from the rose to the river

‘run’ said the mad man,
grabbing hold of her hand.
and she did, the earth turned
she began to feel it.

‘you take a stand’ said the blonde girl,
the one with the wolf on her breath.
thoughts of chips and alien suns,
collide like meteors behind her eyes.

‘this is me getting out’ said the girl that came after,
the one that would never stand for coming after anyone again.
she took the universe he held in the palm of his hand,
and let the planets orbit her instead.

‘you can stop now’ the woman told him,
red hair against white dress.
she screams her pain at the deaf universe,
never knowing the stars sing her name as a lullaby.

‘goodnight’ said the girl from a fairy tale,
red lips, red nails, red hair slip
through his fingers. he dreams of stone angels
smiling apples, sunflowers, her.

‘and they are mine’ said the little girl
as she stamped her strong foot, making the stars tremble.
her last heartbeat lies pressed between,
the 101 places she got to see.

‘you don’t expect a sunset to admire you back’, she said
the enigma. the thorn in his side,
the twist in his tale, his longest
and most bittersweet goodbye.

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