums, helping The Doctor save the world and then whizzing off in a flying bus? It’s been nearly 10 years and we’re still sad she didn’t stay for more fun! And, as if Big Finish couldn’t get any better, they’re also giving Lady Christina De Souza her own adventures! We can’t wait to hear more of what she got up to after Planet of The Dead.

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Rita helped The Doctor, Amy and Rory face off the Minotaur in 2011’s The God Complex. Smart, brave and kind, she would have made the perfect companion – so much so that The Doctor jokingly offered her a place on the TARDIS. After helping the trio find out what was going on, she sadly sacrificed herself and left a hole in our hearts. There’s a running theme here, isn’t there?

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Osgood is literally ALL of us. A massive fan of The Doctor’s, she helped save the world a number of times and proved she was perfect for the TARDIS team. A scientist working for UNIT, she’d already helped save the world long before she met The Doctor. Her and her Zygon counter-part continued to live on after the events of Day of The Doctor… until Missy murdered one of them in Death in Heaven. We still don’t know which version of her perished, but it doesn’t matter as long as Osgood lives on!

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Journey Blue

After The Doctor saved Journey Blue from death, she then returned the favour when she convinced her uncle not to kill him. The team then take on the task of going inside a real Dalek, whilst they’re miniaturised and everything! After the adventure ends, she asks The Doctor to take her with him, to which he refuses because she’s a soldier. This seems totally unfair since he’s practically a solider himself! Brave, exciting and funny, we wish he had given her a chance.

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One of the most famous ‘almost companions’ of recent times, Shona wowed audiences in Last Christmas with her hilarious personality and funky dance moves (!) She even gets a story set-up at the end of the episode, alluding to her backstory and possible future in the show. We would have loved to have seen her aboard the TARDIS, but Clara stayed on and the rest is history! BRING SHONA BACK!

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An absolute highlight of Series 9, O’Donnell appeared in Under The Lake/Before The Flood, helping save the world from The Fisher King and his ghosts. Incredibly kind, sassy and most importantly, Scottish, we LOVED her. In another heartbreaking end, she proclaims her giddiness over The Doctor, the TARDIS and we get so excited for her future… till she’s murdered by the fisher king leaving us more than a little bit weepy. Her bravery helped the rest of the team survive, making her one of the best guest characters of recent years.

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So there we have it… there’s definitely a recurring theme here, right? All the best characters die… and that RTD and the Moff are evil.

These are just some of the amazing guest companions from recent years, but who would you love to have seen more of? Let us know by tweeting us @thetimeladies_!

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