Review: The Missy Chronicles

Missy is one of our favourite female characters in the Doctor Who universe. As well as proving how well a male to female regeneration can work; she’s a bold, hilarious and well-rounded character that makes us proud to love Doctor Who. Today is the launch of her very own book, The Missy Chronicles, featuring six of her adventures throughout time and space. So, what’s our verdict? Here’s the run down on each short story inside:



by James Goss

James Goss works his magic on our favourite evil time lady, with this adventure set right after her regeneration. As an introductory story, this one hooks us in straight away. After being kicked out of her favourite place to relax for being a woman, Missy decides to take revenge on all of the men that belittle her for her ‘gender’. It’s so exciting to find out more of her backstory from before series eight, and this story does a great job at both developing the character and leading in to what we see on screen. Missy is captured effortlessly with great dialogue and deaths aplenty, and an ending that brings us straight into series eight and her cunning plan for the nethersphere…

We love: The fun plot, spot on characterisation and the way it ties into the Doctor Who canon!

Lords and Masters

By Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott delivers us a classic Who style action packed adventure in Lords and Masters. Highjacking the TARDIS, The High Council rope Missy into completing a deadly mission. Getting her own feisty companion, we get another fabulous female character in the form of Yayani, a Gallifreyan prisoner doing time for her crimes. This story feels the darkest of the collection, with deep undertones and conversations between our main characters. It’s worth noting the empowering way Yayani and Missy are written, underlining the adventure with a wider subtext than first thought. Scott does this brilliantly whilst keeping it exciting all the way through.

We Love: Yayani as Missy’s companion, more evil Time Lord backstory and the continuation of Missy’s development!

Teddy Sparkles Must Die!

By Paul Magrs 

Missy dealing with children is always hilarious to read, and this story works with that brilliantly. Making full use of her Mary Poppins look, Paul Magrs gives her a governess role… but only so she can fulfil her genius plan of taking over the world. A smart, timey-wimey tale, it’s a concept that fits Missy perfectly. Using her great powers of manipulation, she designs a future for the poor children that will help her master the earth! With a talking teddy bear and a 1920’s setting, this story is an evil fairy tale perfect for cuddling up with a cuppa.

We Love: Mary Poppins Missy, a 1920’s backdrop and a talking alien teddy bear!

The Liar, the Glitch and the Warzone

By Peter Anghelides

Possibly the most timey-wimey story in the collection, Peter Anghelides brings us Missy on the run… between two time zones! She collects another unwanted companion whilst battling the Gryphons through Venice, as well as getting hundreds of innocent people killed – all in a days work for her then. In this story we’re really given a taste of how uncaring she can be, especially in comparison to the other stories where she almost shows slight empathy. An exciting tale with Missy at her most savage, the most shocking part is a surprise cameo… from the 13th Doctor herself!

We Love: Venice, exciting new aliens and THE DOCTOR!

Girl Power!

By Jacqueline Rayner

Possibly one of our favourites in the collection, Jacqueline Rayner brings us a fun, empowering tale taking place during Missy’s time in the vault. Bored with not a lot to do, Missy has some requests for The Doctor. Books, hairspray, a small campfire… After finding out about the treatment of women throughout history on Earth, Missy takes it upon herself to do something about it. With a particularly interesting format and cameo’s from The Doctor and Nardole, this story is a lovely insight into how Missy started to change during her time in the vault, and just what she did with herself for all that time.

We Love: Badass Women, Nardole and general hilarity!

Alit in Underland 

By Richard Dinnick

The last story in the collection brings us to World Enough And Time, and features not one, but two masters. Richard Dinnick brings the two to life beautifully, highlighting the differences between their characters and giving us more of an insight into the events of that adventure. Overall this is a character piece – an analysis of Missy and The Master’s relationship and where it’s going. Knowing the events that unfold by the end of World Enough and Time make this mini prequel particularly poignant, making us wish we had hundreds more adventures with ‘good’ Missy.

We Love: Missy/The Master’s banter, Topknot the Cyberman and how it leads into World Enough and Time.

This gorgeous book is a new firm favourite in our book collection, and we LOVE Lee Binding’s astonishing work for the book jacket. Focussing completely on a female character having her own adventures, it’s empowering, beautifully written, designed and fits perfectly alongside the show.

The Missy Chronicles is available now!

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  1. OMG, I totally cannot wait to read it! While all of the stories look awesome sauce, I’m most excited to read the first adventure, Dismemberment, to see how Missy reacts to the gender change. Squeee! Oh, and thank you for this fabulous review!


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