10 of our reactions to Thin Ice

Our second big adventure of the series and Bill has travelled back in time! Well… she did at the end of episode 2 but sshhh here we are, at a fair on the frozen Thames. Elephant, ox cheeks and all.

Here are ten reactions we Time Ladies had to Sarah Dollard’s Thin Ice
(p.s. Sarah, we luv you. OG Time Lady)

1. A Historical, a proper historical!
(Read in the style of Bridget Jones “It’s a fight!”)


If you haven’t noticed, we don’t really get that many historicals on Doctor Who, roughly one per series (boo, hiss). With the Twelfth Doctor we’ve had Robot of Sherwood, but that was based on a fictional character and The Girl Who Died where the historical element felt more of a side plot rather than the basis of the story. Here we have beautiful costumes, SNOW, perfect historical references, it’s like we’re back with our pal Charles in The Unquiet Dead and we LOVE it.

2. Bill has a crush on the TARDIS. ALERT. NEW OTP. ALERT.


We love the idea that Bill walks around the TARDIS whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

2.5 But why can’t we play dress up in the TARDIS tho? Pretty pls we won’t ruin Romana’s fluffy white coat.


3. Holy crap this was real?!


Touching on reaction one, Sarah Dollard has based the story around a real event! There really was a mini ice-age in London between the 17th and 19th century when the Thames froze over 24 times (!!) We haven’t had a story based around a true, fixed point in history since The Fires of Pompeii and we LOVE IT. History can provide the weirdest and most whacky events – why not use em’?

4. Pls don’t eat the adorable stage school children 😦


Pls Tiny. They can all actually act, LET THEM LIVE.

5. Bill, don’t cry. We’re here. WE GOT YOU BBY.


We feel a bit like the Doctor in that we’ve also been a bit de-sensitised to seeing people being sucked away never to be seen again (only through Doctor Who I should hope) and Bill brings us crashing back to earth. It’s so right and real that of course she would have that reaction. We don’t want the Doctor to go down his emo ~aM i a Gd MaN route again but it does bring him up on how he views life.

6. So when is Peter Capaldi going to come and read me a bed time story?


For reals. A nice bit of Harry Potter before bed time please?

7. Mate, Bill is brave. I wouldn’t be going anywhere in a Victorian diving suit


Um, dropping under ice into the Thames with only a wee hole to get out of and limited air in a ten tonne (slight exaggeration) suit? NO FANKS. Our girl be brave.

8. Can the Doctor please make this speech to all humans in the world rn? And when will he punch a tory again?


Hope he’s kept the general election free for biffing UKIP members in the nose.

9. Tiny is free! We’re getting t-shirts with that on.


So we couldn’t find a gif of the STAR, Tiny but this is what we think he went on to do.
Well done Bill, we defo want the giant fishy to live a happy fishy life ❤

9.5 Kinda sucks the girl didn’t get the glory


Surprise surprise. Who did all of the work? What a bossin’ young lady, we salute her. Heck, she can be OUR heir okay?


tumblr_op8vfegOqI1ro56t1o3_400 tumblr_op8vfegOqI1ro56t1o4_400

Yeah, we um, have no clue either.

See you next week where we try not to jump out of our skins at lovely Poirot turned baddy.

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