Bill Potts Lookbook

So you may have figured by now that we love Bill. Like, we love Bill.
We love her so much we want to look just like her. Heck, Clara’s style was great but nothing can match the effortless 80s/90s cool of Ms Potts.

We thought we’d show you just how easy it is to (attempt to) dress like Bill. We’ve already heard from Pearl that lots of the wardrobe came from TopShop so have a look below for some affordable high street inspiration that cosplayers and Potts fans can love alike.


Bill is all about colours, big prints and FUN. Her style is experimental, yet laid back, and she doesn’t look as if she’s spent hours thinking about an outfit. She’s got way more important things to do… like finding the toilet in the TARDIS – seriously did she ever get to pee.

The set of bold shapes, prints and patterns below are all from TopShop and are in store and online currently.

Pls don’t blame us for binge shopping.

Bill Potts Top Inspo


After seeing The Pilot I thought I’d look in my wardrobe and see if I could put together something Bill would think hot damn girl. I loved her outfit above – jeans, trainers and a big ol’ pop of colour. Cue dragging a Luke Spillane to the woods to snap some snaps.

edit 1.jpg edit 3.jpg
edit 2.jpg
“oOoo I’m Kez and I’m so mysterious in a forest. Get me.”

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo

You can buy most of my outfit above, innit.


We know that Bill loves her denim jacket with patches badges. Most of us have a similar jacket at the back of our wardrobe somewhere, waiting to see some funshine. Mine is from a New Look sale last year and came ready with magical butterflies (none harmed in the making) stitched on by real fairies. I added my own pins and badges to make it more jazzy.

edit 4.jpg

We haven’t seen Bill in a skirt yet but thinking ahead for what might be in her summer wardrobe, I thought she might edge up a denim skirt with some converse or trainers for either practical or sport chic-ness (you decide).

Imagine having Pearl Mackie’s hair (and brows tho)… and then making it even more fantastical by styling accessories in it. A simple scarf tie in The Pilot made Bill look even cooler and even though I may look a bit of a twit, it gave my otherwise simple outfit another pop o’ colour.

edit 5.jpg
edit 6.jpg~pretending it’s July and not April

Bill Potts Outfit Inspo 2

My own tshirt was from a Primark sale, denim skirt from a charity shop, Converse from the back of the Office stockroom when I worked there and hair tie is a silk scarf my mum’s cousin wrapped up a Christmas present in. Every outfit can hold alot of stories, I wonder what Bill’s would say.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for how to dress like our girl. I found all of the outfits I threw together from my own wardrobe, although finding this post handily around the time of pay day would be top notch. I now want ALL the denim.

Send us any photos of your own Bill Potts outfits to our Twitter pls – @thetimeladies_ we’d love to see em’


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