10 reasons to watch series 10

Doctor Who series ten is just a few days away, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons you should tune in and join The Doctor on his most recent adventures….

1) Bill Potts

The TARDIS is welcoming a new girl this series; Pearl Mackie’s Bill Potts. Openly gay, black and female, the representation this character brings is enough to have us jumping out of our seats alone. It has been 4 years since we last had a new companion, and a fresh pair of eyes to experience the universe always brings a new sense of excitement to the show. A new world to live in, a new perspective to watch. Mackie’s down to earth, humorous personality and realness make her perfect for the role of university student Bill, who’s comedic timing and sense of style has us majorly excited to see her on screen!

2) Nardole

Our favourite comedy guest star is back for a big role this series. Sure to add a bit of fun to the TARDIS, Matt Lucas is set to appear in almost all the episodes of series ten. We still don’t know much about the doctor’s funny friend, or what he will add to the TARDIS team, but we are intrigued to find out!


3) The Costumes

Speaking of style, the costumes we’ve seen in the promo pictures and trailers are GORGEOUS. Costume designer Hayley Nebauer has pulled out all of the stops for series ten by the looks of it, including space suits, period pieces, and some amazing looking outfit choices for our 2017 TARDIS team. Just as important as the special effects and the music, the costuming can make or break an episode, and it looks like series ten has been well covered.

4) Sarah Dollard

Sarah Dollard is returning to Doctor Who after penning one of series nine’s best episodes, Face The Raven. One of two female writers penning stories this series (though 2/12 isn’t great, but it’s a start!) we always love a bit of girl power. Set in Regency England at the last great frost fair, The Doctor and Bill investigate impossible disappearances surrounding the ice. If her last story is anything to go by it will be spectacular, and with Peter and Pearl in those period costumes, how could we not be excited?!


5) Rona Munro’s return

Doctor Who legend Rona Munro is our second female writer of the series, and the only one to have written for both the classic and new runs of the show. Returning after 28 years (having previously written Survival) she’s actually broken a bit of a record, making her episode one to watch out for straight away. A bit of classic writing, a Scotland setting and ‘a doorway leading to the end of the world’, we’re excited and intrigued to see what this story will bring.

6) Missy and The Master

Missy is making a return for the twelfth doctor’s last series, which was a given really. The character has faced off against this incarnation of our hero since his first series, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! But to make matters even more explosive, we have the return of John Simm’s Master to turn the Doctor’s world upside down. We don’t know about you but having two incarnations of the doctors oldest enemy is enough to make us squee, but having them appear in what we know is Peter Capaldi’s last series? We’re low-key terrified!

7) Those terrifying-looking creatures…

Mondasian cybermen! Ice warriors! Daleks! Emojibots! This series looks packed full of old foes and new, ready for the doctor and Bill Potts to defeat. Doctor Who wouldn’t be complete without its monsters, and us hiding behind the sofa from them!


8) Rachel Talalay

Another of our favourites from Twelve’s era of Doctor Who is back,  and to direct the massive finale no less. The show has benefited from Rachel’s magical direction since 2014, each episode she’s worked on standing out from the rest.  Her name alone is enough to make us excited for an episode!

9) The Twelfth Doctor’s finale

Get the tissue boxes out… it’s Peter Capaldi’s final series playing The Doctor. So basically we’re all going to spend 12 weeks panicking about every episode and what might happen in it. Twelve’s final storyline is going to be HUGE, with 2 Masters, Mondasian cybermen, ice warriors, creepy monks and a LOT of emotional moments. Will he survive until Christmas? We can only wait and see…

10) The end of an era

Not only is it the end of the 12th Doctor’s tenure, but it is Steven Moffat’s final series being head writer and showrunner of Doctor Who. After 7 years, he is stepping down and letting someone else take over the reigns of the TARDIS. Cue lots of throwbacks, cameos and nostalgia then? Either way, it’s going to be amazing. It is nearly time for arguably the biggest series of the show in years… and we’re READY.


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