Welcome to The Time Ladies

I have been a fan of doctor who for 11 years.

I have grown up with the show through my childhood, teenage years and now, going into adulthood, my love for it is as strong as ever. It is a show that symbolises hope, love and acceptance. It has shaped me and countless others into the people we are today. It has spanned 50 years of TV, with spin-offs, audios, books and endless merchandise. It is a global success and watched all over the world. It is HUGE.

So why, especially in today’s generally accepted ‘geek culture’, are there hardly any aspects of the fandom aimed at a female audience? There is a general consensus, especially from male fans, that female fans somehow aren’t ‘proper’. We are quizzed on every bit of knowledge we know to prove ourselves, or we aren’t accepted if we love ‘girly’ things as well as Doctor who. There’s even a shortage of women behind the scenes of the show! Having experienced countless Doctor Who events and conventions myself, there is never any shortage of other female fans, and the same in the online Doctor Who community.  But there IS a shortage of spaces for female fans to talk and share their love for the show.

As a fan, I want somewhere to share my love for the companions makeup and fashion, as well as the storylines and monsters. I want to hear other female perspectives on the show. I want to learn more about and discuss the female characters of the Whoniverse. Sure, I love joining in on Twitter and forums, at cons and meetups. But I want to make the blog that I personally would love to see. So, here on The Time Ladies, we will share our love for Doctor who. From make-up tutorials and companion Look Books, to character analysis and episode reviews. Let’s fill the gap in the who community, and mix our love for beauty, fashion and feminism with our favourite show.


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A blog for female Doctor Who fans, run by female Doctor Who fans.

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